Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Betty White has a new show. Password Of Love. No, not really, but it would be cool.
The Twilight picture of the day is Ashley Greene.
OK, one more, but it doesn't really count because Kristen Stewart is on the set of The Runaways. She kind of looks like Joan. Sometimes when I talk to Joan through the site I get an answer so, let's ask what she thinks of Kristen playing her and the whole idea of the movie.
Black Eyed Peas - New York
The effervescent Emily Deschanel.
And George Clooney on a scooter.
Ginnifer Goodwin does her version of a toga, complete with Greek columns.
Gretchen Rossi is going to sell off this bike which was given to her by her deceased fiance'. I don't care what she does with it because it is a gift, BUT, she doesn't have to make a public spectacle of it.
Halle Berry in Shanghai.
Helen Mirren and Dominic Cooper heating up the stage.
Once a week I know Kelly Ripa at least takes one bite of food because every Friday the producers make her cook, and taste.
Lori Loughlin in Monte Carlo.
Lionel Richie - New York
The odd pairing of the day goes to Pete Wentz and Kevin Bacon.
For the first time ever the Verne Award of the day is a tie. Sharing the honor is Rosie.
And Bobby Trendy.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reese Witherspoon sells out and starts selling her own line of perfume. Traitor.
Star Jones just looks like a clay figurine that has been stretched since her surgery.
The glowing Sofia Milos.
I still watch Wings and I still love Tim Daly.
Tyrese Gibson is our Transformers photo of the day.
Tricia Helfer was in the photos yesterday but when you look as good as she does in this outfit you get to be in on consecutive days.
The Rock, his ex and their child. I love when people get along.
The randomness of the day. Prince Albert, having been let out of his can is about to get tongued by Kate Walsh while Jamie Kennedy screams out that he found the bar.
The thing about dating Terri Seymour is you are always going to think about Simon and that isn't a pleasant thought.
The Ting Tings - Isle Of Wight


Emobacca said...

Any Random Photos with The Rock is a great Random Photos. More of The Great One please Enty.

mooshki said...

I can't express my love for the Ting Tings without getting into an argument with my friend about whether or not they're overrated. :(

Readers are more gorgeous than any of the celebs today! Well, except for Betty, of course.

clatie said...

What has Sophia Milos done to her face?  Good grief!

ItsJustMe said...

Betty, twice in a day? Amazing.

Great reader photos!

.robert said...

Rosie and Bobby make my scared happy.

Sinjin said...

Sofia Milos: Love the shoes, love the bag, love everything! (Especially the dress! WOW)

Pookie said...

i just cannot get enough betty white. she appears to be having such a great time promoting 'the proposal' that all i can say is more power to her. love, love, loveeeeee!

readers look gorge!

eep, didn't star jones used to have a neck?

wow, emily d.!

Cancan said...

My son is a huge Ting Tings fan. He's 3. Enough said.

(He loves their Yo Gabba Gabba! appearance.)

Monalicious said...

Love the Reader's Photos!!! So beautiful!!!
And I gotta say..... Betty White Rocks!!!

RocketQueen said...

I'm with Emobacca - LOVE The Rock!

I can honestly say that is the first time Halle Berry has not looked great in a photo.

Reese's dress is horrible.

Judi said...

Reader #1, you look SO beautiful!

Awww - sweet bunny. ~melt~

Looove Sophia M! She's gorgeous.

Tricia is PERFECT! Stunning.

Eeek, Kate. Don't kiss royalty!

Trendy looks like he has major bowled legs. Don't stand that way, Bobby.

Don't like Emily's dress.

WednesdayFriday said...

I am so used to seeing Halle Berry looking stunning, that being said, although not her best picture, she is still far prettier than I will ever be.

and Bobby Trendy visits me in my nightmares, apparently.

jax said...

i normally don't comment on randoms because i can't see the pics at work,but i know damn well all our readers are beautiful, well except for Slappy White,but he's cool. lol.

Have a great weekend!!!

