Monday, June 01, 2009

MTV Movie Award Photos - Part One

Sofia Vassilieva, Cameron Diaz & Abigail Breslin
Anna Faris
Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz
Ashley Tisdale
Billy Zane & Catherine Hardwicke
Ed Helms, Justin Bartha & Bradley Cooper
Brody Jenner
Cam Gigandet
Chris Isaak


Anonymous said...

Wow... thank you for the men.

Sinjin said...

Isn't Abby Breslin a tad too young to be wearing those tacky shoes?

And Ashley Tisdale's got paddle feet in those she's wearing. That picture made me laugh.

I like Ashley Greene's retro look though.

califblondy said...

I like Ashley's ensemble.

Cameron Diaz looks good too.

What happened to Chris?

Emobacca said...

Cameron has looked like she has hit the wall of late. Shame.

mikey said...

Brody Jenner's feet are glowing.

Unknown said...

Chris got old and apparently thinks he's Paris, cuz he keeps lugging that dog around with him.

Sigh, getting old sucks.

mooshki said...

I hope Sofia doesn't get too "big" for Medium. She's really cool.

Can someone sit Anna Faris down for a talk and ask her to stop making herself look like she belongs on The Hills?

I can't wait for The Hangover!!!

Enty, please tell me you just included a pic of Brody so we could laugh at those horrible shoes.

Emma31 said...

Didn't this seem more like Teen Choice Awards / Nickelodeon awards than MTV movie awards?

Thank god for Sacha to liven things up.

Brody Jenner is a such a TOOL. Whenever he is at these award shows, (which is all the time becasue he's a fame whore) the camera does a close up on him and he acts like a 2 year old.

Love me some Bradley Cooper..YUM

Ashley Greene looks great.

.robert said...

Brody Jenner looks like a douche with those shoes.

jbeebs said...

Chris Isaak jacket-ha!

Cameron what happened?

Donna said...

What is wrong with Ashley Tisdale's face??

thisoldbroad said...

What the hell happened to Chris Isaak????? Please tell me he isn't suffering dementia.

nancer said...

chris isaak is just fine. he was doing an interview show on 'biography', i think, with musical guests. it was good---great interview with stevie nicks.
that's not a good picture of him, but on the show, he looked ok to me, although i'm sure he's dying his hair and i wish he wouldn't.
the dog might look like a little foofoo dog, but hey, any guy who loves dogs is ok in my book.

oh and his newest CD after 7 years is good too.

figgy said...

Chris Isaak has a Maltese!! Now I am forced to love him more than ever.

Pookie said...

eww brody jenner, go away.

RocketQueen said...

Pookie - that's the only comment I have, too.

Isn't his five minutes up?

Now! said...

Agree with you all - Chris Isaak is not aging well.

ElsieFire said...

I used to love me some Chris is hard to reconcile this man carrying a poofy dog with my "Wicked Game" fantasies.

Think of all the men you know who carry dogs. Now add Chris.

It is not a good list to be on.

selenakyle said...

Oh my, how fast they grow up and move on. Tisdale looks like she's ready for a serious deep-dicking.

Sorry--that's crass, but how "come hither" does a young woman need to BE?

And I've been holding this in for months now...I HATE those shoes, and I'm a shoe freak. Sorry, but they're hideous on even the best legs.

Linnea said...

hahaha @elsiefire... you are on to something there!

shakey said...

Love Ashley Greene's hair. Love Ashley Tisdale's dress, but not her shoes or her duck lip.

ElsieFire, I thought the same thing when I saw Chris and dog.

nunaurbiz said...

OMG Abigail Breslin is growing up!! And she's still looking like a normal kid. Good for her.

Unknown said...

SK: from one shoe freak to another: Here! Here! Man, I hate those open-toed booties, or the high heeled gladiator boot. Yuck!

Riddle me this batman: How is it that Ashley Green looks so darn petite in the Twilight movie? I'm not saying she's huge, but she looks so different form the movie. Did she gain weight? Or was it all angle trickery?


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