Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Tired of all the damn smiley faces and other emoticons? Blame this guy who invented the smiley and frown on this day back in 1982. Wonder if he got any money for it?

This shot of Antonio Banderas took forever to take, because Melanie Griffith kept popping her head up over the rail.
Where else are you going to see Bob Balaban photos? Love this guy.

It is so good to see Amy Yasbeck out and about that I am going to give her a pass on the Miley Cyrus outfit.
The always, and I mean always lovely Alyssa Milano.
To me most people, a beach ball is just a beach ball. In the hands of Adrianne Curry, I'm not so sure. For what we know, Christopher Knight could have ended up strapped to it later that night.
Obviously Bryan Blatt has no issues with sharing the same surfaces as Adrianne. Of course he could have brought his own disinfectant, so we really don't know.
Where or where has Emilie de Ravin been? She looks better than she has in a long time.

Judging from the reaction on David Foster's face, someone from the paps must not have believed this was actually his daughter.
Cowboy Mouth - New York
I'm really surprised there have not been lots of stories hooking up Bar Refaeli with someone.
I'm sure Rebecca Gayheart must have been thrilled to know that Eric Dane and Balthazar Getty were hanging out alone together.
Do Julia Roberts' lips look a little more plump than usual?

One of my favorite photos of the day, Javier Bardem and Woody Allen.
Hey, Jason Alexander used to be someone, so he gets in the photos. Wow, two from Seinfeld so far.
George Lopez looks like any other guy who rushes up to Andy Garcia and says to someone, "hurry, take the photo."
Evan Handler has been in the photos before hasn't he?
I know Neal McDonough hasn't.

Or for that matter has Matthew Borlenghi.
Katie on Broadway.
Yeah, that outfit screams classy.
Jessica Simpson - Las Vegas
The Princess doing some really good work. No snark, as she does some press for an autism charity.

I gave serious consideration to placing Placido Domingo on the top, but I think he has been there before.
Some random Aussie celebrities at an event called "Pull A Beer For Prostate." Kind of fitting actually, especially if you have five or six.
Most people leave their blow up dolls at home.
Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart who just got done filming Twilight.
The interesting possible couple of the day goes to Shannon Elizabeth and Simon Rex. Judging by the expression on her face, I would say Shannon reads FFF.

James Taylor and Glenn Close. Certainly random.
Rumer Willis, well just because you never know what she will look like next.
An up close look at some of her artwork.
And her two sisters.
Sarah Jessica Parker channeling a little Audrey Hepburn.

This must have taken a miracle. Or a lot of booze.
And the hug where the hands don't actually even touch the body.
Seal is always so damn happy. Oh yeah, he's married to Heidi Klum.
Zac Efron, because, hell I don't know. Someone must like him.

And if you show Zac, I guess you need to show Vanessa Hudgens also.
Next time Willie you get the top spot.
Annette makes sure Warren won't fall out of the chair.
Tim Robbins because I was thinking about Shawshank today. What, you don't think about it?


ElsieFire said...

"Do Julia Roberts' lips look a little more plump than usual?"

No, but her belly does...

CDAN Mod said...

i LOVE the smiley icons. enty, are you in a bad mood?

lutefisk said...

So who has Bar been hooking up with?
and PLEASE--warn us before posting all 3 Willis girls at the same time.
Antonio looks like one of those simple villagers in old folktales.

Anonymous said...

i guess emile wasn't pregnant then. nikki reed looks good.

tallulah got the looks in those sisters. tough break.

mooshki said...

"Tired of all the damn smiley faces and other emoticons?"

Uh-oh. I think he's talking to me. Hell, I know he's talking to me.

So much love for the Javier/Woody pic. It's adorable.

Are Katie's eyes screaming "help me!" or what?

Uh oh, isn't Kristen Stewart supposed to be a good girl? Should she be standing that close to Nikki Reed?

I like the red hair on Rumer.

"Next time Willie you get the top spot."

Yes, please. He is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that Rumer is probably the best looking of the bunch. Scary, that. Poor Scout.

I'll admit that I think Zac Efron's cute. Cute, not hot.

Why on earth was Placido Domingo at the Beverly Hills Chihuahua premiere?!?!?!?!?!?!

