Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler Fight Of The Day

I think part of the problem in the Travis Barker/Shanna Moakler marriage is they spend way too much time thinking of new ways to use the internet to trash each other. If they put as much energy into their relationship and kids as they do to find new ways to let the world know why the other sucks so bad, maybe their relationship would be decent. OK, that probably is too much to hope for, but one can always hope.

In the latest round of fighting, Travis decided he wanted to take a shot at the mother of his children. He did so via a Twitter because, what good is it trashing your wife unless you can let the world in on your loathing.

"Kids are not to be used as weapons. Deadbeat moms that sleep all day, seeking money, attention like 2 do so. Just hurts the kids in the end."

That was his first blast of the day and what he is forgetting is that he has now told his kids that he considers their mom to be a deadbeat who is lazy and wants nothing more than attention. I'm not sure that doesn't hurt your kids in the end, but hey, Travis knows best right?

Apparently he still had another 140 characters in him because he followed up with that message with this one a short time later.

"Giving birth 2 a child doesn't make u a good mom. Taking care of them, loving them, waking up with them, spending time with them does."

Much better message, but still, do you think you should be trashing your wife and the mother of your kids online in front of millions of people? I have said this before, but what on earth are those kids seeing everyday at home? People who hate each other this much online must be a real piece of work when they are actually together.


Alice D Millionaire said...

The weird thing is that I don't think they actually hate each other. They both act like total idiots though.

Cheryl said...

If they really hated each other they'd let the lawyers work everything out and leave each other the hell alone. That said, their current arrangement isn't healthy for anyone.

kris said...

white trash at its finest

jax said...

they both suck.

whole lotto luv said...

"Donating sperm 4 a child doesn't make you a good dad. Trashing their mom all over the webz just hurts the kids in the end."

Anonymous said...

You said it whole_lotto_luv.

GoddessNow said...

Ok now I am reaaly getting sick of these two. I think it is time for an investigation by Child Welfare.
Why did they even bother to bring kids into the world if you are just going to mess them up? This is why I think parenting should require some sort of certification or license.

Pookie said...

these two are sick, co-dependent F*s.

poor kids. seriously.

selenakyle said...

I hate this for Travis cuz I just wanna squeeze him and inspect him all over.

Love him, always have.

mooshki said...

Jax, that sums things up very succinctly. :)

Jessica said...

Well after watching their reality show a couple years ago, it was a huge problem even back then trying to get Shanna to get out of bed every day. If I had to guess I would say they had a major fight about it again, with the last day or two because Shanna NEVER talks about her kids on Twitter and within the last 24 hours she mentioned them twice, but didn't just mention them really, more like mentioned two things that she was doing FOR them.
Travis has those kids every single day and talks about eating breakfast with them, coloring with them, you name it. They are clearly his world. Shanna can't be bothered and Travis is probably frustrated.
Do you really think their kids will need Twitter to see that their mom was a deadbeat?
Come on, she can't even get out of bed every day - they ALREADY KNOW.

WBotW said...

I couldn't agree with whole_lotto_luv more. I could care less how that P.O.S. Travis pretends those kids are his world; if they were, he would a) quit trashing the woman who gave them life all over the media and internet and b) divorce her for good, get custody, and bloody well take care of them himself.
Twittering about how devoted a father you are does not a good parent make. Putting your kids first does, and it's patently clear neither of these two losers is capable of doing so.

ardleighstreet said...

I never watched their show. Is she too stoned or is she depressed?
Why isn't she waking up?

I feel sorry for the kids. What shining examples of parenthood these two seem to be.

WBotW said...

She's probably depressed ardleigh; I know I would be if I had to look at Travis day in and day out *shudders*

Fabulous! said...

i really like these two when they're together, but lately all this bs when they're separated makes them completely intolerable.

ok, you're relationship has issues, welcome to the real world. now work it out or stfu.

Jade, That Girl said...

they are addicted to each other and the attention it gives them. pathetic. one of their kids is totally going to end up on real world in the future, punching walls and getting black out drunk.

so sad.


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