Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nikki McKibbin Shares Too Much Information

Do you want to know how you know it is a really slow news day? The first sign is when I say to myself that a Lindsay Lohan story or a Paris Hilton story might be necessary today. Don't worry I will talk about celebrity babies and engagements before I break down to that extent. The other way you know is when FOX's entertainment column, runs a bit today they picked up at the season finale of American Idol. That was last week. Not exactly breaking news, but hey, I am all for anything that is vaguely interesting today.

Do you remember Nikki McKibbin from American Idol? She finished third in the first season of Idol and will always be haunted by the fact that she finished behind Justin. I think it is what led her to drink and do drugs. I mean, how would you feel about coming in behind him. That sounded kind of sexual didn't it? Not where I was going with that, but hey.

Anyway, Nikki dropped off the face of the earth and only reappeared when she was periodically arrested. She then decided to join Celebrity Rehab and says that next week she will be sober for one year. That is incredible and I am very happy for her. I do worry though that she has lost her self-censor button to her mouth. In that interview with FOX, she said this about when she was drinking and using drugs.

"I was a horrible person when I drank. I was awful and really mean and really angry and I started fights with people for no reason, I was a bad mom and a bad wife. I took care of my son when I was high and was driving to school drunk, I was just really bad off."

Now, I am glad she has managed to turn her life around, but I'm not sure we should know about her driving her kid to school drunk and high. Why is that something she needs to share? Now I will be wondering how many times she did it and if anything else happened to the kid while she was drunk or high. Plus, you just know that at some point the kid is going to read this interview and is going to have a lot of questions and maybe some issues with the way he was treated by his mom. Wouldn't this be better left out of the public eye? If she wants to tell her son at some point privately that is her decision, but this seems like something that should be better left unsaid. Do you think by her saying this it will help others in similar situations?


CDAN Mod said...


Anonymous said...

I agree it's a slow news day... and I have the day mostly off. argh.

I think she said it to really get the point across that she was a total mess.

I'm proud of her for making it a year, but no prouder than any of the people I know who've made it a year. It's a lifelong commitment to staying clean.

Kara said...

I think people should be honest about how screwed up they were. It makes it harder to be that screwed up again in the future. Hopefully. But I don't think her kid needs to know. Don't know how much kids really hear about these sort of things ten years down the road either.

Pookie said...

yeah, what DN said!

Pinky said...

If just one person hears her say that and it wakes up one other person who drugs/drinks and drives, then I say it was definitely worth it.

jax said...

well i don't think we are so naive to believe that drug addicts get clean everyday at 3pm to pick up the kids, so good for her for putting a face on drug use as a mom. there are a LOT of women just like her doing it everyday,hopefully they get help too.

nancer said...

i just think it's honest. i imagine she'll be honest with him when he's older about what she went through and the stupid shit she did while addicted. what's wrong with that? addicts do awful things and while addicted, make awful parents. no news here.

kudos on her year of sobriety. life really is better sober.

ElsieFire said...

I agree Jax. Especially with the "nice" suburban drugs like vicodin. Just because they're prescribed, people, doesn't mean you should be getting behind a wheel and driving around with your babies.

Jungle007 said...

My ex friend had a bit of a drinking problem a few years back. I have no idea if she's gotten better or worse, but her daughter is about 3 1/2 now and I can remember this friend being plastered and falling asleep at any random hour of the day while her infant/toddler would be crawling around just looking for danger. The ex-friend's sister moved in with her to basically be a full-time babysitter for the both of them and i also did my share of checking in at random hours to make sure no one had gotten hurt. I can only hope she got better. This post made me think of her.

To answer the question, i think that maybe she just doesn't have that sensor button built in. I know that I have been known to ramble on too far and give away too much info from time to time as well. Her not being a real celeb might just make it harder for her to predict what some people will think of her blatant honesty. Same ways, she is probably speaking the truth like this to heal and get past the bad point in her life.

If there really is worse stuff she did which she chose not to share, then she really didn't give too much information, did she? ;)

ardleighstreet said...

If the child is of school age he has memories of "bad" mommy. I'd bet good money on that. I HAD a friend & his wife who lost their child because they were too drunk to know their two year old was wandering down a street used heavily by semi-trucks. Thank God they only lost said toddler to childrens services and not the semis. The kicker was they were too drunk to show up to the hearing
to get her back.

Good for Nikki getting her year in!

shakey said...

I agree ardleigh - good for her, and her son probably knows mom was bad. Kids have good memories.


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