Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

The top spot today goes to some definite randomness. In the middle i Alan Cumming who is not stranger to the top spot actually and the women in the picture is Monica Lewinsky who is very rarely photographed in public.
The man and legend who never ages, Tom Ford. Here he is with his new cologne "Bois Marocain." Uh huh. C'est ce qu'elle a dit.
Do you even have a guess? It is a-ha. I know, they look pretty young don't they? They must have been like 12 when they recorded Take On Me.
Billy Zane gets the dressed dressed of the day which is tough when you are going up against Tom Ford. Not that Billy has been up against Tom Ford, but you get my point.
Cartier has brand new charity love bracelets!! Someone call Jennifer Love Hewitt.
From what I understand Carrie Underwood actually hit the ball pretty well in this softball game last night.
Now I know why Victoria did the whole look at my breasts thing yesterday. It is because David's new Armani pictures which look exactly like all the other ones were being released today.

It's Duff McKagan and his "guest."
She seems to be groping him right there on the carpet.
Call me when she actually eats one.
She watches
and serves
and holds, but she never even pretended to take a bite the entire time.
Eva Mendes does the whole Jennifer Lopez half closed eye thing.
I had to post this. Evan Rachel Wood and she is smiling. Holy crap.
A first time appearance for Eric Szmanda and his Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation shirt.
Fergie & Rihanna
Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner who looks really rough.
Josh Duhamel out in Rome doing more Transformers premieres.
Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men.
The one and only Johnny Marr
Oh, another one and only, this time, Mark Knopfler. I believe Money For Nothing is still the all-time #1 MTV video. The fact it mentions MTV in it probably plays no part whatsoever in that decision or that Sting is the one mentioning it.
Kristin Davis has this same look in every picture ever taken of her.
The Lady Gaga picture was pretty popular yesterday so here is another from the same set, but this time from head on.
The one Ronson I actually enjoy.
Today is music day for sure. The guys from New Order.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 and yes, she is talking to Gavin Newsom.
Yes, I know. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday. Phil Spector in all his glory.
The Twilight photo of the day.
Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton - East Rutherford, NJ
Tricia Helfer for all of you Battlestar Galactica fans.
This is the Smith Family Christmas card from two years ago. They live here in the US. They sent their card to family and friends. About a month ago one of the people who got the card was walking down the street in Prague and saw this picture being used as an advertisement for a national store chain. The power of the internet.


FrenchGirl said...

i'm afraid Phil Spector!!!!!

lutefisk said...

Phil spector wigless looks just like Riff Raff: said...

Mark Ronson is busy producing the new Duran Duran record. If the songwriting is good, this could be a really hot release. Yes, seriously.

Unknown said...

my god, where to start?

i'll preface this by saying i am a massive duran duran fan, but in the bottom-left phil spector photo, he looks like an 80-year-old version of nick rhodes (i think it's the hair?).

speaking of ageing british musicians, it seems ex-new order members are holding up better than ex-smiths members. johnny marr, that hair cut has to go ...

i don't feel so ugly when i look at that gaga person (she's no lady in my book).

i always thought heather + jack were perfect together, as far back as melrose place. hee. :)

enty, i love how you refer to tom ford as "elle" in french.

mmm ... wendy's frosties ... sooo goood. said...
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empyrios said...

In this picture Alan Cumming looks a lot like one of my fav people- Maynard Keenan from Tool

He'd totally wear that outfit too, lol

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Alan Cumming is just quirky enough to be friends with Monica Lewinsky just for giggles.

Tom Ford - finally a gay guy to lust after!

I hate Beckham's hair and tats, but everything else yum yum.

Longoria = Laughter

Nice rack reader #1, and Reader #2 looks so tiny compared to Mayor Hottie.

ItsJustMe said...

I have a feeling that those wigless shots of Phil Spector are making him cry.

I wonder what Monica is up to today.

Great reader photos, as always. :)

mazemerizing said...

I hope Beckham never tattoos over that lovely chest and those abs. And Arachne, I don't think he was saying that Tom Ford was the "elle," but that saying, "That's what she said" in regards to the Moroccan wood. Even though Tom Ford is gay, there could never be any mistake that he's one gorgeous hunk of man. Just sayin'.

Pookie said...

eep. laday gaga is, um, unfortunate looking, poor girl. ditto monica l.

hmm. maybe billy zane has gone up against tom ford. you never know.

awww, yay, go readers!

AvaMore said...

Mad Men! Whoo hoo!

Thought Duff was married? Does anyone know if this is the wifey?

