Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project Runway All-Star Edition

When the producers of Project Runway started talking about an All-Star edition, I was pretty excited. What makes it even more cool is that it is only 2 hours long. Yep. No having to wade through weeks of competitions. They are going to go from start to finish for $100K in one two hour episode.

I think, but am not sure that it is going to air on August 20th which is the night of the season premiere of the regular Project Runway which of course has been delayed by a year. I think that delay though is the reason all of us are getting the All-Star edition. It's like getting a free movie ticket when you fill up your car with gas. It is to make you feel better for having to spend $100 to fill your car.

So, who is starring in the episode?

Daniel Vosovic and Santino Rice of season 2, Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner and Mychael Knight of season 3, Chris March and Sweet P of season 4 and season 5’s Korto Momolu

They picked some great ones didn't they? I can't pick. I hate Jeffrey so I don't want him to win. I think Daniel would probably be the favorite. Santino is my Facebook friend though and listening to him imitate Tim for two hours will make it worth it on its own.

Since Andrae wasn't invited back, I thought I would share this great video someone made showing the love Tim and Andrae shared for each other.


annie cat said...

Awww thanks for this update! I will make a reminder in my calendar to watch. Its too bad they left out Andrae and Austin Scarlett.

Lian said...

I would have loved to see Austin back! But from that list, I'll probably want Daniel V. for the win...

amazonblue said...

I don't think Jeffery should be allowed to compete. He already won his season and was given $$$ to launch is line. Time to give another designer the chance.

Austin is a fairly successful wedding dress designer. He has occasionally appears on "Say Yes to the Dress". This would be backtracking for him.

I'll definitely watch this.

Kristen S. said...

Sniff! No Santino :(

Anonymous said...

Kristin - There *is* Santino, there's just no Andrae.

And I hated Jeffrey and his crappy aesthetic.

Mychael was kind of forgettable. Love Dan V, Uli, Chris, Santino and Korto. I wish we could've had Nick V, too.

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

Korto for the win!

Was Chris March the the guy who designed for drag queens and added human hair to his dresses?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I wish that chick Laura, from season 3 was back. I liked her stuff a lot.

Kristen S. said...

I guess I need to learn to read!! HAA! I hope he delivers on some more fine Tim Gunn impressions and improv Broadway numbers (He and Nick doing "Daniel Franco, Where Did You Go?" was my favorite)

captivagrl said...

Uli creates beautiful clothes.

what is eight past six? said...

Yes, Chris was the guy who designed for drag queens.

I don't think Jeffrey should have been allowed to compete either and I'm not sure why they chose him of all people to invite back; I can only guess they wanted an absolute villain. There is Santino but quite a few PR fans actually love him, self included.

This will be rather interesting, I can't stand Jeffrey but talent wise they picked an amazingly solid group and any one of them could win...without knowing exactly how they will be challenged I'm going to put my money on either Santino or Korto. I know some consider Daniel the favorite so for that reason I'm predicting he WON'T win though he'll probably be in the top 3.

MnGddess said...

I agree with Amazonblue (love the moniker) - Jeffrey Sebelia should not even be considered. He already won (even though he sucks). However, I hope and pray that Santino, cuts him a new one if ya know what I mean. I don't think Jeffrey will be able to defend himself against Hurricane Santino. I used to dislike Santino until the final runway show when he said "My mom's the shit!". Somehow that made me just wanna hug him. After he took a shower and got a haircut. Santino needs a little makeover, for sure.

And the video is hilarious! I love Tim Gunn. What the hell happened to his show?

ardleighstreet said...

No Laura? No Nick? No Andre? SIGH

You actually brought back that moron Jeffrey? WHY? Double ICK NAST

Would like them to have brought back Jack Mackenroth. I would like him to have finished the season.
It was ashame to see him have to be benched in Season4 for health reasons.

evergrey said...

I agree with the "why Jeffrey" sentiment. He already won and was supposed to be on his way to bigger better things eh. plus he was a total d**k. And imo i think he used the fact that he was a father to try and touch our heart strings and came across insincere.
However, I'm TOTALLY watching this. I miss Project Runway and can't wait till fall season starts.

nunaurbiz said...

Thanks, Enty! I'll be watching! And loved the vid. Each time I go by Red Lobster I hear "Tim" wondering why "Andrae" stood him up LOL


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