Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gordon Ramsay Ticks Off Australia

I think the last time an entertainer managed to piss off a country so bad would have been when Sacha Baron Cohen ticked off Kazakhstan. Gordon Ramsay has gone way further though. Gordon Ramsay has managed to piss off Australia to such an extent that the Prime Minister of Australia started insulting Gordon.

I really can't even begin to describe what happened because I don't have the time, but I do have links (which have some great pictures and quotes) and videos. The highlights are that Gordon was on a morning show to do some cooking. While there he insulted the crew of the show, told the female weather person she should rub olive oil on her nipples when running, and was ticked off the female host of the show didn't fall for his advances.

That is just the tip of the iceberg though. All weekend long, Gordon hosted a food show at this fair and had pictures of a pig superimposed on a naked woman on all fours and called her Tracy Grimshaw. He also had other pictures of pigs which he referred to as her and bad mouthed her constantly.

After a weekend of getting slammed like this, Tracy took to the airwaves and let Gordon have it and talked smack about the way he treats women and his wife and how they are nothing but objects to him and that he considers all women lesbians if they don't sleep with him.

At some point yesterday Gordon threatened legal action and then the Prime Minister of Australia got involved and called Gordon a lowlife. I would be surprised if he ever is allowed in Australia again.


sunnyside1213 said...

He is the pig.

captivagrl said...

way to ruin what's left of your career/reputation
he also made comments about her face needing botox, does he own a mirror?

mooshki said...

There goes another one. :( Anyone know a good mathematician pin-up site? I'm over celebs - looking for a guy with a brain from now on... :)

empyrios said...

Gordon and Billy Bob should get together and go bowling.

RocketQueen said...

Sigh. What a shame. I do enjoy watching his kitchen/restaurant shows.

GladysKravitz said...

Sorry, Britain, but thank God he's not from the U.S. Even when he's being an Ugly American, at least he's doing it with a British passport and accent.

Chokky said...

Thanks Ent. I appreciate you getting the word out on just how bad he was.

Sinjin said...

Um...do you think he's losing his marbles? Or is he just a top shelf a-hole? Seriously, who behaves like that, and in public?!

jax said...

he's always been a lowlife.
i've never watched more than 3 mins of his constant verbal abuse of his staff and students. but hey! let's make a reality game show of it!

fuck him and his pocked face.

Maja With a J said...

I always liked the way he yelled at people on his shows. Many of them need to get yelled at. He's a good chef but there are better chefs out there. He got famous because of his arrogance and his potty mouth and it's gone to his head.
Be outspoken, use whatever foul language you want, but if that's going to be your thing, make sure you know how to read people, so you know when you are about to cross the line. He's not funny anymore, he just seems really desperate and incredibly self-absorbed. If he talked to me like he talked to those girls in the dressing room, I'd walk out, but they just giggled. So he can keep going. Then when women like Tracy Grimshaw (whom I don't know much about) actually speaks up and says "I didn't like the way you talked about me", she's a "pig".

Pathetic. And it happens every day.

Sis said...

Ok, really used to like his show where he re-vamps the restaurants, but now I will donate the one and only cookbook I have of his to the library. Behaviour in really bad form, unbelievable.

califblondy said...

I watch Hell's Kitchen. He's amazingly sweet and almost shy during the rewards. He seems to have a genuine interest in (some) of the contestants.

When I read this I was thinking like Lisa, it sounds like Gordon has gone the Lindsay route and should see if Betty Ford has a room available.

bflogurl said...

Dear Gordon Ramsey,

You cook food. Big fucking deal.


crow_soup said...

I've often wondered how he gets away with his insulting and degrading behavior and am waiting for the day he says the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person and gets a punch in the noodle...I hope the cameras are rolling then.

Ayesha said...

He's a bully.

There is no reason to treat people the way he does. It is no more effective in getting what you want than treating people with respect.

He does it to bully and because some people find it entertaining to see other people treated badly.


jax said...

hahah @bflogurl.

littleoleme said...

Wow. This Tracy Grimshaw has class. I love what she said and how she said it.

Pookie said...

yay for the australian PM!!!

PollyPureBred said...

@Crow_Soup - how does he get away with it? Clever editing.

I hope this ruins his "career."

People gave Mel Gibson so much crap for what he did, but he was 1. drunk (that is an excuse, like it or not) 2. his verbal assault was contained 3. he was sorry and tried to make amends

The JERK tries to play the victim card.

Jax, I'm with you. Fuck him.


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