And Enty, it doesn't matter who Eric Dane associates with, the man is sexy.

notachance said...

What is with those Willis girls? Their faces are loonnngggg and strange....

SJP looks great! KC on the other hand, not so much.

Green Wave Gal said...

WOW! I am forever indebted to Enty for the Fred LeBlanc (Cowboy Mouth) pic. I went to college in New Orleans in the early-mid-90's when CM was getting more popular. LOVE THEM!

If they are in a city near you, go see them. One of the best live bands EVER!

lutefisk said...

I love James Taylor & Glenn Close, but they look like that American
Gothic painting by Grant Wood.

littleoleme said...

I'm a bitch for saying it but damn those Willis daughters are fugly.
Makes me wonder how much plastic surgery mommy and daddy have had and what they really look like.

Molly said...

This shot of Antonio Banderas took forever to take, because Melanie Griffith kept popping her head up over the rail.


i wish the Willis girls would stop posing as though they are somebody, cuz they're not.

Unknown said...

I am australian and I have no idea who those aussie celebrities are!!! the only thing good about these people is the beer!

hotchacha said...

The first thing I thought was, Julia Roberts looks pregnant again.

SJP makes me crazy with her horsey-witchy bad looks. And just stop with the Audrey Hepburn styles. Leave Audrey alone.

Javier Bardem -- I've never seen the appeal but for his own sake, I really wish he'd do something about that awkward fluffy top layer in his haircut. Looks like a reject from the Miami Vice series.

The Willis girls are sometimes disturbing to look at. My eyes always want to rearrange the proportions of their features. And Tallulah looks like a cross between a Guy Fawkes mask and Leaf (Joaquin) Phoenix circa the film "Parenthood."

Taylor said...

Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart are gorgeous.

redgurl72 said...

Those people aren't celebrities in Australia, maybe in their own minds but not anywhere else.

The Emile Raven comment must be a hint to a blind but I think she's a terrible actress so I can't be bothered looking.

Katie Holmes - I feel like making her a cup of tea while telling her to take a nice nap in the spare room. Poor dear.

Unknown said...

Someone really shoulda ran one of those photo combinations where they mix Willis with Moore to see what would come out...

I see the Guy Fawkes on Tallulah, but also for some reason I see a chubbier faced Emma Watson.

Miss X said...

Julia does look preganant again.

Rumer Willis looks pretty good here. Love the red hair on her.

Sydney in Wonderland said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one that sees the baby bump/bulge on Julia. That's the first thing I thought when I saw that picture.

I see the Guy Fawkes, Emma Watson, and Joaquin Phoenix in Tullulah, but I immediately though she looks like the no-name evil skank in a lot of movies. NOT that she's dressed like a skank, but her face/expression matches that "character" to me.

I think the red hair looks all right on Rumer, but it needs a new haircut with it. That one just doesn't work for me.

Aw, Katie. I have a spare bed and I'll buy you a doll so you won't miss "playing" with Suri. Come on, sweetie.

ps. Elsiefire -- I responded to your request for Mischa-story on yesterday's randoms. Just FYI.

Little Blue Pill said...

littleoleme said Makes me wonder how much plastic surgery mommy and daddy have had and what they really look like.

Aint that the truth, especially Mommy. I like tyhe middle one whoever whichever one she is

Hmm, Adrianne Curry, a world beach ball and a mention of disinfectant with the guy in the pic below sitting in the same seat. Is this a tell in the sex in the limo before going to the movies blind or another blind?

Please don't tell me Julia Roberts is pregnant again. I dunno if she's one of them but these celebs that go on about global warming and conservation and then have a million kids..

Bob Balaban looks familiar. Looks like a nice guy. Will have to look him up

Weird how Katie Holmes looks like Keri Russell in that stage pic. I saw that play a while back. Not a great story, not awful but I really don't know why it keeps being what if it won a ton of awards way back when, it's a dull boring production, not anything you'd talk about the next day at the office or with friends and definitely not intellectual enough to study in depth if at all, seriously. It probably takes about 1/2 hour to discuss in a college class. Not one of Miller's most exciting works. Since it has a simple set, no special effects or lighting, very basic costumes and hardly any changes I think it must be a slow writing/producing/set building/money raising period on Broadway stages right now. Or could be Tom is a silent partner..a relatively cheap easy to produce classic nostalgic Arthur Miller stage play set along the same WW2 timeline as his upcoming Valkyrie with a simple role and lines for Katie..yeah I can see it.

