Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

New rule of the site. Betty White shows up somewhere she gets the top spot.
I fell asleep Saturday afternoon upstairs. I woke up to my mom watching Bride Wars. I umm, actually liked it. I know, I know.
Adam Levine practicing his Zoolander pose.
Adam Lambert and his new boyfriend. George Michael called the new boyfriend and wants his hairstyle back.
Where Amy Smart shows up,
often times Ali Larter follows.
A first time appearance for Amber Valletta.
I think this is also a first time appearance for Craig T. Nelson.
Not a first time appearance for Ronaldo and if he keeps dressing like this, probably not his last either.
Donna Karan, Marion Cotillard and Hilary Duff were at the Bike In Style event. Somehow I don't think they actually got on bikes.
Dave Matthews - New York
David Schwimmer and his "guest." Would you want everyone to know you were dating him?
Eminem & Jay-Z - Los Angeles
Hugh Jackman doing a little dancing with his wife.
The very funny Jeff Daniels.
John Krasinski and Chris Messina. John looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank Gifford who makes a rare public appearance.
I always show Kate Winslet, but somehow always neglect to include Sam Mendes. Love Sam, but Kate is still going to show up way more than Sam in the photos.
Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz who took time off from allegedly serving underage kids at his bar. Not him personally mind you. The bar. And of course it is all alleged.
Tracking Maya Rudolph's pregnancy.
Nicole Kidman on the set of her new movie. Don't look at me, I didn't hire her.
The one and only Neil Patrick Harris.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Paul & Ringo doing what they do best. Making money off The Beatles.
Ryan Phillipe and Abbie Cornish looking thrilled.
Ryan Reynolds and his mom.
Sandra Bullock looks lovely.
Even Vanessa Lemon Jello looks good.


procrastination101 said...

betty white is awesome!!!!

Ayesha said...

Ronaldo is gayelle. No one can convince me otherwise.

Pookie said...

betty white! now there's my girl. LOVE her.

eep, sam mendes is too young to look so old. kate looks lovely tho.

speaking of aging well, craig t. nelson looks fantastic.

eww, doucheinem and dave m.

schwimmer's guest is pretty. makes him look good, which he needs to be thanking her for.

RocketQueen said...

David Schwimmer needs to do something with his hair.

I've gone right off Anne Hathaway. Used to think she was just ok, now I think she's gone the way of other too-skinny, big-headed Hollywood starlets. Too bad.

Now! said...

Is it just me, or do Ryan Philippe and Abbie Cornish look an awful lot like brother and sister?

Anonymous said...

Amy Smart and Ali Larter are friends? who would've guessed.

Betty White has earned the top spot for as many laughs and great characters she's played over the years.

I hate myself for finding Adam Levine attractive.

I don't know what I'm going to do when daily Hugh Jackman photos aren't taken. (Back to the porn blogs I guess. ;)

I don't think Christiano's gay, I think he's just European.

I'm hoping reader #2 is the hot race car dude, but I think it's probably one of the cuties with him. Reader #1 definitely has the modeling down pat.

MontanaMarriott said...


Ronaldo has some beautiful legs, wow!

Maya Rudolp if Minnie were alive today, she would be sooo proud!

Nichole Fisher said...

Enty - everytime you call her Vanessa Lemon Jello I start laughing! My office mates are starting to look at me funny :)

littleoleme said...

Oh, NPH why must you be gay. Sigh.

Now! said...

Marion Cotillard looks lovely in that suit - I suddenly understand why people get so excited about her. Adorable in a very French way.

Someone please tell Anne Hathaway that bandage dresses are over. Every single bandage dress looks the same as every other bandage dress.

Nichole Fisher said...

@DNfromMN Amy Smart and Ali Larter were in Varsity Blues together. I think they've been friends ever since.

califblondy said...

More beautiful readers. How do we do it?

I recently saw Craig T. Nelson interviewed and I loved the way he talked about his wife and grandkids. He's been married a jillion years.

