Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Cilla Black gets the top spot today, and I think she looks fabulous. To walk the runway, in what she is wearing takes a ton of guts so she would have probably got the top spot anyway. Being Cilla Black just makes it a given.
Brian Welch and his book which I hope has a chapter on how to take care of crazy ass hair.
Alyson Hannigan, well just because she looks good, and honestly, the pickings were limited today. Anytime there are three photos of Renee Zelwegger in the photos, no matter what kind of good reason you may have, you know things are slim.
Case in point. The new dad, David Spade. Although I will admit I did look everywhere today for a video of David I could embed from one of his first characters on SNL where he played an assistant to Dick Clark. The "And You Are?" post was a tribute to David.

Well that is one way to really get a view of the combover.
I was just so shocked that David Arquette dressed normally.
I will say this for Charlize Theron. If she loves you and believes in your work she will go all out. She has done everything in her power to plug Stuart Townsend's new film. Yes, she's in it, but she has been everywhere for this thing, unlike Andre 3000 who is also in it.
Cheech & Chong - Los Angeles

Lynda Lopez gave birth last month. Next month she is going to ride in a 10,000 mile bicycle race.
It was supposed to be an 80's theme roller skate party put on by Kate Middleton. They all got the leg warmers, but some Pat Benatar hair cuts would have also been nice.
Glasvegas - Manchester, UK
The entire Harris clan.
Denzel has not changed at all even since grade school.
Just because I have not seen Michelle Rodriguez in awhile.

Marg Helgenberger's face seems to be leaning to the left. She may want to have that checked.
Not going to let that meal ticket get away. Nick Cannon is like the male Melanie Griffith.
You can imagine what happened in the next photo of Mischa Barton which I'm not going to show. You are at work. You are suffering enough.
Needless to say, I guess she wasn't expecting it.
Ray Liotta and Val Kilmer must be buffet buddies.

Oliver Hudson protecting himself as only a man can.
Neil Patrick Harris always looks good.
And a hip check later and Naomi Campbell has the runway to herself again.
Interesting. Marisa Tomei and Eric Mabius.
Wow, even Wilmer looks less man-whorish than usual.

Ahhh, yes, I gave you some Viggo Mortensen.
And apparently Viggo is not above going for a little look see.
But he can do much better than Renee.
Who has mastered the fake flattery thing.


Molly said...

i didn't know mischa barton was a candy striper.

renee z looks good.

love ed harris.

mooshki said...


Jeepers, Denzel does look almost exactly the same.

I love Michelle Rodriguez - and her new gf is gorgeous too.

Not a flattering pic of Oliver. :( But awesome one of NPH! :)

p.s. I don't think Enty gave FW the password to his email, so if anyone's interested in my review of "Lakeview Terrace," it's here. :)

mooshki said...

Ha, Molly, I first read your comment as "candy stripper."

Molly said...

who is fw??

Molly said...

lol, mooshki, that too!!!

mooshki said...

Ha, I was making a (bad) joke 'cause I think Enty is out of town and his friend FW is writing for the site today. I'm probably full of shit, though. :)

Molly said...

oh, i thought maybe ent identified fw at some point and i missed it. thanks! and you full of shit? naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

LT said...

Alyson Hannigan Looks of the only normal looking girls I like.

Ed Harris was on Leno last nite...weird dude, but I like him...and great actor.

Uber*nought said...

Viggo is looking down at his own shoes, not down Renee's top.

mazemerizing said...

Ed Harris' daughter looks like Harry Potter!

mazemerizing said...

Ed Harris' daughter looks like Harry Potter!

lutefisk said...

so I guess Nick doesn't let Mariah go to the bathroom by herself, either.

mooshki said...

Ed Harris is WAY overdue for an Oscar.

Marnie said...

Viggo is catching an upskirt in his patent leather shoes. The world is his porno. Or at least I would like it to be. said...

I heard Brian Welch's solo album is actually pretty good.

kimmypie1 said...

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Allyson Hannigan is pregnant. her boobs looks a little fuller and that is definitely the type of dress you wear to hide a burgeoning belly.

bionic bunny! said...

SO love NPH!
there's an interview with him (sorry, i don't remember ANY html) at:

i wish i had seen him in "rent". of course, i still haven't seen "rent", but i hear good things!!

Unknown said...

did eric mabius leave his wife for marissa tomei? Reveal??

Anonymous said...

Eric's wife just had a kid last year, I think.

I'm wondering if it's an "Eric's off the wagon" thing.

Anonymous said...

