Thursday, June 04, 2009

Alli Sims Just Won't Go Away

Alli Sims is kind of like that first piece of plastic wrap that sticks to your finger when you open a DVD. You shake it off and it lands on the floor. You don't really notice it on the floor until one day you feel it sticking to your foot. You then attempt to throw it away, but a few weeks later there it is again. Are you asking yourself who Alli is? Alli is the former assistant to Britney Spears and was also called Britney's cousin at various points in time. Alli has a single coming out . I know, like we really care at all. We really don't and no one in the world cares and if this was anyone other than Alli Sims, the record would die a very quick death. The thing is though she has one ace to play and she is playing it now. Spilling about Britney. In exchange for plugging her single, Alli sat down with Access Hollywood for the most boring interview ever.

My guess is that Alli has decided that she wants Britney to plug the CD and so every question Alli was asked about the year she spent with Britney was met with a nothing happened answer or everything was overblown kind of answer.

When asked if Britney is bi-polar or suffered from post-partum depression, Alli said,
“I just feel like, you know, she had kids fast. There was a divorce going on and that’s a lot for a young person to handle.”

Talk about avoiding the question. She never says yes or no. Jamie Spears would be thrilled with that answer. Maybe he will let her move back into the house. Apparently Alli and Britney are still best friends even though she hasn't communicated with Britney in over a year. They must have some type of psychic best friend thing.

When Alli was asked about the two times Britney was admitted into the hospital and how Britney was at the time, Alli said, “Fine, fine. Honestly, fine.”

Alli also said it was extremely harsh that Britney lost visitation rights and that Alli didn't agree with that decision at all. Uh huh. Maybe so, but if Jamie & Britney don't come through with something for her and someone offers her a fat enough check I think all of her answers will be completely different.


CDAN Mod said...

yep, hush money.

jax said...

to hush what? we've seen the worst of it, we've seen her possum up close and personal on a daily basis for a week,saw her shave her head and watched as she was loaded into the ambulance a few times.
hell we've even seen her tweeked out on youtube with kfed.

no wonder she has nothing to shock us with.

Pinky said...

TOF - did you guys here that David Carradine is dead? Supposedly hanged himself overseas.

Sinjin said...

"Alli Sims is kind of like that first piece of plastic wrap that sticks to your finger when you open a DVD."

LOL Enty

Cheryl said...

We've been here before. Ms.Sims pulled the same schtick when she launched her website and a couple of other worthless projects.

.robert said...

Had to google to find out who she is.

Pookie said...

wow, she's been releasing that single/album for years now...


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