Gavin is a handsome & nice guy~ my sister used to do publicity for him...

and finally~ I like this picture of Fergie, was not sure about her hair, but looks nice here.

AvaMore said...

Mad Men! Whoo hoo!

Thought Duff was married? Does anyone know if this is the wifey?

Gavin is a handsome & nice guy~ my sister used to do publicity for him...

and finally~ I like this picture of Fergie, was not sure about her hair, but looks nice here.

Cancan said...

Monica L. and Alan Cumming go way back. I think they lived in the same apartment building. I do remember her being at the launch for his perfume a couple of years ago.

amazonblue said...

Jon Hamm YUM! Can't wait for the new season to start.

Eva Mendes looks beautiful, lovely dress.

Both Jack and Heather look rough to me.

Evan Rachel Wood needs some Crest White Strips.

Love the Minnie Pearl gal in the background of the Carrie Underwood pic.

I feel sorry for the poor Wendys employee who looks miserable and probably was forced to dress up for the Eva photo op.

Sinjin said...

If I was a member of that Smith family and my photo was used without consent on a national basis, I'd be CA-CHING! All the way to the bank!

Wonder who sold them out? Bet they got the ca-ching on the sly!

JustJenn said...

This blog has some pretty people reading it! :o)

And had to comment - love all the love you guys give for reader photos!

Enny said...

OK, why oh why did they give Beckham Hitler hair???? SOOOOO not hot!

RocketQueen said...

Tom Ford, Josh Duhamel and Beckham - all YUM.

I think Michael K. nailed it in his description of Phil Specter sans wig yesterday - I was almost in tears laughing.

That hair colour is terrible for Jack Wagner.

Eva LP seems really slim. Like REALLY slim.

Sinjin said...

Evan Rachel Wood looks like she's sitting for a Glamour Shot! Lame-O.

whole lotto luv said...

AvaMore: I think Duff married and divorced a couple of strippers, then married his baby mama and that would be about 12 years ago. I don't think the woman pictured looks old enough to have had a baby 12 years ago, but who knows?

lutefisk: Phil Spector is the most frightening looking person I have ever seen -- even more so than lady gaga. Riffraff was MUCH better looking.

I also hate Beckham's hair.

bflogurl said...

Yes, Duff is married and that is his wife (of 9 years!!). She was on the E True Hollywood Story: Rock Star Wives. That episode was great =)

Ells said...

Love, love, love Mark Knopfler. Now I have Boom Like That in my head.

Where does one go to purchase one of Spector's wigs? Just so I know to never go there.

califblondy said...

I saw that THS about the rock star wives. Slash and Dee Snyder's wives seemed like they knock the hell out of anybody.

Tom Ford just can't take a bad picture. I just wished he'd change teams. Dayum.

Beck's hair and loss of eyeballs ruin otherwise gorgeous pictures.

I love Josh, but he never looks comfortable on the red carpet. Can't blame him really.

cajun cutie said...

Fergie looks painfully plastic.

Anonymous said...

God I hate Lady Gaga. She's like the Megan Fox of the music world as far as attention whoring quotes go. Awhile back she said she keeps thin by "never eating" because "popstars don't eat". Well sweetheart those thighs beg to differ.

Miss(pdx) said...

@ Lisa(original) I thought the same thing! I was like awww... she is taking that HS senior photo she never got to do!

Yum Johnny Marr!!

Yay readers!!

bflogurl said...

Califblondy: Agreed. Dee Snyder wife's has her shit together, I'll tell ya. She seems ultra grounded. I also thought Tommy Shaw's wife was pretty cool.

Rufus II said...

I think Johnny Marr looks good. But not as good as John Hamm or Becks.
I listen to the Smiths all the time. I wish people would stop trying to remake their songs. NO ONE can come close to the sounds of lonlieness, longing, darkness and beauty that Morrisey's voice and the bands music made. No remake can ever do the songs justice.

Unknown said...

OMG! NEW ORDER! I love you Enty!

Green Wave Gal said...

Great photos today! Adorable readers, as always!

--I actually think Evan Rachel Wood looks pretty in this pic.

--I like Eric-he's cute in person. I've seen him a bunch of times at the mall. I wonder if it's true about him and George Eads...that's a nice picture in my brain.

--Along the same lines, Tom Ford is HOT (regardless of which team he plays for)!

--I don't get the Lady GaGa love at all! BadFish-I love what you said about her being the Megan Fox of music!

selenakyle said...

BadFish said "Well sweetheart those thighs beg to differ" Bwahahahaaaa!

