Friday, June 12, 2009

Madonna Can't Be Bothered To Pick Up Mercy From Africa

The government of Malawi made it's decision. The judges got what they wanted and probably the family of Mercy got what they wanted and so now Madonna gets what she wanted. Another kid. Madonna won the ruling in Malawi yesterday and so you would expect her to be overjoyed with the news and rush to Malawi and pick up her new daughter.

You would be wrong. Madonna doesn't have time for that kind of stuff. She is going to send a private jet for Mercy and either Madonna's lawyer or the director of her Malawi charity is going to make sure Mercy gets on the plane ok to head back to NY.

Can you imagine? If I were the Malawi government and saw that this person who wanted to adopt a kid so much isn't even going to come to the country to pick her up I would cancel the whole thing immediately. If she can't make the effort for this then when will she ever make the effort in the future? Kneepads reports on this like it is the most natural damn thing in the world. Tell me all of you who have adopted international children. Did you just have someone put them on a plane and meet them at the airport? Hell no. What kind of parent would you be if you did that? So why does People or US or any of the other magazines allow Madonna to get away with it? Are they afraid of her? Does she have pictures of them having sex with Sandra Bernhard?

You make the effort even though you don't have the money Madonna has. Are you telling me that Madonna can't spare 36 hours of her life for this kid? She can't find the time to fly there and back? If she can't find the time then why on earth do any of us expect she will later? The government of Malawi should realize that all they have done is sell a child to the person who could offer their country the most money. I hope they are proud.


mooshki said...

UNBELIEVABLE. The woman I know who adopted from Somalia was at the airport 4 hours before her new daughter's plane was scheduled to land. And she would've been to Africa in a heartbeat to pick her up if she could. She was counting down the seconds until she could hold her in her arms. For shame!

mooshki said...

AARGH, one comment wasn't enough to get out my anger. I'm thinking of the other people I know who have adopted, and how desperate they were for the child to finally be theirs. And how they wouldn't let them out of their sight for weeks after they got them. I'm so disgusted.

lmnop123 said...

They said Madonna was "at home" anxiously waiting by the phone to find out if the adoption was approved.

Okay first of all she has a cell phone so she doesn't have to wait at home.

Secondly, if she's so excited why the hell didn't she wait anxiously in Africa or at the very least at the airport.

Oh the Drama with all these queens.

littleoleme said...

This is sickening.

RocketQueen said...

It's almost like she's thumbing her nose at them?! As if she's bitter about how difficult the whole thing was and is now pouting at home and refusing to visit the country?

Babs said...

I can't agree more, Mooshki. I've know people who have flown halfway around the world, then waited for weeks until the local authorities finally released the child. One woman I knew who adopted a baby from Columbia said she never relaxed until the planes wheels were off the ground.

The gall of this woman to say she is 'adopting' this child is beyond me. This is not an adoption - this is adding a child to her collection. She is no more a mom than ... well... I can't think of anyone bad enough. I was going to say Attila the Hun, but I've heard he was a pretty nice guy. (tiny lol)

I guess it all boils down to two words: Money talks.

Babs said...

Sorry - Colombia.

McDooks said...

She'll pencil Mercy in to her appointment book sometime next week. You know, when she "has some time" for the poor kid.

sassenach said...

Honestly to me the worst part of this scenario is that she resumes her European tour on July 4th. How is this child supposed to get comfortable and feel safe when she will be in the care of nannies while Madonna tours all around Europe.She doesn't even NEED to go on tour! It's just all about her damn ego. The fact that she will even adopt a damn child on her tour break makes me despise her so.

ItsJustMe said...

I'm really starting to hate Madonna.

Random, but I just noticed that a few years ago she had a big old gap in her front teeth, which is now not there anymore. Caps?

TinselSass said...

I guess officials can be bought.

And Madonna proves once again that the world does revolve around her.

God Bless Mercy!

Miranda said...

@Babs, that's exactly what's happening. She's just adding children to her collection. If she was truly interested in having this child be part of her family, she would have been on the next flight to Malawi. She would have cleared up her entire life for this child. Obviously this is just a PR move and a fucking exploitative one at that.

Poor kid. I hope the nannies give her lots of attention.

lmnop123 said...

Miranda I agree.

Here's hoping the nannies give her a better life than what she would have had if she wasn't adopted (in spite of Madonna's selfishness).

