Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

John Woo gets the top spot today. The guy has made some truly great movies. Plus, he has had to work with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage more than once so, you get valuable bonus points for that.
The only reason Mariah Carey and Prince didn't claim the top spot is that Prince scares me. He looks like some kind of odd combination of Sammie Davis Jr and Mrs Roper right now. The guy seriously needs to eat some food.
Apparently Bai Ling has decided to keep going with this new way of dressing for her. I continue to be impressed.
How rare is it when someone captures the egg on film right before it hits the person? This isn't a politics thing, it is a picture thing.
Evan Rachel Wood and Shane Lewis together on consecutive nights. This should be an interesting relationship.
Emma Watson for Burberry. Didn't even recognize her did you?
Fergie finally met someone who can talk about herself even more than she does. Fergie, meet Kate Hudson.
Does any one remember if January Jones has ever had a fashion disaster?
Speaking of disasters. The love bracelets look nice though don't they?
Jason Lewis is not a bad looking guy and I love that suit.
Pretty Woman was named the best movie ever in a UK poll over the weekend.
Jerry Seinfeld - New York
I can't believe James Tupper and Anne Heche are still together. Any day now I expect to read some story where he compares her to Satan.
I believe that James Russo is telling Kate Bosworth that he took all the free stuff he could get his hands on, but can't find anymore.
Kristin Chenoweth always seems like she is in a good mood. Oh yeah, I would be too if I made several million dollars a year.
So is Kelly Lynch just wearing a white t-shirt and a jacket? Seriously?
Congratulations to Kyra Sedgwick who got a star on the Walk Of Fame.
Kim & James Taylor - New York
Larry David standing in front of his own picture which is missing his face. It's like Back To The Future.
Megan Mullally makes a rare appearance in the photos. She never goes out.
You really need to click on this photo of Megan Fox to see it up close and personal. Maybe it is just the expression on her face, but she is well on her way down the road known as Teri Hatcher Street.
From L to R we have Mary McCartney, Simon Aboud (author), Paul McCartney and Stella McCartney.
One of my favorite actors/comedians is Michael Rappaport.
Nicole Kidman walking the streets of New York.
Paul Rodriguez looks just like his dad.
Rosanna Arquette in something I guess she thought looked good. I mean you don't go out of the house saying,"oh, I hope they make fun of me for this."
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2 who just so happens to be having a birthday today. So, happy birthday, and yes, it is Slash across the table from her.
I never recognize Sadie Frost. She could walk in my office right now and say, "I slept with Jude Law," and I still wouldn't have a clue.
This is Sandy Koufax. Unfortunately for Johnny Drama, he still looks really good.
Speaking of looking good. Shia looks good in this and now that he ditched the green tie. It is kind of like Britney's pink wig. It shows up everywhere.
The animal thief and Nicollette Sheridan. He looks oily doesn't he? They are a good match.
I love Shawn Pyfrom's shirt, but on me it would look like I was a walking picnic table.


lutefisk said...

Megan Fox looks extremely odd.
Mariah looks like she is dragging around her sickly kid.

whole lotto luv said...

I'm sorry, it's not that I don't think Megan Fox is attractive, but I think there are plenty of other actresses out there better looking than she is.

Animal thief - was that a blind?

MontanaMarriott said...

OH GAWD, PRINCE LOOKS TERRIBLE, he either is sick or needs a meal or 400

captivagrl said...

god forbid you get front row seats for seinfeld's show and you get up to go to the bathroom......he will say something

and, he is not funny in person.

ItsJustMe said...

Awesome reader photos, as always!

Apparently Prince needs hip replacements.

Love the Sandy Koufax/Entourage reference.

I was just thinking about Michael Rappaport's line in "Small Time Crooks" about "Pablo's Dog". LOL ...

One thing I know for sure about Enty is that he loves a well cut suit.

