Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Johnny Depp is going to be in the new issue of Vanity Fair. I would say that is a vast improvement over Jessica Simpson.
Some photos of Marilyn Monroe that have never been published have been found by Life Magazine. Sorry about the tag, but yours truly didn't want to spend the outrageous licensing fee. Still, it is a very cool picture.
Anna Friel doing press for Land Of The Lost.
And Denzel Washington doing press for The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 which I am really excited to see.
I am so glad Ali Landry saw through Mario Lopez and dumped him.
Ummm. Bai Ling actually looks really, really pretty. It might be the best she has ever looked.
Do you get the feeling that Brad Pitt has posed like this before while looking at his mirror? Or, maybe Angelina Jolie just has a Fonz fantasy.
Billy Talent - Landgraaf, Netherlands
I wonder if Christina Aguilera even remembers what her real hair color is at this point.
A first time appearance for Christa Miller. I can't believe she has not been in before.
I'm going to assume that Chloe Sevigny didn't sit down all day.
I do seem to put Halle Berry in the photos on a fairly frequent basis.
Jason Bateman and family.
Jason Statham and Alex Zosman.
Even Kate Hudson looked nice over the weekend.
Mel Gibson visiting his future home.
Spin City reunited. Michael J Fox and Alan Ruck.
Mila Kunis in one of her very rare public appearances.
Whenever I post a photo of Nacho Figueras I get lots and lots of e-mails asking for more. Here he is with Prince Harry.
It appears Nicole Richie has put leg warmers on her arms.
Pete Doherty - Stoke On Trent, UK
Pink in Australia supporting Carey Hart
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
The "engaged" couple of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen.
Rainn Wilson is starting to get some grey in that beard.
Sal Carbone is the winner of the 5th Annual Brooklyn Pizza Eating Contest. I give you that caption just in case you can't read the big banner behind his head.
I wonder if Weird Al Yankovic and Kenny G get their hair done at the same place. Maybe it is a guy who only knows how to do that hairstyle.
Ziggy Marley emerges from his personal hot box long enough to do a show.


Ms Cool said...

My husband and I saw Nacho Figueras and my husband was the first to say how good looking he is. Plus he seemed really nice.

Nice Johnny Depp photo.

I was hoping you would include the picture of the Daniel Craig Popsicle. It is a real thing, I promise. It isn't one of my fantasies.

Sinjin said...

Aguilera's natural hair color is light blonde. I remember from some documentary on her life (childhood video and pictures).

selenakyle said...

I'm excited to see ANYTHING that Denzel is in!

Awww, not such a great pic of Statham, though. However, thanks for including him anytime you can, Enty!

RocketQueen said...

Although she doesn't necessarily look it here, I think Mila Kunis is absolutely beautiful.

Personally, I don't care for Denzel. I find he over-acts, and I get the impression he has an ego <----this big---> and it's gotten asshole written all over it.

nancer said...

kate hudson and nicole ritchie both look better than usual because most of their face and head are covered up. anyone can look good like that---they're living proof.

can't wait for depp in VF.

i'll pass on 'the taking of pelham 123' since i saw it the first time....which is why i pretty much see nothing coming out now. it's all been done before, and probably better.

califblondy said...

I wonder if Christina Aguilera even remembers what her real hair color is at this point.

I hate when I get asked that question. I know I don't remember and don't care either.

I'd like to take a bite out of that Nacho. Pass the salsa.

Nice reader photos. More beautiful people.

littleoleme said...

I have no interest in The Taking of Pelham 123 since I've seen the original. It's a really great, well-acted movie. Don't bother with this re-make and give the original a try.

Now! said...

Christina Aguilera looks horrible - like a 50 year old society woman who has been drinking heavily for 30 years.

Linnea said...

Kunis is pretty funny. Nice reader pics!

figgy said...

Nutty_Flavor, I believe she indeed HAS been drinking heavily for 30 years. She just started very, very young.

LOL on the Mel comment Enty!

Anonymous said...

lol@comment on gibson. He is home and I bet those horns are what's coming in the future.

ItsJustMe said...

Enty, you are in such a good mood today with the comments!

Beautiful CDANers, reveal yourselves!

Yellow Rose said...

I'm the Astros fan with Junction Jack :)

Emma31 said...

