Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Betty White at the top again.
Ashley Olsen looks great.
Mary Kate still needs to work on it a little.
Bradley Cooper at the premiere of his new movie wearing his Tom Cruise suit.
Bethanny Frankel must think the heavy metal crowd is into the Real Housewives.
A mass for the victims of Air France flight #447.
Christian & Sibi Bale at the Tokyo airport.
And then Tony Parker ran Eva over. OK, so that is a dream.
Eva Mendes in one of the only photos where she was not turning sideways.
Heather Graham at an actual movie premiere which may do actual business. A new feeling for her.
Jenny McCarthy looks like she wants to take a few more pictures and Jim doesn't.
Josh Duhamel also in Tokyo to meet his wife Fergie.
Still going strong. Jamie Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrera.
Jeremy Piven in shades.
And the reason which considering the title of the movie is Hangover seems appropriate.
Dueling magazine covers.

Kendra Wilkinson looks like she got new breasts for her wedding.
It almost looks like they are holding hands. Almost.
Peter Pan - London
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Robert Pattinson, this time with his shirt on.
Taylor Lautner concludes our Twilight portion of the photos.
Tracy Morgan on the set of his new movie. Looks like an Oscar winner for sure.
Wayne Gretzky and guest. Daughter maybe? She looks like Janet.
Zac Efron not looking good at all.


__-__=__ said...

Who would have expected Kendra to have the endurance? Good for her!

RocketQueen said...

Haha! Reader #1's shirt is awesome!

Jeremy Piven: Ick. Nast. And holy hair plugs.

Enty - so right about Cooper's suit!

I want Eva's dress for summer!

Oh Mary Kate - please stop trying to be so anti-establishment.

Now! said...

Love the Tracy Morgan photo. Yes, the movie definitely looks like an Oscar candidate.

Now! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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She also alleged that LeAnn tracked Eddie down at a Lakers game after he changed his phone number to end her constant calls. She continued
"LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants -- She's hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom."
Oh my goodness!! A rep for LeAnn did not comment. What do you think? Whose side are you on?
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Anonymous said...

I'll ask it: Is Eva Mendes pregnant?

Poor Reader #2 taking her picture at work :( Reader #1 - there's got to be a story about that.

Yay for Betty White again, looks so happy.

mygeorgie said...

If that's Wayne's daughter, we can put them in the same category as Papa Joe/Jessica & Hulk/Brooke. A very strange pose indeed.

His daughter, Paulina, is a 'model & pop singer'. Uh huh.

mooshki said...

Sophie's Choice of the day: Who do I love more, Enty or Betty? (I'm open to bribes, hint, hint...)

Okay, what work did Eva M. have done? That ain't her same face...

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Zac E and that stupid hair. Who told him that style fits him.

Emma31 said...

I want Betty to be my Grandma.

LOL at the Eva and Tony comment.

Heather Graham has had that same look for how many years now?

SOOOOO OVER the Jon a Kate saga....NEXT

YEAH reader #1. I love the shirt!!!!

Tracy Morgan cracks me up. " I need new wheelchair gloves cause you my uncle" - 30 rock.

ItsJustMe said...

Turtle and Meadow! I love it!

I love Tracy Jordan, I mean, Tracy Morgan.

Betty looks so great ... I'm sure she's a hoot to hang out with.

Ok readers, reveal yourselves!

thisoldbroad said...


budford said...

He looks like Bobby Sherman with that hair.

Anybody remember him?

AvaMore said...

Wow Enty!

You really DO post us!


Yes, I am at work all~ luckily, I LOVE my job!


vitazza said...

OMG Emma!! I loubs anything Mr Jordan Says!! "I need Kenneth"

AvaMore said...

Oh~ and ps Enty, thanks for the input! (re: pic choice) ;)

Clanger said...

Yeah, I am over the whole Jon and Kate sinking ship too. But how about this - if you didn;t know anything about either person, and saw their cover photos side by side - who would you want to be friends with?? Jon has that "honest/humble" expression on his face (so typical of that mag), yet Kate looks like a conceited biatch. Just saying.....

Ashley looks fantastic!!

Emma31 - I would love to have Betty White for my Grandma too! She looks like fun!

ItsJustMe said...

I always wanted Betty to be my grandma, too. :)

vitazza said...

Sylvia.. Zac E won't change his hairstyle for the same reason he won't stop wearing that god-awful lip gloss..;0

empyrios said...

I love how there's a Hooters behind Gretzky....

califblondy said...

I'd love to go to happy hour with Betty White and Kathy Griffin's Mom.

Is Gretsky's daughter wearing Hooters on her head?

The Olson twin with the haircut looks decent. I can't believe I just typed that.