Cooper's Mom said...

The readers are gorgeous!!! Wow, we're a good looking bunch, huh???

mikey said...

Reader Rabbit is especially adorable!

strawberrygirl said...

Emily and Reese are both such classy ladies!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's Matt Rettenmund and his bf of BoyCulture next to Betty. Lucky dude.

I guess Effervescent is now Emily's nickname (since we have The Zooey).

I would love to see Helen trying to seduce Dominic on stage, that'd be a nice night of theater.

Beautiful readers as usual.

Reese = Traitor? Traitor against what?

I love Tim Daly and The Rock, too.

newsgrrl said...

I would SO love to see 'Phedre' "Mirren has the title role of Phedre, a married Athenian queen who habours secret desire for her stepson, played by the 31-year-old Cooper." Great photo here:

ardleighstreet said...

The Rock could show Daniel G & Kelly Rutherford about getting along for the children. That the child means more then petty bitterness.

Betty with all those younger men. She looked to be having a great time. Lucky broad.

The readers are prettier then the celebs.

Kate Walsh looks like she's gonna rub noses with Prince Albert.

Kelly cooks tastes and prob purges it 10mins later. The woman is scary thin.

Happy weekend people!

lmnop123 said...

Reader Photo #1 looks like a wedding or wedding anniversary picture. Very nice.

Reader Photo #2 that bunny is way too adorable.

I think Star Jones looks good in this picture, as well as the Rock and Family, and Terri Seymour(just don't open your mouth girl, you make me want to clear my throat).

Halle's jacket is funny looking.

Normally can't stand Bobby Trendy but that "getup" looks good on him.

wineaux said...

golden nymph awards?? wft??

reese is a traitor...hmmmm

how and why is bobby trendy still news/successful/around/being photographed?? MUST be a trust fund baby

Karmen said...

Did anyone else think that the Reese is a traitor comment is a hint to the BI a couple months back about the OCD actress who bought out all of the perfume in one scent when they stopped making it? Or am I reading too much into this?

cibele said...

Karmen, I totally agree. When I read the trait comment I got it and came here to write that, but you got here faster.

shakey said...

Reese shilled for Avon for ages. Now she has her own perfume. That's what the traitor comment means.

Slappy White's brother is hot. Just sayin', slappy, just sayin' ;)

I'm surprised there's a movie being made about The Runaways, but I think Kristen Stewart can pull off Joan Jett. This might actually put her in the Serious Actress category. Halle probably just got off the plane, so I will cut her some slack. Does Anderson hold Kelly's hair while she purges? Pete Wentz looks green. Reader photos are stunning as per.

Rock's daughter looks just like him. I agree with your comment, Ent. Too bad it doesn't happen too often. I love Kate Walsh's hair.


B626 said...

Love Wings! Early mornings on the
USA channel, catch the Wings fever!!

Wow does Rosie look more terrible than ever before and that's saying ALOT.

Jungle007 said...

Rosie's photo will haunt my dreams...

Reader #1 looks gorgeous, I LOVE your dress!

Reader #2- too cute!

Tricia Helfer was a robotic and boring host for CNTM, but man is she ever gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

shakey - but Reese's fragrance is an Avon fragrance.

shakey said...

Ohhh - I did not know that. Does Ent know? Usually you would see Avon's name all over the place.

Karmen said...

@ shakey & DNfrom MN - thanks for the clarification.

i am a princess, yes i am said...

OMG OMG OMG the picture of Betty White with all the guys - a friend from high school is in that picture! He's the last on the right. This is actually his face book picture!
Ahhh how cool!!!

ms snarky said...

Re The Runaways - this is from Janet Charlton's site -

We love seeing Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart hanging out together as they prepare for "The Runaways." Kristen is soaking up Joan's personality and metamorphosizing into playing Joan in the movie. She was hand-picked by producer Jett and they've been spending a lot of time in a recording studio. Maybe Kristen will actually sing.
Posted by Janet Charlton on June 17, 2009 11:05 PM


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