Monday, June 08, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

I picked Anne Hathaway and John Stamos for the top spot just because I thought it would be interesting if they actually were a couple. I think they would definitely get the attention of the tabloids for sure.
Coming in a close second was Billy Crystal. He was going to get the top spot, but then I decided I couldn't give the top spot to someone who obviously had not seen direct sunlight in years.
Bar Refaeli and a wall of cameras. It also appears she may be getting a dirty look from the woman next on the carpet.
Cheryl Hines wins the best mother/daughter photo of the day.
Immediately after this photo, Drew Barrymore had to catch a plane and go film Deadliest Catch 5. That is the only way I can explain her outfit. I guess eh could be a cranberry farmer.
Most of the time pictures will be captioned David Charvet and his daughter or whatever. This one didn't say that, but I'm guessing David didn't borrow her or anything.
There is just not enough Daisy Fuentes on this site.
Danielle Fishel getting as many photos out there that don't have her holding up a sign in a police station.
Has anyone ever seen Lola smile? On the show? In pictures? I'm sure she must, but I have yet to see it.
Elephant Man- East Rutherford, NJ
Evan Rachel Wood and her new guy, Shane West.
Ed Westwick channeling his inner Robert Wagner. If they make a Hart to Hart movie this is your lead right here.
To me Isabel Lucas is prettier than Megan Fox, but in Transformers it's all about Megan Fox. The interpreter next to Isabel has a list of questions and they all say either, "How was it working with Megan Fox, " or, "When is Megan Fox coming out to be interviewed?"
Jane's Addiction - Wantagh, New York
Josh Duhamel stifling a burp.
You don't really notice the horrible effects of tanning cream until you see it next to a normal color shade.
It's been awhile since I had a Jake and Reese picture.
One of my favorites. Jamie Pressly
This is the first time I have ever seen Joe Pesci's daughter.
Kellan Lutz for the mandatory Twilight photo of the day.
Katharine McPhee for the washed up former Idol photo of the day.
And Lauren Graham, because, well it's Lauren and Lauren always gets in the photos. I feel like maybe she should have worn this for St. Patrick's Day though.
Michael Bay and Shia's Olive Garden tie makes a comeback.
Nothing says Disney charity event like Miley Cyrus in thigh high leather boots.
The always looking good, Michael Clarke Duncan.
Megan Fox showing off leg so someone will notice her.
Mark Wahlberg and his farmer's tan.
More polo. This time Prince Harry and William playing at the same time.
Rosario Dawson looking like she is having lots of fun.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
I think everyone forgets that Ramon Rodriguez is in Transformers also.
Rumer Willis and her smoking dress. Not smoking hot. Smoking.
The staged picture of the day goes to Slade and Gretchen who win the award about once a week.
Did you ever see Inspector Gadget? I think Tyrese has seen it way too many times.
Vanessa Lemon Jello and Nick at the same event as
Ashlee Simpson. Interesting. Donald Faison was there also but I don't know if CaCee was there.


ItsJustMe said...

Awww, Billy Crystal! He can't age. No, sorry Billy, you just can't.

I have an interesting Michael Clark Duncan story. He used to come into my place of employment and hit on one of my coworkers alllllll the time, calling her up, asking her out -- and then going out on the red carpet with his fiancee.

mooshki said...

How sad is it that Stamos would be significantly less douchey than Anne's usual bfs?

He may not have seen sunlight, but it looks like Billy has been to Botox Central.

How said is it that Shane West is significantly less douchey than ERW's last bf?

Oh, damn! I would SO watch that remake.

Aww, that picture of Jamie makes me sad all over again that "Earl" was canceled. :(

Michael Clarke Duncan has the best voice since James Earl Jones.

Do you know, I think a full sleeve would actually look less tacky on Megan than that stupid Marilyn tattoo.

RocketQueen said...

Mmm - I just can't get enough Ed Westwick.

WTF is with Kellan Lutz' hair?

Bar and Lauren Graham's dresses are both terrible.

Shane West - Ick. Nast.

Rumer - I don't even know what to say about that dress other than how entirely inappropriate. If I were Demi, I'd send her to her room.

lutefisk said...

lol at the cranberry farmer comment!!!

figgy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
figgy said...


I am so sad now. I loved that show.

mooshki said...

I know, Figgy, it's a serious bummer. :(

figgy said...

Also sad about the Michael Clark Duncan info above. I always thought he was so hot.

Joe Pesci's daughter is adorable!

You'd think with Rumer Willis's money she wouldn't have to dye her hair using L'Oreal in the bathtub.

mooshki said...

Figgy, I bet she uses the Kool-Aid method.

SkittleKitty said...

Who are Slade and Gretchen? From what Ent's saying, I guess I should be glad I don't know?

amazonblue said...

Billy's face has looked quite round lately. Did he have cheek implants with the Botox?

Danielle Fishel looks like a linebacker in that pose.

Rumer repeats the same pose for her pictures. Her hand must be superglued to her hip.

Daisy Fuentes has a beautiful complexion.

Shane West couldn't look worse. Phd. in wifebeating douchery.

