Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Chrissie Hynde gets the top spot today.
I think this is the first time I have posted a picture of Alyson Hannigan and her new baby.
Angelina Jolie makes her third trip to Iraq.
Alex Rodriquez teaches kids how to properly vandalize a van.
If it is Comic Con than you know there has to be a New Moon photo opportunity.
Ribbed for her pleasure.
Diane Kruger standing at attention in London.
This is kind of a new look for Eva.
Long time no see Freida Pinto.
Jewel has obviously been playing with scissors again.
Jennifer Garner on the set of her new movie.
The why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony don't have a sex life picture of the day.
Josh Lucas out supporting The Humane Society. Makes you love him even more.
I know it is hard to believe, but Katie Price is posing like this to sell her latest book.
Three people who could go away and no one would even notice. Lydia Hearst, Alexandra Richards and Amber Rose.
One of the funniest people in the world. Margaret Cho.
It has been a long time since I posted a picture of Mark Indelicato, but this one was too good to pass up.
Mickey Rourke is obviously either a fan of porn or Vin Diesel movies.
Speaking of people eliminated from Project Runway, Neve Campbell found this outfit.
No Doubt - Universal City, CA
Paramore - Universal City, CA
Rihanna actually looks fairly conservative here.
I think this might be a first time appearance for Ronan Keating.
I'm just waiting for something to happen between these two on their press tour.


Cancan said...

I am sooooo suuuuuure Kristen Stewart is a Minor Threat fan. Pffft.

BigMama said...

Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller - LOL they are both slut monkeys. Wonderful! I wonder if they are taking bets in Vegas on this one?

Love the No Doubt shot! Awesome!

karen said...

Aww, the TARDIS. I'm jealous now.

MontanaMarriott said...

OMG the way JLo holds that hot dog, dannnnnnng grrrrrlll get it together, lol

Lydia, Alex r, with those two drug fiends and fame hungry whore (Amber), I can see this ending in the only lesbian 3 way

Love Margaret Cho!

Mark Indelicato is awesome on UB, I hope he does not end up like most child actors.

amazonblue said...

Waiting for something to happen? Looks like they're both reminising about last nights romp to me.

What in the world is JLo eating?

LOL at Camilla and her matching polka dots next to the R2D2.

What does Angie actually do on these goodwill missions? Is it anything more than a photo op?

selenakyle said...

Oh my gosh, Chrissie Hynde looks fantastic!!!

warmislandsun said...

"Ribbed for her pleasure." LOL Seriously, I am still laughing out loud at that one. The combination of the statement, Camilla, the umbrella, the was just what I needed for a good belly laugh - thank you thank you thank you!

And I can't help but say, "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

empyrios said...


AJ actually does good work for UNHCR. Go to the link and read her field journals or check out her field missions. People can say her lips are fake, but her work for refugees is real ;)

Karmen said...

"Three people who could go away and no one would even notice."


Lady J said...

It looks like Dennis is smelling Sienna's hair in that pic. If they didn't hook up yet they will.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Dennis does have a little boner in his pants. Maybe not so little.

I might have one after the Ronan Keating and Josh Lucas photos, too. (Seriously, Josh Lucas hasn't looked this good since A Beautiful Mind.)

The image of Camilla trying to fit a Dalek up her coochie is too much, TOO MUCH!

Taylor Lautner's neck is so long, it reminds me of the creature in Evil Dead 2 when its neck elongates.

RocketQueen said...

You're right Enyt, that did make me love Josh Lucas a little more :)

WTH happened to Ronan Keating's face?? It looks like he was traveling too near to the sun and got blasted when he opened a window!

laura381 said...

Weee! Darlek, Tardis...oh, Doctor, how I love thee. [nerdgasm]

laura381 said...

Dalek not Darlek...sorry, I was too excited.

Kiradris said...

Aww, love Josh Lucas.

And why does Jordyn/Katie Price keep publishing books? She must have published like 10 autobiographies already, plus a few children's books. What does she have to write about, and even worse, who the hell is buying them?

Unknown said...

Josh Lucas looks really good! Whatever he is doing, he needs to keep doing it because he was looking rough the past few years.

Sinjin said...

Enty, Johnny Depp crashed Comic-Con, where the hell is THAT picture? (*pouts)

MadLyb said...

How incredible does Chrissie Hynde look? I don't know who Alex Richards is, but she has to be the offspring of Keith because she looks just like Patti Hansen.

Momster said...

Ahhh, Alison's baby is so cute, all chubby and wearing the sunhat. Alison's looks good, too.

LOL at the Dr. Who references.

shakey said...

Yay for Chrissie Hynde. I think The Pretenders was/is one of the best bands EVER.

Shouldn't Anj be wearing a hajib, out of respect? Like how Kristen is channeling Joan Jett. Well done.

The comments for both Camilla and Diane Kruger are spot on. I thought Diane was a model? I will say it - I think Eva looks very nice. Except for that big, fug purse. Jennifer Garner looks good, too.

Oh, JLo! You must hurt him. See, years ago I used to think Marc Anthony sang "By the balls/Let your woman take you over by the balls". Maybe I was right.

I think Josh Lucas looks anorexic. Perhaps Mickey likes to pretend his hand is a bottle of booze. Ronan Keating looks like a happy Kurt Cobain.

Dennis Quaid cheats on wife in 3 ... 2 ....

Mark said...

Chrissie Hynde is 57 years old! That is one hot looking woman!! Check out her band too for their USA tour starting in August. She kills it everytime! Still sings like a songbird!

Unknown said...

I think what Josh Lucas is doing, Kristine, is Rachel McAdams! Damn! He does look good.

Tatyana said...


Shouldn't Anj be wearing a hajib, out of respect?

Why the f**k should she? She's already showing more respect than needed by covering her hair. Hijab is not a requirement in Islam, a lot of women in Saddam Iraq felt free to go without. Now that you "liberated" them and put them in the hands of tribal shejks it's another story.

Anonymous said...

Ronan Keating!!!!, my teenaged heart just skipped a beat!

KellyLynn said...

The three Xs on Mickey Rourke's hand are a claim that he's straight edge (no smoking, drugs, or alcohol).

Yeah, I don't believe it either. Just sayin'.

leeloodallas said...

no no NO to high cut sequin bathing suits. bad bad katie price!

thought ronan keating was chris martin for a second. whoops!

i think mickey rourke has 3 strikes so he's out.

Anonymous said...

Chrissie Hynde does look great, though I thought at first she was Marlo Thomas attempting a new look.

Also thought Angie had said to hell with pretense and was the one in the habit.

@Amazon...totally agree. Dennis and Sienna have already walked the Appalachian Trail.

Diane said...

Love Chrissie Hynde and Alyson Hannigan! Two truly classic and classy individuals. Bless Camilla's heart for having fun with that Dalek (and check out the Tardis in the background!!). And... I don't care so much about/for the rest.


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