"Pull A Beer For Prostate." Kind of fitting actually, especially if you have five or six. Yeah with 5 or 6 you get prostrate with the floor and god only knows who'll be pulling and pushing what. Btw love the beers they have in the pic - Extra Dry and Old. LOL. Where's the Extra Stout, Velvet Cream and the Hat Lifter? Oh I guess those come later..heh

Hey Ent Pamela paid quite a lot quite a few times for those blow ups, she aint leaving those dolls at home

Willie, Seal, Neal McDonough. 3 more I like.

SJP looks gorgeous. Cynthia Nixon looks great too. Looks like love agrees with her. As for Kim Cattrell..well good luck to her.

Thanks Enty I love Shawshank and Tim Robbins' Andy. One of my top 5 films. I hope Tim can find more success in another superb role.

Unknown said...

That is hilarious enty! I was just thinking about Shawshank the other day. It was the scene at the end, where Morgan Freeman goes to find the spot where Tim Robbins proposed to his wife. I love that scene. It is almost like you are there with him.

trashtalker said...

Aw, geez, Ent. I was SURE you'd post the photo of Puddly Duddly stepping in dog poop:

Amy Y. is looking too Phoebe Price-ish. Unfortunate.

I gave serious consideration to placing Placido Domingo on the top, but I think he has been there before.
Does that mean he's a blind answer?

Jasmine said...

i like the middle willis okay enough.
the pick of javier bardem and my woody are spectacular!
but he looks too frail (woody) and this makes me sad.
i am off to watch sleeper so i can laugh and forget how he is aging so badly.
p.s. get off julia's ass already! you chicks are crazed with your baby watch. the reality is, many actors have reasonably normal figures between movies and only really thin or bulk it up when its camera time. let the bitch have her bulge already!
end mini rant,
its sleeper time.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

A gentle correction, ENT, it's Bryan Batt, not Blatt. But I thank you for including him, he's fabulous as Sal Romano in Mad Men. Much love.

RedTide said...

Another thank you for the Cowboy Mouth picture! They are indeed one of the best bands I have ever seen live...although if you want to get a hug from Fred, I highly recommend you do it BEFORE the show. He gets a little sweaty during the show.

Anonymous said...

Those poor Willis kids. Not a one of them looks good.

Emilie looks seriously pissed off Enty. I don't know what you think looks good but that is not my definition of it.

Alysa Milano always strikes me as a tramp. Not so bad as Rose McGowan but far from a lady.

What the hell did Audrey Hepburn every do to deserve being connected with that craptacualar SJP? She didn't have ugly moles, she was never called the most un-sexy woman on the planet and she didn't wear outfits that look like a flock of birds crapped on her. Comparing that hag to Ms. Hepburn is an insult!

I don't like Tim Robbins, but I will say he looks very nice. I like my men older, and the gray hair does him justice.

If you were dumb enough to 'date' Pam Anderson wouldn't you want to hide your identity?

West End Girl said...

Julia Roberts certainly does look pregnant, maybe that's why she's pulling such a constipated face?

The middle Willis girl is cute and as big a sleazeball he is, I find Bruce strangely alluring....

Zac Efron - the new Tom Cruise? i.e. closeted and using beards. Hasn't he also had a lot of work done?

Molly said...

i thought julia roberts hand gesture was her singing stop, in the name of love. if she's pregnant, it all makes more sense.

Green Wave Gal said...

Hey Redtide-a fellow Cowboy Mouth fan!!! :) They're going to be here in LA in a few weeks-can't wait. Fred gets more than a LITTLE sweaty!

GoGoLola said...

The first thing I noticed was Julia's roots...hmmm, is she not dying during the first trimester???

I would like to know what happened to those Willis girls...I would swear they used to be cute...what made their heads grow that way?

hotchacha said...

What made their heads grow that way?

I'm going to bet on Miracle Gro.

Jungle007 said...

Maybe it's some kind of Potatao steroids that we don't know about... Rumer looks like skeletor. Sorry for saying it but..... holy crap.


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