Monday, July 20, 2009

How Was Your Weekend - Girl In A Coma, Hummus, Dave Navarro's Tattoos & Why Morrissey Has So Many Gucci Ties

I know this is probably not going to shock many people, but we eat meat in our house. I know, I know. Big surprise huh? I mean even when my mom make vegetables they have meat in them. Now you know why I love bacon so much. I can't remember the last time my mom made vegetables without putting some bacon in them.

So, whenever Girl In A Coma comes to town it always amazes me how my mom suddenly becomes Miss Vegetarian of the year and pulls out some new recipe for hummus which she assures me that Jenn, Phanie, and Nina who comprise the group will love. At some point in time, one of the three women who are all vegetarians must have told my mom that hummus was their favorite. Since that day, my dad and I have been subjected to countless variations of hummus, all being kitchen tested for these three. On their last trip to town a few months ago, my mom was out of town on a cruise and she almost decided not to go on the cruise, such is her obsession with serving them the perfect hummus. When she heard they were going to be in town this weekend, chick peas all over Los Angeles scurried for cover.

Surprisingly enough a few years of mom's hummus and the trio actually still return for more. Either that or they are just really, really polite. I'm going with the latter. Trust me. I have tasted the hummus. That isn't why they are coming by. Jenn and Phanie swear they love it, but they also don't think I drink too much, so again, just very polite. Because my mom didn't see them last time they were in town she had not got to hear their Morrissey stories. Last year they opened for Morrissey on a lot of his tour and of course the name of their band is a tribute to The Smith's song, Girlfriend In A Coma. Anyway, one of my favorites that I had forgot about was when the tour was wrapping up in Paris they decided they were going to get Morrissey a gift. Not knowing what to get him, they asked Morrissey's tour manager for some help.

After what seemed like thoughtful contemplation, the manager said, "A tie. Yes, I do believe he would quite like a tie. Nothing too loud of course. Oh, or too bright. Something tasteful. I think a Gucci would do rather nicely." I think the manager had been asked this question previously. Tie in hand, it was presented to Morrissey who returned the favor by giving them a very, very nice bottle of champagne and sitting with them and chatting while they enjoyed it.

My mom asked them if Morrissey still smelled like a church. She wasn't being rude or disrespectful, it is just that Morrissey has a very unique smell of incense that follows him around wherever he goes. Nina, who is the younger sister of Phanie and the lead singer and guitarist of the group said she would be performing on stage and all of a sudden she would smell incense and know that Morrissey must be watching and very close.
The next thing you know I was hearing about something that was really strange. Dave Navarro it seems has a crush on Nina. Nina is 21. Dave is like 121. Great guy, but older than dirt. But Dave, being Dave is such a fan of Nina that his newest tattoo is of Nina. All I am saying is that he better hope she never cuts her hair.

I know I have talked about Girl In A Coma before, but I try not to force them on you too much because I am overly biased and I like people to judge for themselves. That being said, they are incredible and everytime they come into town, the crowds just get bigger and bigger. On Saturday night, The Knitting Factory was jammed with people who knew all the words to every song. It is so cool to see a band that I have been watching for five years go from performing in front of five people in a garage in San Antonio to sold out shows all over the world. They have gone from sleeping in a van to hotels and stardom, but still have time to come over to the house for hummus. Even if their music wasn't so damn good, to me that would still be a great reason to love them.


mooshki said...

Cool post, Enty! Momma Enty is sure a hoot. :)

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Morrissey doesn't like Canada therefore I don't like him. Plus, incense? Blech.

Anonymous said...

So did anyone else go to this concert and spy a sweaty fat alcoholic lawyer rocking out? We need to know. :)

I love Ent's little personal stories.

Pookie said...

yay for the EntyMami and her quest for the perfect hummus! teehee @ "My mom asked them if Morrissey still smelled like a church."! and yay, go GiaC! ok what's up w/ freaky dave n. and the tat? weirdo.

empyrios said...

@ Sue Ellen: why doesn't Morrissey like Canada???

how can anyone not like Canada?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


He renounced the country because of the seal hunt that happens here. I think he said he'd never play here again. Renounce the hunt, fine, but the whole country? I renounce him!

empyrios said...

^^ok that's the most assenine thing i've heard since this whole Jackson's raising MJ's kids idea.

This tells me 2 things:

1) Morrissey is a narrow-minded tool and;
2) He doesn't give a shit about his fans

i care not for the seal hunt either, but to renounce the whole country and alienate and dissapoint all your fans there is just plain stupid and selfish.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


Exactly. Not to mention the fact that some of the people involved in the hunt are proper natives and that's what they do. They live off the land and have for the longest time. Who am I to judge what they do, or tell them they can't? Plus it's sanctioned by the Government of Canada, just like regular hunting. Why doesn't he just renounce every country that allows hunting? I hate hypocrites.

Gidg said...

Enty, have you ever gotten a chance to see Killola open for Girl In A Coma (they did at the KF this weekend)? I'm admittedly biased, but they are AMAZING, and really complimentary to GIAC. Check them out and enjoy!

.robert said...

empyrios, I live in south Florida, I hate Canada from May until November.

RocketQueen said...

I love my country, but the seal hunt is a massive mark of shame upon us, in my humble opinion. Lots of progress this year, though, with the EU banning seal products :)

ardleighstreet said...

I'm suprised Dave N had that much empty space on his body. ;)


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