I like Lauren's hair and makeup, but the dress is wrong.

MISCH said...


amazonblue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooshki said...

SkittleKitty, she's on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and he's the guy she was cheating with while her fiance was dying. So yes, you should be glad. :)

Cheryl said...

After Botox Central, Billy Crystal stopped at Facelifts Unlimited and the Hair Plug Factory.

Maja With a J said...

I love both the reader photos! I think #2 looks a bit like Bjork. Not a bad thing!

lmnop123 said...

AnonMom, I'm confused, another poster said that he was definitely gay. MCD being a big flirt I understand, MCD being gay I just don't get.

Pookie said...

isabel lucas really is the gorge, wth does megan fox get all the attn?!

aww, topanga is cute. too bad she looks like a wrestler.

oh rumer. no.

ItsJustMe said...

not on my dollar -- maybe bi, but def. not gay. He was on her for some tail, that's for sure.

nancer said...

ed westwick. NOT hot. looks like his pigtails are too tight with those squinty little eyes.

Sinjin said...

@figgy, I think you mean Demi's, Bruce's and Ashton's money. I don't believe Tater Head actually can afford Loreal on her own; so as Mooshki wrote, Tater Head probably borrows her little sister's money and uses the Kool-Aid method, lol :-)

Dick Insideu said...

Enough with Jake and Reese. We all know he's a homosexual. Is Reese a lesbian, or just a bitch?

Little Baby Jade said...

@ maxG.

Reese is probably a bitchy lesbian.

TinselSass said...

Please help me understand... when did everyone become sure that Jake was gay?! I usually am up on all meaningless things celebrity but I missed the cross-over moment. When did this become common knowledge?

Thanks in advance to the great CDAN community for another lesson in recent Hollywood history.

Anonymous said...

tinsel - google "toothy tile" it's a Ted Casblanca series of blind items. The first one was shortly after Jake's movie "Moonlight Mile" came out, he's eliminated every potential actor other than Jake.

Rosario Dawson looks like she's having fun in every photo. I wanna be her friend.

I love LG, but she doesn't look so good in that photo.

I laughed at the cranberry farmer joke.

mooshki said...

TinselSass, Enty also had a blind about Reese making Jake decide between his boyfriend and her. I think Jake is bi, but prefers men. He's with Reese 'cause he's just not willing to come out of the closet.

monalisa999 said...

I really like the clothes Daisy and Reese are wearing. Rumer could be really cute with the right hair and clothes. That smoking dress has to go.

TinselSass said...

To DNfromMN and Mooshki -


Enty, if you ever tire of Hollywood (of course, I hope not), consider opening an detective agency... you've got your PIs right here!

lmnop123 said...

Thanks AnonMom, for the response. I can definitely picture MCD chasing tail.

I'm discounting the gay rumors until we're given more details.

Ice Angel said...

I love Miley's boots! I think she rocks and has totally got it goin on!

I've always thought Topanga was really cute. Miss her being on tv. They probably won't hire her due to her fuller figure.

Had the pleasure of meeting MCD and he is a perfect gentleman. Plus he's a Sox fan-so he has my vote all the way!!!

Talk about a random photo-Tony Soprano and Brett Michaels! Maybe Tony was the one that set up the old guillotine thing at the Tony's.

I wish Lemon-Jello would go away.

I actually like Lauren's dress. Great color on her.

I am currently laying in my Daisy Fuentes bedding and it is really comfy!

Jasmine said...

How do you post a picture of yourself for enty to put in the the random pictures? Does anyone know, thanks :>

Jasmine said...

reader photo#1- i absolutly lov lov lov your hat!

Karmen said...

@ Jasmine - Thanks! I modeled it for my friend, who made the hat. Just email it to him at this address:

Sorka8 said...

Rumer really needs to realize that her 15 minutes were up long ago. Girl does not have any talent that has been seen. All she seems capable of is striking a pose in bad clothes and using her Daddy's name.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Ok but what is up with the last caption? Is enty insinuating that Ashlee and Faison are "close" or just that he and Cacee are on the outs...more importantly why the need to end those names in a double e?

Jenni said...

IceAngel - she is on TV. She is the host of a show called "The Dish". It's like 'The Soup' but on the Style network. Pretty funny but I'm a sucker for cable clip shows.

Leah said...

Evan Rachel Wood and Shane West- EW. Didn't they play siblings ten years ago? GROSS

I like Lauren's look, her make up looks great and I love the color on her.

And I hate to admit it but I thought that Billy Crystal was a sixty year old woman.
Say no to estrogen Billy!

devildana said...

thanks for the comment on my photo as reader #2 photo. I love ENTY and I am flattered he posted it. I have hat envy too for reader #1. Awesome photo!!!

shakey said...

Devildana - that is one wicked burn! I feel your pain.

The Deadliest Catch dress. Killed me. She could also perform autopsies in that thing. Shazzba's comment on Ed Westwick made me laugh. It's so appropriate in caps, too!

Lauren Graham kind of looks like she was cold there. I always thought MCD was gay, too. I bet he's a sweet man. Bit of a dog, but sweet.


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