Pookie said...

mariah looks great! eep, prince looks emanciated...is he ill? :(

nicole kidman loooks lovely, as does january jones.

aww, i'm missing shia's olive garden tie.

GoddessNow said...

Poor Megan Fox, she looks old as hell!
Prince looks like an yellow Oompa Loompa next to Mariah. Too bad Patti Labelle was not in this pic. I still Adore You Prince!
Kyra's arms look like a man or maybe Madonnas.
Why do I think Kidman is expecting a baby?

Anonymous said...

I love John Woo's movies.

Prince is soooo petite and Mariah is big lol.

Bai Ling looks very nice not the type of dress I would get.

Emma looks so grown up.

Kate Hudson another slut on the move LOL.

Never considered Julia Roberts a pretty woman more of a horse mouth LOL. She will also be a homewrecker to me.

Seinfeld is an asshole.

Kyra just love her in the Closer.

What is wrong with Megan's face and lips??

Is that who Nicollette left Michael Bolton for??

califblondy said...

I still adore Prince too! Best show evah. Poor baby looks awful though.

Megan is a pretty girl, but she scares me.

I like Nicolette's haircut.

Is Nicole Kidman pregnant or what? Somebody has to know.

Fergie and Katie need to have a "let's dye each other's hair" night. I'll even furnish the Blondissimo.

Sinjin said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY READER #2!! BTW, does Slash smell as stinky as he looks?

Hilary said...

Shane West right? Not Shane Lewis.. sorry to be annoying

selenakyle said...

Gyahhh, I'm freaked out by that electric white skin on ERW.

MontanaMarriott said...

Oh yeah I have to agree wtih you Califblondly, PRINCE gives the greatest performances live!

mooshki said...

I thought it was against the law to post a picture of John Woo without a white dove in the background?

I love Bai Ling. She's fun crazy.

J.Love really is a succubus, isn't she?

Hey, I recognize one of those readers! :) Both gorgeous, as usual!

selenakyle said...

Yeah, readers--y'all could be related.

Anonymous said...

Jason Lewis is a good looking guy, too bad his pinpoint pupils expose him as a drug addict.

Did Michael Rappaport beat up his exwife or something?

Chenowith just seems like a little ball of sunshine. I'd love to spend a day with her.

girl_301 said...

First post from a long time lurker (not in the creepy way though), but couldn't pass up a chance to tell this story: about 10 years ago was walking out of a bar in NYC after a few pints, and a guy was walking a puppy pit bull.

I lurched over to pet her, made appropriate cooing noises and she licked my face. I looked up laughing and said "don't train her to attack anyone" and this guy says (almost a direct quote), "you are a total cunt."

It was Michael Rappaport.

Karmen said...

Happy birthday to reader photo #2!

ItsJustMe said...

Meep about Jason Lewis and Rappaport.

jax said...

girl, no offense but i love him even more now! he is just an ass and makes no apology for it. he also doens't make money being a dick like Ramsay either...

great story, whattta dick.

Pookie said...

girl_301: nooooooooooooo! omg. =O

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

John Woo thanks for one of my favorite movies - Face/Off *Hangs head in secret shame*
Mmmm love me some Smith Jerrod and that suit is really nice.
Wow, Bai Ling has been looking really good the last few pics I've seen; has she gotten a stylist?
JLove, desperate much? Ugh!
Forget about Fergie and Kate H, check out the 2 handsome guys in that pic...Yum

RocketQueen said...

I agree Slash looks smelly!

Love Shia's suit - but the boy himself? I don't get the attraction.

Shane West looks like a wife beater, I swear.

I would kill for Megan Fox's body. I really would.

Pretty Woman?? Best movie ever?? Please. Not while Cool Hand Luke exists.

Prince and Kristin C. both look like bobbleheads on those frail bodies.

I agree the Kidman 'pregnancy' rumours are about to hit any day now.

Megan Mullaly - love her! She's looking kind of Tina Fey-ish?

DetroitRocker said...

