Monday, July 20, 2009

Adam Yauch Has Very Treatable Cancer

In a message on the Beastie Boys website, it was announced they are canceling their remaining summer concert dates. The reason for this is because Adam Yauch has cancer which he is calling very treatable. A tumor was found in his salivary gland. Fortunately it was found early and is confined to one area.

He will need surgery and other treatment, but the statement says his vocal cords will not be affected.


mooshki said...

I'm glad the prognosis sounds so good. This makes me think of poor Roger Ebert. :(

Pookie said...

aww, poor guy. i'm glad it's been caught in the early stages. here's to him having a full and speedy recovery.

Hilary said...

Thank you for posting this! I have been a Beastie Boys fan since I was 10 years old- We used to make mix tapes of Just Beastie Boys songs. The fact that he made a public video in which he is brave, optimistic and sad for letting the fans down speaks volumes- he is not letting ANYONE down- I am glad they caught it early and I can say I am happy that they cancelled all the tour dates even though I had 3 different shows- he needs to work this out and stay strong!
When I found out, I got a lump in my throat- I guess as much as I know that I have loved them forever, I was still shocked that I was so emotional about it.

selenakyle said...



merrick said...

Without the Beasties, I would have never lost those last 15 lbs. They made my daily walks more than bearable. And the looks I got while singing along to my ipod were priceless!

Get better Adam, the world needs more Beasties!!

jax said...

aw man. i feel old.

Get those Bhuddist monks praying for ya man!

Rufus II said...

@Hilary. I still make mix tapes of all their songs. They've evolved from girl-chasing, beer-guzzling party boys into humble, intelligent, self-aware artists. I hope and pray everything goes well for MCA. They are a big, happy, fun part of my life soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Weird, that's the 2nd person I've heard of that has one of these parotid gland tumors.

Get better safely, Adam Yauch.

ardleighstreet said...

Damn Cancer is a bitch. Prayers and good wishes to you Adam. Get well soon.

Katja said...

Dude (and I say that as a Mom) you are in our thoughts.

We as Jews, need to keep our rapper numbers up! I keep playing Blondie and DMC but the 12 yr old just wants to build a computer so he can play Spore. Best to you from my big heart!

QueenOfTheHighway71 said...

After watching this tape, I realize cancer is a bitch AGAIN!
I hope you get well soon, Adam, because The Beasties need to perform for at least until they are 80 years old!

Miss(pdx) said...

beasties for life

my son wouldn't know what a wiffle ball bat was with out their lyrics ( we are west coast all the way it appears )

so many awesome memories and lots of beastie shows ahead... mad love and recovery Adam


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