Thursday, June 04, 2009

Even In Kindergarten Kate Gosselin Chased Money & Fame

The headline is a bunch of crap as far as I know, but this Jon & Kate Gosselin thing has moved to beyond crazy. Star Magazine has a lengthy interview with Kate's ex fiance who sounds about as cool as Deanna Hummel's boyfriend.

Star wanted dirt on Kate and he didn't really have much. The couple started dating when Adam Miller was a senior in high school and Kate one year older. Kate then told him to propose so he did, but on her 21st birthday party she cheated on him with a guy in a Corvette so they broke up. He says that he did the breaking up, but he also said that Kate was always chasing the guys with money and a Corvette beat a Chevette so Adam lost.

Adam does want you to know though that Kate loved him for all the right reasons. "I spoiled Kate with gifts, like a diamond bracelet and a gold locket, and she loved that. I think one of the main reasons she liked me is that I had so much money flowing." It sounds like he had money flowing. I think you can get both of those items when you turn in enough tickets at Chuck-E-Cheese. I love it when someone says they had money flowing. He had so much money flowing that at least once a month he would take her out to Ruby Tuesday's. If she was really good to him he would go ahead and splurge on the salad bar. That extra $1.99 would have really set back a normal person. Good reason he had the money flowing.

These are my favorite kinds of interviews in tabloids. The person they dig up from ten years ago who wants their 4 minutes of fame and a quick $500. Love them.


MontanaMarriott said...

Slow news day, huh Enty??

vitazza said...

Make them all go away please, please ok!!

RocketQueen said...

Yeah, this is verging on pathetic and ridiculous. Who wasn't an ass when they were 20/21? Geez.

sunnyside1213 said...

Shame on you Enty.

sunnyside1213 said...

Shame on you Enty.

KellyLynn said...

Actually, in this neck of the woods (not the same neck of the woods, but probably a similar economic level), someone who can afford to go out to Ruby Tuesday's relatively often is probably "rolling in dough", and a diamond bracelet and a gold locket would be considered expensive purchases.

But it's okay if you mock it. My husband (also a city person from an uppity background) took a while to understand the differences between the affluent standards and those of folks who grew up in rural or working-class backgrounds.

Anyway, the guy is still a tool for selling his story to Star.

Pookie said...

well, but it's true. a Corvette really will beat a Chevette any day.

holy cow, i think i can remember what they looked like, eep!

shakey said...

Don't you just love those girls who demand to be proposed to? Worked with one girl who took her boyfriend to a jeweller's window, pointed at a ring and straight up told him he was going to buy her that ring and he was going to make reservations at whatever restaurant on a certain day and he was going to propose to her. Like the sheep he was, he did. She was so well-liked she asked the checkout girl at Zellers to be her bridesmaid so she could have something like 5 girls in her wedding party. No clue if she's still married.

So that's who Kate Gosselin is? Glad I don't watch that show.

Kat said...

Umm...if he had the money flowing, why would she have cheated on him?

I think he's probably a huge loser and she was young and that she one day realized that he was a huge loser. This story doesn't make Kate a villain, it makes her an average young woman who eventually comes to realize that her first love is kind of a waste of time. Who among us has been there?

*raises hand*

Seriously. Bash her for being mean to her husband and impatient with her kids, but for dumping a guy when was twenty-one? Sorry. Seems to me like she made the right decision in that case.

LauraM said...

God, I love Enty. I swear he speaks my mind. This is soooo hilarious. And pathetic for these mags. I mean, they are now digging in the lowest places to keep a story alive. Guess there's not much dirt going on H-wood. Now, that's shocking.


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