After I hit submit, I just remembered: ent said that all of the regulars from Ugly Betty are off limits.

deity2 said...

i don't care if ray liotta has gained weight or not , he is one of my all-time favorites!!!
i also think ed harris' daughter is a perfect combo of him and amy madigan!

Sinjin said...


Ray Liotta looks like he's gonna 'splode!

junglekitten said...

I like the Harris pic!! Did anyone LOVE Winter Passing?? Great movie! I actually saw it again last night on Starz!! Allison Hannigan does look good!! She seems to have lost a bit of weight!!!!

Maja With a J said...

I really don't understand the nip slip thing. Like, I realize you have the physique of a 12 year old boy = no tits, really, but still. If you don't want the paps to take pictures of your chest, COVER THE HELL UP! Didn't she notice when she left her house that that dress wasn't firmly attached to her shoulders??? I don't know about you guys but when I get dressed to go out, and my outfit seems like it might malfunction, I CHANGE INTO SOMETHING ELSE. And I'm NOT being followed by photographers all night long!!


Jasmine said...

marissa tomei looks like shit. also i dont understand why renee's face looks so puffy and sqinty all the time, it doesnt look like that in her films....hmmmmmm? does coke make you squint?

trashtalker said...

mooshki, I love the name of your blog!

So does Melanie not let Antonio go to the bathroom alone because she's afraid of the rampant bathroom-sexytimes encounters that seem to happen frequently in Hollywood?

Is that David Blaine hanging like a bat? Damn it, I hate him.

David Arquette looks like he has recently had his blood sucked. I hope he's not ill.

Why do people want to relive the '80s? They were ridiculous the first time.

Denzel was adorable! He looks like he was a contemplative little boy.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Junglekitten -- I loved Winter Passing. Haven't seen it in a while now. That's when I fell in love with a Deschanel. "Hey, are you wearing eyeliner?"

I really want Denzel to be a good guy. Someone tell me he's one of the good guys. If you know something that indicates he's not, I'm just not going to listen.

Poor Mischa. I'm so glad I took the opportunity to push you into the lake when I could.

<3 NPH. So much. I've had a thing (not a thing. OK, maybe a thing) for him since I was small. I'm so, so happy he's relevant again. Though now it looks like the picture of him as Doogie on my (years-abandoned) myspace looks a little contrived.

Is it just me or is something really off with Tomei? Maybe it's the hair.

Squinty looks good for Squinty. She's been dressing in flattering things lately.

Jerry said...

Cilla Black's real name is Cilla White.

Really. I wouldn't joke about that.

merrick said...

Marisa Tomei appears not to have any makeup on .. and she looks like she is about 13 years old .. and I thought she had a thing for short stocky balding guys???

mooshki said...

Thanks, Trash. And good point about the bathrooms. I hope LA's janitors are thorough cleaners!

lyz said...

I assume David Arquette can't afford a tailor...did you notice his sleeves? Looks like he's snuck into his dad's closet.

And what is it with stars and their hair? Why oh why doesn't Marissa Tomei have someone fix her hair? She looks like she is cleaning house. Is it two different colors? Reminds me of Madonna and her black roots.

ElsieFire said...

Alpine Summer, please expand on the Mischa into the lake comment PUH-LEEZE! Was it a very frigid cold lake in Ontario, in the middle of January? That would be great. I'd have happy dreams tonight. :>

Sydney in Wonderland said...

Oh, Elsie, wish that it were. Unfortunately, we're talking summer in Georgia. There was this really expensive day camp (we're talking $2000 for one week or $3500 for two) that was a pretty big deal. We had very rich, very spoiled little brats, and my sister and I got to go because Mumsy worked for the company that hosted it. I think we paid something like $150 for the two of us for two weeks -- enough to cover our sack lunches and activities.

There was another girl there named Kathy who was on Barney at the time. Mischa wanted to be an actress then, and she was always snotty to Kathy because she was already on tv. She was actually pretty sweet to everyone else. Kathy's parents dressed her in clothes appropriate for day camp; Mischa's mother did not. So, one day, we were doing something by the water and Mischa starts making fun of Kathy's jumper . . . so I give her a little push. And then I pretended I had tripped so I didn't get into trouble and didn't have to apologize for being the little twerp I was.

As you see, I grew up hobnobbing with the lamest celebrities that were and were to be.

redgurl72 said...

Great story Alpine. You are full of suprises mmmbop.
Have you seen those pics of her and a very young Lindsay Lohan modelling together? They look so cute there is no hint of the terrors they would become.
Right, more details on Mischa and the clothes her mum put her in please!


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