Either it's another weird angled pic, or Kendra is going to fall over with those boobs.

Beautiful readers.

Linnea said...

Interesting point, Jenn.

Readers - great photos!

Carte Blanche said...

I used to have an A-line skirt in the EXACT same fabric as Betty's Jacket.

Wow. Kendra went up a size.

Reader #1 - That looks like a yummy summer party drink. Peachy or something. Grenadine at the bottom?

Zac's hair is getting ridiculous. When is this trend going to be over?

Ice Angel said...

OK...Josh Duhamel is absolutely the most gorgeous man on the freaking planet (next to Becks, of course.)
I think Zac looks adorable.
Betty rocks!!! Love her!
Meadow and Turtle-only in LaLaLand...I did THAT happen??

The photo of the mass for the Air France victim seems a bit out of place here, but my sincerest thoughts go out to all those who lost loved ones. What a horrible tragedy.

Ice Angel said...

Oh...and I think the Olsen girls would really look a lot cuter if they would just smile once in a while. They were such pretty young girls and now all they do is walk around in wierd clothes pouting. I think Ashley is finally starting to outgrow her gloomy sis. You go Ashley.

Pookie said...

omg, best. picture. EVER. of betty white. love her!

eep, kendra.

eva looks great, if it weren't for the 'little house on the prairie' ruffle at the bottom.

that bethany housewife lady's inner guido is alive and well.

Children of the 90s said...

Love Betty White, she looks great! And I always think Ashley looks far better than Mary Kate.

Say what you will about Tracy Morgan, the man is hilarious. Well, on 30 Rock. Probably not in this movie where he drives a rickshaw while dressed as a cell phone.

AvaMore said...

Thanks Linnea!

And can I say for the record~ how excited am I to be on top of Rob Pattinson!


AvaMore said...

AND thank you Ms. Califblondy~ one of my own!

Sorry, wee bit scattered today.

Unknown said...

I am bummed that Christian Bale's wife looks like she does. It's now highly doubtful he will leave her for me. :(

Diana said...

Betty White IS my Mom :)

LOL - No, not actually HER but someone just like her...with a bit of German flair!

Jade, That Girl said...

I think the most awesome thing about the random photos today was that Ed Helms was in almost every other picture.

Just seeing him makes me laugh and my heart beat faster.

Can we get more of him?

Judi said...

Yes, that's Paulina Gretzsky with her dad. And we are slamming her because...?

nunaurbiz said...

I'm outing myself! That's me holding up a deeelicious drink called Desire at La Concha in Condado, Puerto Rico (outside San Juan). I was there when Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart were filming The Rum Diary. AFTER I left, I heard Aaron was at La Concha (at least he was swimming there). I got to see them both on set and I wished Aaron a belated Happy Bday (he turned and smiled...sigh...) Oh, and George Clooney also stayed at La Concha (also J-Lo and Skeletor partied there once). And that's also the closest you'll get to see me in a bikini!!!

Thanks, Enty!!!!!!!

procrastination101 said...

yay betty white!

taylor lautner is growing on me, even though his look is a little harsh.

zac needs to cut his hair :-( it's not cute anymore. and he's been looking bloated lately.

shakey said...

This is the very first time I've been able to tell the twins apart.

Jim looks embarrassed to be seen with Jenny.

When is this Jon+Kate thing going to be over? "LeAnn is a Stalker". Cracks me up! "She followed me, honey! Honest, I don't know what to do!"

The Royal Family looks human today.

Ohh look at that butterfly bra! Kittenkeane, the cleanliness of your desk scares me.

Is Taylor Lautner still a teenager? He looks very, very young.

Judi, I don't think it's slamming Paulina, it's just weird how the pose came out with Dad, that's all. That picture has a Batman villian vibe to it, all crooked like that.

Bobby Sherman! Ha! I actually did have a poster of him from Tiger Beat or some such mag when I was about ... 8?

c17 said...

I really, REALLY want Mary-Kate's purse....and I don't usually notice such things.

ENT, if you know where I can get one, e-me!

ahdaboom said...

wow, gretzky's daughter is beautiful. i looked it up, she's 20 years old. wonder if she wants to be an actress.

selenakyle said...

I've never understood--must have missed something along the line...but why does Enty give Heather Graham so much grief?

selenakyle said...

Oh yeah, I had a Bobby Sherman poster in my room at 8yo in 1973 or 74.

Now my 8yo step-grandson is desperately trying to sport that same hairdo!

HAAA! Youngies always think they've invented everything...

Leah said...

Shakey- "Jim looks embarrassed to be seen with Jenny."
I thought it was because it looks like the photo was taken at the Liar Liar premier.
Put that photo next to the arrivals at any early 90's movie, and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Nice sunglasses too Jenny...


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