God, Johnny Depp never ages. That man is flawless.

Rocket Queen - that is funny you say that. My husband worked the inauguration and dealt with Denzel....TOTAL A-hole. He said that he wouldn't wait in line with the other celebs and pulled the "don't you know who I am card". Sucks, I though he might be nice.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, CDAN has the most beautiful readers of any site out there. I'm still too chicken to send mine in.

I don't remember seeing Nacho before, but I likey.

Is it just me or does Johnny Depp look like Travolta in that picture?

I love Bai Ling, and she does look dare I say classy in that long dress.

Statham takes really bad still photos.

Blondie1001 said...

ha! our little bay ridge corner of brooklyn made CDAN! Love it.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I wish Christa Miller hadn't effed up her face. She was gorgeous a few years back. I absolutely adore her spouse, Bill Lawrence.

Jason Bateman's little girl ian freaking adorable. His wife is Paul Anka's daughter, if memory serves.

selenakyle said...

Had no idea how A-holish Denzel is, and sorry to hear it. I just like looking at him and hearing him speak.

Way OT--but I just saw a pic of Jon Gosselin up close (never watched the show) and all I can say is ick. All that hubbub over him?

Dang. Must be something I'm missing...

vitazza said...

I kicked Denzel to the curb when I heard from another site that He has been having a long term relationship with another actress. His wife knows about it but he won’t stop seeing the “young thing” !! He can act but he is scum!

Emma31 said...

Selenakyle - I know, I felt the same way. He is very handsome and I still think he is a good actor...Oh, and he did this with about 5 security guards for the capital and they all sent his ass back in line...LOL!!

Winston Ono said...

the readers are gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

Supposedly, Denzel likes to take his White female co-stars for a test drive and has final say on casting them. He then brags about his marriage and his trips to Africa to visit the Motherland. Whatever.

Bryn said...

Does anyone know what the deal was with Halle making out with Jaime Foxx and grabbing his crotch at the Spike awards? The photos are all over the internet and I'm hoping it was for publicity, although it was pretty trashy, if it was. I can't believe Halle would stoop to that.

Anonymous said...

Bryn, I think it has something to do that Foxx is gay and to cover it up she did that. Some of the gossip sites I have been to say the same thing that they can't believe Halle did something so unclassy.

Bryn said...

Sylvia, thanks for the response. I just can't imagine - she's known for her class and it was just as you said "unclassy". If I were her boyfriend, I'd feel totally humiliated.

littleoleme said...

P.S. I think she's a bit of a nutbar and bitch but my god
Chloe Sevigny has amazing legs.

Anonymous said...

Bryn, probably one of them will come out on ET or Access Hollywood explaining that it was all for fun.

shakey said...

Ms. Cool - what is this Daniel Craig popsicle of which you speak?

littlemisssmokeandmirrors - is that Bill Lawrence of Tiny Talent Time? A joke only people from Toronto/Hamilton/Buffalo who are about my age will get.

Any way ... Anna Friel looks bored. Never thought we'd see Bai Ling and pretty in the same sentence. Is this another sign of the Apocalypse? Does Christina dye her cuff as well? Love Chloe's hat.

Where was Mel Gibson? At the Herne the Hunter awards? I'm guessing Pink and Carey make better friends than spouses. Ohh, looks like Hayden's getting his Neil Patrick Harris on!

k said...

I can't believe Celebitchy said Mila Kunis wasn't aging well when linking to those pictures. She's gorgeous.

amazonblue said...

Here's the Daniel Craig popcicle link:

Michael K's comments are hilarious, it does kinda look like Gary Oldman in Dracula.

Pookie said...

teehee @ the mel gibson caption! now that was funny.

aww, readers are gorge!

J-Mo said...

Bryn, I'm with you on those Halle Berry picks, was very surprised.

shakey said...

Thank you, amazonblue. Thank you.

lmnop123 said...

About the Halle/Jamie pictures, unbelievable. Wow! Just... Wow!

How Tacky!

About Denzel I'm all kinds of sad about his funky attitude. I knew he had a girlfriend. It's been reported for years but the tabloids are careful and would never show pictures.

I didn't know he chooses to act like an ass sometimes in public. :(

By the way I also heard that Beyonce acted like a diva at the Inauguration. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

annie said...