Mrs. Jackman looks pissed at hubby Hugh. Hey Deb, if you don't want to dance with him, I sure in the hell will!

Amber proves that even super models need a little make-up.

Jungle007 said...

Is it just me, or do Ryan Phillipe and Abbie Cornish always look stoned outta their tree?

Oh man, I cannot WAIT to show my man the pic of Adam Lambert and his bf!!! We had a huge argument over his sexuality. I finally caved and said,
"Fine, FINE, I won't say he's gay anymore. Even though he's gay."

Irrelevant, I know, but still makes me feel good to be able to throw it in his face. :D

Alice D Millionaire said...

I know a lot of people will disagree but I actually think Nicole Kidman looks pretty good here. I have wanted her to go back to red for forever and she does not look quite so frozen.

Now! said...

Adam Lambert's boyfriend also seems to be the same height as George Michael - or even shorter, if that's possible. He's like the travel size version of George Michael.

thisoldbroad said...

Yeah Betty White!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jungle - is your husband blind? He'd pings the gaydar all the way to Uranus.

yellow said...

What lesbian BI do Amy Smart and Ally Larter answer to?

You know it is summer when soccer season ends, and Ronaldo is left to his own devices without is minders from ManU.

ItsJustMe said...

Reader, readers! Who are y'all?

lyz said...

I think Adam could do better. There are way better looking guys out there for him.

Ronaldo's legs are HOT!

He and Adam would be a pretty couple.

mooshki said...

My favorite CDaN rule yet!

Hey, Schwimmer was really funny as the Jehovah's Witness in "Love & Sex." :) But then, I love every inch of that movie.

lutefisk said...

If it wasn't Betty White, I would have said Paul & Ringo deseve the top spot.

vitazza said...

I LOVE DAVE AND JAY-Z so much that I have a Mash Up of DMB and The Black Album!!!!
Emma I think I may explode!!!** MY favorite Male performers of all Time... Shuttin up and mumbling in a corner now!

** Buy B.W. & The Groogrux King!!

Kat said...

I agree that Abbie and Ryan look related. Kinda creepy!

I have to say I am loving Nicole's hair back in its almost natural red. I was really over the blonde.

Marion Cotillard is my idea of gorgeous.

And, it must be said, that I really like Anne Hathaway. Girl can sing, act, and I'm told she's actually nice. These days, all it takes for me to like them is their niceness.

Emma31 said...


I thought that would make your day :)

Emma31 said...

Oh Vitazza-
Wouldn't you loved to be sandwiched in between Dave and Jay LOL!!!

vitazza said...

oh yes, yes, I would loved to be sandwiched between the two.. lol not funnin either! Plugged two cd's and skipped over THE BETTY WHITE!! I'm a lil smitten eh?

Clanger said...

The way the T in the Beatles sign hangs it makes Ringo appear to have a mohawk :) Krasinski looks like a bobblehead!

Clanger said...

Vitazza - ur a tool :)

vitazza said...

Yes! I am a "Tool" for DAVE OR JAY OK!! And You are one for the OLe Man Paul! smooches!

keks said...

oh, ent, you catually posted my photo (L)

Sinjin said...

Oh how I covet READER No.1's hair color!
If only it came in a box :-(

jenna said...

okay, is it just me or is it nearly every time enty posts a picture of John Krasinski he makes a comment about how he's lost weight? Is this a clue to a blind?

nancer said...

the scale in more than a few of these pictures is really, REALLY weird.

kathie lee and frank----he looks like the dummy to her ventriloquist. seriously. look at that picture. looks like she has her hand in his back on his controls. is he even alive??

hugh jackman and the missus----this looks like she's visiting his likeness at madame tussaud's.

pete wentz looks like a growth our of that other dude's side. a little parasite as it were.

Ms. Ramona Narrow said...

If anyone hasn't seen it, there is a great video on funnyordie.com about a supposed tense relationship between Betty White and Ryan Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

jenna - it could be the cocaine weight loss blind that we all thought was Seth Rogen.

figgy said...