S. said...

I adopted my baby girl internationally. I also have a horrific fear of flying. But wild horses could not have kept me from going to pick her up, that was MY CHILD and there was no way I was going to NOT be there to bring her home. And believe me there was no private plane for my convenience, either. And I have not left my child for one single day in the three years she has been home - hasn't Madonna heard of attachment? bonding? Oh, hell no... she has nannies for that.

There are situations where adoption agencies will have an escort bring your child to the country (for situations where parent cannot travel - usually in extreme cases) but the costs for this service is so much more than going yourself, plus I personally don't know of any adoptive parent who did not want to make that journey.

Maybe if her other kids were very ill, or for some reason she could not eave them... I could understand her sending a plane. But if it was because she didn't want to be inconvenienced herself, well.. that that is just plain unreal.

I had to follow the rules - sit on my ass for months while my daughter's case when through the proper court procedures, wait on pins and needles in case her birth mother changed her mind, and go through the most excruciating background check - FBI, State & Local authorities, extensive home study. Practically every move I've made in my life had to be listed and analyzed as to whether I'd be a proper parent. And people like her, who have not exactly lived the most moral or ethical life, can go out and throw money around and skirt around the legalities and get whatever they want. Can you tell I'm totally PISSED?

People like her give international adoption a bad name, and that is too bad - because it's THE most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

Miss(pdx) said...

Being a mother I could NOT imagine not being able to see my child THE MOMENT I was able to..especially for a bonding moment like that! ARGH! Makes me wanna cry for these kids!!

Who do you think will be the first kid to come out with a Mommy Dearest book out of this? My bets on Rocco.

nancer said...

this is exactly why i don't think this bitch should be allowed to adopt these kids and get sick of hearing people defend her. 'oh, they'll have such a great life' blah blah blah.

she parents by proxy. she carries them around in public like they're a purse when the cameras are rolling. other than that, who believes she actually takes care of these kids?

a normal person would be so excited, you couldn't keep them off that plane. she's a putrid human being.

Mistik said...

I feel sorry for Mercy. Yes, she will have a better material standard of living. But she will be taken away from her family and her country and her culture and put into a completely foreign environment. She will grow up with immense privilege and when she visits Malawi, she will never quite feel like she belongs there. But she will never really have a proper family with Madonna either, because she won't be around enough to be a proper parent to her. If she wanted this girl enough, she should have sat on her ass in Malawi for at least the time it took to hear the appeal. But obviously, since she is sending someone to pick the child up, that would have been (and was) out of the question. Sickening.

kregger said...

Wasn't it Madonna's former personal chef who said that the very day she adopted David and brought him home, she left him with nannies to go to a four-hour yoga session or something??

This is celebrity baby trafficking and it is sickening.

Pookie said...

this is already starting off on the wrong foot.

god be w/ that little girl.


Ice Angel said... really makes it seem like a mail order kid to me. They rule against her, then appeal and all of a sudden they don't rule on the law itself, but rule the law is antequated? Sounds like bucks to me. And then she sends a plane for her? Why isn't she on the plane to go get her daughter? I have adopted 2 kids and am in the process of adopting my foster daughter and I would go to the ends of the earth to have gotten any of them and wouldn't have expected them delivered to my door step (even though my daughter way, which was nice!)

Lizzie said...

It's really nice to see that celebs are doing soooo much for children in 3rd world countries. I mean, if this trend continues there should be at least a few dozen running around their bodyguards wearing Lacoste. So cute. If these famewhores really wanted to make a difference, they would first of all adopt quietly and sincerely under the radar which they are so completely capable of doing when they want, as we well know. But instead, why pass up the opportunity to grab a few magazine covers & headlines--maybe even reach for the title of humanitarian while you're at it. After all, it's well deserved. If they really wanted to make a difference, they could start by taking the money they spend on one outfit and night on the town and putting it towards the terrible conditions they remove these children from; disease, famine, may not cure the problems but it would certainly made a dent. Then again, taking the higher road doesn't pay well, does it?

Himmmm said...

but...but...MADONNA told us to vote for OBAMA! this means she's smarter than us and we all must do as she says right? aren't ALL these hollywood fucktards the voice of our generation today? they tell us what to do and we follow - at least by example. so we can get away with this behavior too right?

Lizzie said...

No, we're too common...haha
Not the voice of my generation. As long as I'm breathing, I'm thinking for myself.

Casual Observer said...

Louis Vuitton bag........Gucci sunglasses........Prada shoes.......Mercy James. Check.