What is that white stuff on the front of Meg's black dress? If you click on the picture she looks like she might have drop the coke down the front of her dress. She has that Meth shine to her...

Unknown said...

Oh my. From far away Megan Fox looks okay, but up close she's looking a bit... tranny-esque.

Megan, step away from the plastic surgeon, ffs.

TinselSass said...

Re: Pretty Woman was named the best movie ever in a UK poll over the weekend. TALK ABOUT THE DEMISE OF A COUNTRY. That is full-on depressing. But explains a lot. Like the way Katie Price is considered a valuable export.

Re: Nicole K... glad to see her hair is no longer skin colored. But why does she still look weird?! Does her hair look fakely thick?

Re: Megan F... I actually like that photo because it's not touched up or flattering. I've stood a foot away from her and while a freak, she is exquisitely beautiful... gorgeous skin (minus the stupid tacky tatts). Alas, even stars take bad photos.

blankprincess said...

Emma Watson looks FABULOUS!

Reader #2--I'd watch out if I were you. If Harriet sees you with her man Slash, she's likely to cut a bitch.

figgy said...

Holy shit! I knew Prince was small but HOLY SHIT!! He's practically a Little Person there!!

Unknown said...

Is that spooge on the front of Megan Fox's dress? Or was Enty drizzling crumbs near her just before this photo? Jason Lewis was so much prettier before his plastic surgery.

nancer said...

so many people i love today!! some 'too skinny' girls though.

jason lewis ruined himself but i still like him. and i love kelly lynch, even if she does dress funny.

ardleighstreet said...

I love Woo movies.

Prince needs a meal. He looks like a bobblehead.

Does ERW always look perpetually pissed off?

Pretty Woman Best Movie? I LOATHE that movie. Yes little girls rich men rescue all streetwalkers and marry them.

That's powder sugar donut on Megan's dress. It's just not as pretty when you puke it back up.

Happy b-day reader#2

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Emma Watson is beautiful! She's has really grown into her looks!

Kristen Chenoweth seems to be a honestly sweet, genuine person. I like her.

I think Nic Kidman may be preggo. It seems like she's momentarily stopped the face-freezing like she did with Sunday Rose. She does look a bit more natural and more her age for the moment.

Great reader pics! HB to reader #2!

Unknown said...

about the "white powder" on Megan... I thought it was a couple rain drops? doesn't it look like its raining? she has a shiny, wet looking spot on her cheek. I dunno...

Unknown said...

P.S. She kinda has a Tyra fivehead in this pic. Is it always like that?

Kay said...

lmfao Prince looks like a marionette from Team America : World Police. I think I can see his strings.

Geebz said...

omg...Kay, that was hysterically funny!

Jasmine said...

" The only reason Mariah Carey and Prince didn't claim the top spot is that Prince scares me." - i adore you enty.
also, when i did the close up on meg fox's dress it looked very monica lewinsky-ish, just sayin'

Linnea said...

so - coke, water, or sperm? I know which one i am opting for.
Megan looks really, really strange. What the hell happened there?

West End Girl said...

Nothing like judging a whole country on the stupidest of things, TinselSass *eyeroll*

GoddessNow said...

Regarding "Smelly" Slash -
He can shoot me w/a shit gun and arrest me for stinking any day.

mooshki said...

West End Girl, there's a great George Bush joke in there, but I'm going to refrain from starting another political argument. ;)

Maja With a J said...

I totally missed this yesterday because my internet at home isn't working, but seriously, reader #2: YOU ARE MY HERO. I have such a girl boner for Slash. I am a GnR fan girl, in an almost ridiculous way.

PollyPureBred said...

Great pics today!
I have SERIOUS love for Kyra (and her husband)

Girl - that is what makes Michael R who he is. He is a dick.

ERW and Shane West make a great couple - keep her talent away from that hack Marilyn Manson.

Enty - right on with the Fox=Hatcher comment. You nailed it.


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