So if there's is anyone, anywhere who was still unsure that Rachel Bilson is bearding for Hayden, enty just settled it. I love the sneaky beard mention for the next photo...

TinselSass said...

So who is Denzel's "actress" girlfriend?! Very disappointing as word is his wife is a lovely lady AND because of his "family man" righteousness.

ardleighstreet said...

I have heard of Denzel's sense of entitlement. It kills me he's an actor he didn't cure cancer. His am a "good familyman" act makes me want the paps to out his chippy.

Bai Ling can look classy. Who would have guessed?

That pic proves Brad Pitt has offically jumped the shark.

Bateman's daughter is a cutie.

Love the Mel quip. Good one!

Rainn W. reminds me of a college prof I had who thought shoes were a restriction from govt (no shoes no service) and shoes cut creativity to the brain.

Jasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine said...

I love you eternally for the Mel Gibson snark.
Ziggy Marley is awesomely talented- glad to see he could pull himself away from the bong to show it.
And i have no idea who that nacho guy is but holy shit i ofically nominated that pic with sexy harry as the hottest picture ever on the site!
p.s. what the f is up with jason bateman's wife? i didnt know he was with a butta face.

Katja said...

It looks like Chloe Sevigny posed under a cutout halo hat.. Honestly I haven't seen her in but 2-3 films and I think she is quite a daring actor. Oddly she makes me think of Winona Ryder. Maybe it's the vibe.

Katja said...

Forgot the Jason Statham and Alex Zosman ???

Katja said...

Zachary Quinto is a small size person.
Some people are small though, and that is ok.

Emma31 said...

Not On My Dollar-

Yes Beyonce was actually escorted out of the inaugural ball hours after she sang because she got SHIT FACED. My husband said that her bodyguards put her in a tinted Escalade escort her to a hotel. While Jay followed in another car. YIKES!!! Well at least she had a good time LOL!!

My husband did say that Edward Norton was super nice and shook all of the officers hands. So there are some good celebs out there.

Unknown said...

I'm reader photo #2 :-) thanks!

mooshki said...

"I am so glad Ali Landry saw through Mario Lopez and dumped him."

I was going to say "it's hard not to 'see through' someone who cheats the night before your wedding," then I remembered that every other day there's a story about a woman staying with some dick, so I guess she does deserve props for dumping his ass.

Is that Statham's rent-a-girlfriend?

LOL at Mel.

Mila Kunis is my new girl crush.

Gorgeous readers!

lmnop123 said...

Emma31, thanks for responding to my question. Right after the inauguration I heard that Beyonce was one of those people who didn't want to wait with the peons. I'm glad your husband got a chance to see the true colors of these "stars".

Vamp, that's a pretty picture of you.

ElsieFire said...

A few of the pics taken here were from the SpikeTV awards (Mel, Brad, the Halle comments), which is a network aimed at the lowest male denomination. Manswers, anyone??

Anyway, I think that basically you are expected to show up and be a doofus. Brad Pitt thanked Mel for presenting his award with a phenomenal "Thanks, SUGARTITS!" Seriously!

I cut Halle some slack, and will give Brad a pass for that picture.

Mel however, well, he can take his sanctimonious, overinflated ego and keep riding that horse and never come back.

Unknown said...


Lady J said...

Rumor on Denzel is he was dating Sanaa Lathan (his co-star from "Out of Time") for several years. She got very attached even after he told her he would NEVER leave his wife so he dumped her. Don't know how true it is but another rumor is at one time she was allegedly pregnant with his child as well.

lmnop123 said...

Lady J that may or may not be true information but I could imagine that it's true. I've never warmed to Sanaa and don't trust her.

ElsieF, thanks for explaining the Spike Awards. I thought that was a little over the top for Halle and Jamie but I still think you could almost go over the top without going that far, i.e. rub back, arms and kiss. They just didn't need to tongue, grab genitals, and butt.

Linnea said...

i thought the sugartits comment was HILARIOUS - i had forgotten about that particular gem from the mel gibson book of crazy

jax said...

aw pretty nadia!

Anonymous said...

ENTY!!! Please when you put up my reader pic.. can you include it with a pic of PINK! Puhleese??? Thank you.

B626 said...

Sometimes Johnny Depp looks greasy dirty in pics.
Today he is in the totally edible column!


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