Please tell me John Krasinski isn't that emaciated-looking due to doing blow.

figgy said...

Adam Lambert is SO adorable! Just love his look. Maybe cuz he looks just like one of my old boyfriends. Right down to the guyliner (hey, it was the 80s!). Who also turned out to be gay.

Mind you, the gay boyfriend thing has happened to me more than once, sigh.

ardleighstreet said...

Look Moosh asked the other day and there her request is at top spot -Betty White.

travel version of George M.-- Freaking hilarious.

Ronaldo has great legs! Love the flower behinde the ear.

Schwimmer needs a new hair stylist.

Good lord Deb F.! That mans is sexiest man alive. I'd dance with the man vertical or horizontal.

Frank Gifford either needs to get out of the sun or lay off the booze. --Maybe he meant to match his wifes dress with his face.

Yeah NPH! He always looks happy to be out with the press. You never see that I'm too bored to care face others give.

I thought LemonJello was Paula Abducrazy there for a sec. I was expecting her to start lipsynching Straight Up. I am sorry singing (wink wink nudge nudge)

Sinjin said...

DNfromMN: "I don't think Christiano's gay, I think he's just European."


"He pings the gaydar all the way to Uranus"

Those comments were good for the giggles! I often use the same logic in that first comment you made. But I could NEVER come up with the 2nd comment; too funny! :-D

READER #2: OMG, that was the same race Adrien Brody was at! I'd have raced all over looking for him.

wineaux said...

i am SO OVER (and i've said this before) that freakin herve leger dress!! ugh!! stop.the.madness.

ditto nutty

flanny said...

I got a vibe from the Amy/Ali post too. Lainey referred to them today as "Ali & Amy", like a couple, this is how she described the people who went to see Eminem:

"Ali Larter and Amy Smart, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jeremy Piven"

She has put commas in between the names of the unrelated people but they are lumped together. I think it means something.

You guys are good at this, Enty must have a lesbian blind somewhere this refers to?

jenna said...


That's what I thought at first but I don't think John K has ever had any excess weight and if I remember correctly that blind said something about how the actor was only doing it to loose weight?

Anyway - can't wait for the reveals on July 4th!

Judi said...

Proud fan of Adam Lambert. He can do what he wants as long as he sangs!

And, in case anyone hears this rumor, NO, Kidman's not trying to adopt from Vietnam. That program is currently closed.

shakey said...

Not a fan of Adam Lambert's (simply because I don't believe he can sing well), but he looks so damn happy in that photo!

Can someone find Hilary Duff a new hairstyle? Please?

Can't picture Kathie Lee at a theatre. She would be annoying to sit near. Pete Wentz is *tiny*.

Ryan's Mom is more fresh-faced than her son. At first I thought Sandra Bullock was pulling up her dress. That is one ugly dress.

shakey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooshki said...

Hmm, Enty used to bug Ali all the time to get hitched already, but nothing for a while. Maybe she's exploring the other side? If so, hot couple!!!

mooshki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jillian S. said...

Reader #1- Your glasses rule!

Katja said...

You are all so freaking funny tonight (tonight to me anyway)
The only thing I can add is why does Hillery Duff look so matronly? (like the other Hillery)she's what 23-24? and she dresses like she is Camilla..

libby said...

Late comment.

has anyone seen old old b & w game shows from the 50's w/ Betty--- She had dark hair, BIG BOOBS, and was GORGEOUS, funny and giggly.
I love those pet product commercials she does.

Nicole Kidman looks amazing with her natural red. Took 10 years off.

I love the PSAs that Jeff Daniels has been doing for investment in his home state of Michigan. I live in Indiana, and we know they're really struggling. There are SOOOOO many folks there who just want a job!

I had a crush on NPH back in his Doogie days. I also still have a crush on David Hyde Pierce. Usually not attracted to gays, but I like a thin man with light hair, what can I say?


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