Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Michael Jackson Shows Are Iffy At Best

Remember the outrage last month when Michael Jackson postponed his first ten concert dates. Well, according to Arthur Phoenix who used to be the publicist for The Jackson 5 and still represents Tito. Whoo hoo, that is huge. I could retire if I represented Tito. How much does he make every year? Anyway, Arthur says he would be shocked if Michael performs any shows and won't come close to performing anything close to 50 shows. He says the family agrees with him. He doesn't actually say what family though. The report from WENN just says family members. From all we know it could be Arthur's wife who said it and not a Jackson family member.

Arthur says, "I just don't see it happening. I think there were 10 shows planned and then ticket sales were overwhelming and another 40 concerts were added.
"But Michael is not mentally, physically or spiritually ready for these shows. There's something missing in his soul. He's like Mike Tyson - it's over!
"There are family members who feel the same way but they're afraid to speak."

Why would they be afraid to speak? They are pretty vocal about things when they want to be and my guess is they are all hoping for that one last Jackson 5 paycheck to see them through the rest of their lives.

I think Arthur is actually right, but it doesn't make the story any better or more believable. My theory is that Michael will make a deal to have a world tour and will get all his money upfront. I think that deal will be finalized about the time Michael finishes maybe show number ten in London and then he will fall mysteriously ill and the whole thing will fall apart.


Anonymous said...

I was never really that much of a Michael Jackson fan to begin with.

And if family members are afraid to speak, it's probably because MJ has such a fragile ego to begin with that any doubt cast on him will crash him even further.

lmnop123 said...

The family isn't speaking because they unfortunately need him if that Jackson family concert ever happens.

califblondy said...

Unless he goes back to Black, he's dead to me and I used to wear a Thriller t-shirt.

GladysKravitz said...

Better odds playing slots in Vegas than seeing Michael perform live.

GladysKravitz said...

LOL at the idea of representing Tito. You're right, Enty, that must be one lucrative job. You'd probably get paid in Ronald McDonald Dollars, good only on Wednesdays.

nancer said...

i say there will be NO shows. that's what i've always thought. i read he hasn't even been to rehearsals.

but i'm laughing at the 'not spiritually ready' part. he will pocket the money, he will not perform and they will sue his ass. a whole lot of people have or are suing him. it's just another lawsuit to him.

i despise michael jackson. maybe he can accompany doherty to st. lucia to visit amy and instead of the 'two-fer' i was hoping for, we could have a 'three-fer.'


Majik said...

I think what Arthur meant to say was, "The thing that's missing is his soul"...creepy dude.

ardleighstreet said...

Other then being afraid because Mikey holds the purse strings what is his family afraid of?

He's bat-shit crazy and he needs a keeper.

GoddessNow said...

Side note - Isn't Arthor Phoenix doing the Jackson 5 tribute band w/no Jacksons?

Unknown said...

It's his scam to be paid up front and to not show up due to illness, anyone who gives a man who threw away the zillions of dollars he's made in his career, is dumber than dirt.

He's like Rod Stewart, they take the money, and they don't show up for the shows and it takes years to get a judgment against them and hundreds of thousands in legal fees. It's just a losing proposition. He's a curiosity act, like seeing a freak show. If his looks are anything to go by he's not going to be alive for much longer anyway so what does he have to lose by ripping off promoters? The man has zero moral compass.

Gary T. Burnaska said...

It would not suprise me if this concet falls apart. I remember here in Detroit when Jackson was helping Barden of Barden cable promote his "alternatve" to the MGM casino deal. No with a brain one voted on it.

I met some die hards who said that was the better deal. Jackson was using this issue here in Motown to push his "World Wonder Land of Toys, which was a self indulgent toy store/zoo/amusement park/or whatever jacko wanted it to be.

That project was just too unrealistic to even build. If that deal won, it would have never been built and there would still be lawsuits over it.

Fact that AEG even footed 400 mil for this latest jacko fiasco just shows why our economy is in the crapper. We have companies throwing money into black holes instead of using that to build wealth.

Michael Jackson is dead to me, He died some time after Moonwalker and was replaced with WACKO JACKO.

His Concerts will only be interesting if his nose falls off and he craps himself on stage. From the stories I heard that might actually happen.


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