(It's SO hard to get your accessories to match just right.)

MISCH said...


GladysKravitz said...

LOL at "Does she have pictures of them (Kneepads or Us Magazines) having sex with Sandra Bernhard?

The laughter ended with that, though. This makes me so so sad. That poor little girl.

This isn't a contest about who loves their adopted kid the most, but Madonna has a plethora of what everyone in the world would like: leisure time and money. That leisure time and money give her an opportunity that most parents of foreign adoptee children can't enjoy--the ability to go get her new child without sacrificing other commitments or the whole year's budget.

I know someone who flew to Moscow (20 hours), then took a train to a remote city in the Ukraine, then hired a driver who took her to the even more remote town where her daughter's orphanage was--altogether a trip of 40 hours!

The woman I know did this same trip THREE TIMES. Once to meet the little girl, once for the court hearing, and once to go get the little girl. She didn't want to make the little girl come to the US without her new mom. And this woman is single, without a nanny, chef, personal assistant, manager or butt boy to help.

Little Mercy isn't important enough to Madonna for her to deserve to get to adopt her.

I don't like to judge people but this is ridiculous. Call CPS.

nancer said...

PLEASE keep your fucking political views off this board. we're talking about madonna.
so, so sick of that.

Anotheramy said...

When a child is adopted internationally, the parents of said child travel to that country to get the child. They generally stay in the country for several days or weeks.

ardleighstreet said...

Anybody know what happend to the other child she adopted? You know Jesus? ;)

Seriously she is the queen Bitch of motherhood.Who does not go and rescue the scared child themselves? It sounds to me like she is getting someone to do an odd job.

Things to do for the Madge the
pick up dry cleaning
take Rocco to swim lessons
get a loaf of bread
pick up (new photo op)Mercy in Malawi.


Judi said...

Some countries allow newly adopted children to be escorted to their new country. This is not new.
The residency requirement in Malawi was never etched in stone. The finalization of an adoption there is by court order, as happens in many countries. Malawi judges have the authority to waive this requirement. That's what happened in this case.
I'm thinking she'll take Mercy on tour since the time she'll be onstage, Mercy will be asleep.
In general, as long as CIS and the foreign country have determined that a family is qualified to adopt, it's not for anyone else to determine their ability to parent.

Ayesha said...

What everyone else said. And something more. My old boss adopted two Korean children. The very first photos in their albums were of him and his wife on the plane alone. Next photo is of them on the plane with the kids, beaming smiles and tears. It's part of their history together.

Same as the photos of me in the delivery room holding my kids after giving birth.

PotPourri said...

She's a disgusting pig. She knew when this trial was going to be.

wineaux said...

stop supporting her...don't go to her concerts...don't buy her albums. she is a selfish, ego-maniacal, controlling, hypocritical, lascivious, materialistic poor excuse for a human being.

Nosey Parker said...

This pisses me off =[
She's like Paris adopting another Chihuahua!

If she really cared she'd fly back to Africa to show Mercy how much she's loved!

GoddessNow said...

I would think Mercy would be frightened traveling to America (her 14st visit). If it were me, I cancel whatever it is and personally go and get my child. Being a parent is a privledge, not the other way around.

I say this as the very, very proud mom of 2 bios and 2 adopted.

Unknown said...

I hope a good reason comes to light as to why Madonna did not go to get this girl herself. Because otherwise it's unforgiveable.

And it is true with celebs like her -- they don't raise their own children; that's what nannies are for, and she is not alone in this.

Meg Ryan put her son in boarding school at the age of 8.

Raising children for them is not at all like the rest of us who wouldn't dream of leaving our children for 9 months like Nicole Kidman did when she filmed Broke Back Mountain in Roumania.

shakey said...

I totally agree with your argument, Grace. (Although I think you meant Cold Mountain, and those kids are Tom's Scio projects - you honestly think Suri will go with KatE when she leaves? Ha!)

Personally, I think Mercy would be better off in a foster care program where someone pays a monthly amount for food and schooling. At least her own family could see her and she wouldn't be shuffled off from handler to handler (at least I hope she wouldn't be). Money doesn't buy happiness. Yes, she will be fed and will have fine things. That's about it. She would probably get more love in Malawi.

Lourdes will look after her for the summer. I bet she becomes the one Mercy wishes was her mother.

As for the tell-all ... I'll say David and Mercy.


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