Choice one! You made me spit, I guffawed so hard.

Cecilia00 said...

Feels like Duff's chick just tagged along for the publicity and said "Now what can I do to get my pic on the blogs?"

lmnop123 said...

Wow Lady GaGa really is ugly!

henny said...

Yeah that's Duff's wife.
She was a client in a salon I worked in, and she is very nice.
We had a couple rockstar wives/ girlfriends as clients. That is a group of tough broads for sure.

shakey said...

I LOVE Alan Cumming!

So how much for those bracelets? $10K? Carrie seems like an angry girl - better to take it out on the ball than the bf.

Beckhams 2nd photo, just the head - reminds me of the actress who played Anuksunamun in The Mummy. Shiny tats are unattractive.

Duff is getting seen a lot lately. I'm guessing Eva L was there to help out the kids. Besides, I don't blame her for not wanting to taste that atrocity.

Rihanna looks so pretty with little makeup. Josh threw his coat in the wash, didn't he?

Reader #1 has such beautiful skin! Reader 2 reminds me of someone I met many years ago and I can't remember her name. Nancy, maybe.

Pinky said...

Lady Gaga might be unattractive, and an attention whore, but damn - the girl's got some good music, and she's one hella performer.

Christine65 said...

Stood behind Eric Szmanda and friends while waiting to get into see Bjork at the Hwood Bowl, oh 5 years or so ago, when CSI was big. My friend and I didn't let on that we knew who he was, but still, super duper nice. He had to have known we knew who he was. Anyhow, we were all lamenting that we couldn't bring in the beer we had bought on the outside of the gate, to the inside. The beer trucks were like 100 feet apart and just separated by the entry/security fence, so silly....

nancer said...

thanks for the spector pictures. so much for dinner.

jax said...

Stardust, ok now I beg to differ!

bad music knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

Beckham and Depp in one week? Why Ent, what have we done to deserve this yumminess?

And I KNEW we were a good lookin' group - beautiful reader pics!

sherri dee said...

I'm the reader w/Gavin; thanks for posting my pic Enty!

As for Gav, do I have stories... as does most of SF.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Jon Hamm - Please do me.

Ror said...

blah blah blah...

Check out "Kill to get Crimson" & "Shangri-La" Ent by Mark Knopfler. AMAZING!!

Trust me!!!!

nancer said...

ga ga......gag.

figgy said...

Bad Fish, "those thighs beg to differ," HAHAHAHAhahahahaha Oh, that slew me!!

Reader #1, I too am mammarily gifted, and I want to know how you got your girls up so high! ;-P Both of the readers look really cute.

Seachica said...

a-ha and New Order!! Bring back the 80s!

Double yum to Jon Hamm. That man is too beautiful for words.

Becks, OTOH, has gone over the top ugly with those tats.

Donna said...

Robert Pattinson! Yummmmmm~~~~~~!

Donna said...

Robert Pattinson! Yummmmmm~~~~~~!

B626 said...

Tom Ford's head looks massively huge for his body.

Jon Hamm should be cast in
'The Cary Grant Story'

Judi said...

In order: Fro, blonde, mullet, bald - Spector got new upper front teeth, had a face/neck lift, and under eye bags removed.

Wa said...

The guy from New Order kinda looks like Kevin Rudd (o_O)

Maja With a J said...

figgy - I am not reader #1 but as another top heavy person, I'd like to introduce you to one word: "balconette".

Bad Fish, you took the words out of my mouth about Lady Gaga. Although, I have to admit that I have that freaking "paparazzi" song stuck in my head. The girl - or the people she works with - knows how to make a hit. Now if she could stick to that and not do so much talking, that'd be great.

GoddessNow said...

Speaking of Slash. I send prayers of peace to him and his brother on the loss of his mom, the amazingly talented, Ola Hudson.

MISCH said...


mooshki said...

I love Alan Cumming. He's just such an interesting character.

Merci beaucoup for the A-Ha & New Order pics!

Damn, your captions are funny, Ent!!!

Josh, wth are you wearing?

Cutie readers!

Was Tricia Helfer part of the BSG threesome blind?

Stardust, I liked "Just Dance," but can't stand any of her other songs, and they all sound pretty much the same to me. And I like crappy pop music.

B626, I adore Cary Grant, and I think you're right - Hamm might be able to pull it off!

Unknown said...

Tom Ford always has the same look and always looks like greasy Euro-trash.

Unknown said...

Lady Gaga is soooo reminiscent of Bette Midler in her hey-day.


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