Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Whitney Houston - New York
When I saw this set of pictures yesterday, my first thought was that Angelina Jolie looks rough. There was one photo where these very tiny pants she is wearing were just hanging off her. Plus, it looks like she got more lip work done.
"So, then I beat her Ashton, because I knew you would still be my friend. And after I was done beating her, I beat you for rolling up your pants legs like a 12 year old girl."
That guy in the background looks like he could just stand there all day staring at Christina Ricci. I agree.
Fergie makes a little adjustment. (Thanks DN)
Green Day - Philadelphia
For weeks now when I am at a stop light and look over at the bus which is invariably in half my lane, I see this girl and that damn poster staring at me. It worked. I am going to see this movie just because it is one of those ideas that seems like it would scare the hell out of you.
One of the producers of the movie is Susan Downey. She brought along her "guest." For today anyway we will call him a "guest."
Also in the movie but never in the photos which surprised me is Vera Farmiga. I love her stuff and don't know why I haven't included her previously.
We don't have to like Maggie but there is no reason we can't like Peter Sarsgard.
Gayle King and Benny Medina with a button that is going to pop and shoot someones eye out kid.
Jennifer Aniston is not unattractive.
And Jesse James is good looking guy also. Does anyone understand the whole chemistry between Jesse and Sandra? It works for them whatever it is.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex O' Loughlin about to make out.
And Marc Anthony was about five feet away the entire time. He doesn't show up except the days she is making out. Insecure much?
Jann Wenner is the publisher of Rolling Stone and Us Weekly. He also looks like he might be a candidate for a heart attack. This is a press conference for a positive announcement and he looks like he is going to explode. What if it was bad news?
Everyone in pink? Check
Wedding ring? Check
Kids jacked up on sugar? Check
Nooo. This is not something you want to see. Kevin Spacey does the double thumbs up. We can't have that. I like the guy, and so maybe, just maybe he could have got away with the one thumb up, but not two. I don't care how well his sock is working, you just can't go two thumbs up like that.
Martha tries to put the language function back to English. I hate it when that happens. She also seems to have grown an extra head. This one of a balding man with glasses.
The official costumes of Miss Universe Japan 2009. Seriously.
The Naked Cowboy is running for Mayor of New York. Then when he wins they are all going to streak Central Park and head down to the Quad.
How can you tell Nick Lachey doesn't have a girlfriend? Baseball jersey out in public and not attending a sporting event. Oh, and he likes to sit on his couch naked eating cheese.
Orlando Bloom.
Paolo Nutini - New York
The Millionaire Matchmaker is getting married. That is some pressure because if she gets divorced, everyone is going to think she shouldn't be matching anyone else. She also got proposed to on her birthday so her soon to be husband got out of the birthday present thing.
Quentin wants to sign things. Is anyone coming?
Could Channing Tatum look any more douchetastic? Sienna is smiling and pressed so close because Channing just got married.
But Dennis Quaid is more her type. Married longer and has kids. She probably jumped him right there.
That girl is a big drinker.
Bret Michaels finishing his show in Kansas City. And then
It never gets old.


.robert said...

What the hell is Fergie grabbing?

Jen said...

BIG LOLS re: Fergie! You can't make that shit up. Poor thing.

Ang- terrible. i'm surprised she can hold her head up

Man- looks amazing.

Man for the WIN.

Pookie said...

eep. angelina looks like she's still shooting up serious drugs. how sad.

wth is up w/ the fergie pic? that's disturbing.

it's benny medina, not benji. either way, he's a douche.

marc anthony is so douchetastically possesive. geez, let her try to revive her stagnant career.

omg kate has demon eyes. no wonder john go the hell out.

martha stewart has just learned the value of understanding other languages.

yay paolo nutini!

lol @ bret michael's dig!

Anonymous said...

lol I knew you'd love that Fergie photo.

I would rather jump Dennis Quaid than Channing Tatum, too.

I love the Gladiator costume for Miss Japan.

Love love love Vera Farmiga, she's a little kooky, but she says what she wants. (Here she is on Letterman). Even if she already made a movie where she was mother to a hellspawn (Joshua).

I want Whitney to do well. I don't know why, but I do.

portlandgirl said...

Enty - you just made me laugh OUT never DOES get old...does it?! What a world.

nancer said...

angelina is too thin. but lip work? she's had those lips all her life. i don't think she does anything to them.

empyrios said...

Fergie photo is the funniest thing i've seen all day. cheers DN for the great find!

and Enty, i love ya but can you stop with all the "douche"-derived words?? it's getting old and waaaaaay overused. seriously, get some new material man.

Karmen said...

Ya know, when I saw the top of the Whitney Houston picture, I thought it was Carrot Top at first.

I don't blame you guys for hating on Sienna Miller, but why doesn't Balhathrazaara get any shit? He's the one who was married.

MISCH said...



MISCH said...


CDAN Mod said...

what the hell is so puffy down there for fergie to adjust? scary.

i do think that angie is shooting up again. she needs to slow it down.

it must truly be love for the millionaire matchmaker. future hubby has a face that his mom could only love.

farmgirl said...

Thanks for including Paolo, Enty!
His album debuted at #1 in Britain, but he has not become big here yet.
My family works for him, and the better he does, the better they do!!

Scooby Dubious said...

Whitney has always had the hardest-working wigs in show business—and has Dennis now joined the Hair Club, too?

Hmmm. Still, great to see him. But his body language in that pic says more about his opinion of this movie and Sienna than a dozen interviews ever could.

One skidmark would bring Naked Cowboy's mayoral campaign to a screeching halt. Jus' sayin'.

MontanaMarriott said...

I missed this performance I wonder where in the city was it?

Sorry Enty those are AJ's lips although I have read she had the upper lip filled out to match the fuller lower lip but other than that I believe they are hers.

Christina Riccis is sooo damn thin UGH

OMG that poster is everywhere for the Orphan, I have seen it here on buses as well lol

Wow today must be gayday on CDAN, Benny, Kevin and Jann, who knew?!!?

Isn't Jesse James the father of Janine the porn stars daughter? I believe he is.

Dennis Quaid is wearing the only rug lol

Speaking of men who screw pornstars, hey Bret

Green Wave Gal said...

Went to lunch just off campus today and I parked exactly where the pic of RDJ was taken. This is a weird city sometimes. :)

bionic bunny! said...

i think miss japan universe and the naked cowboy should share wardrobe tips. it could only be an improvement for both.
anybody remember when naked's wife tried to sue him for being dressed like that in public all the time? something about invasion of privacy or something.

DN, thanks for that image, it was bad enough just having to THINK about it, lol!
does she have a badger up there, or what?
having male equipment is the LEAST scary thing i can imagine. ugh!

Carrie L. said...

I got engaged on my birthday and yes, he did get out of a gift. I occasionally kid my husband of 7-1/2 years that if we divorce he will have then permanently ruined my birthday for all future years. But to give him credit, he was going to wait another month before we went on vacation to CA but he got the ring done early and was so excited he couldn't wait. If he would have stuck with his original plan he was going to propose during a stay in L.A., where our hotel turned out to be a dump and in a crap neighborhood. Granted, there were several other locations along the way that were much nicer that he could have chosen instead, but I think things worked out just fine. I hope for Patti's sake the marriage works, that's definitely a high risk venture! But then again, people went to her knowing she couldn't get her guy to commit to marriage and she was successful anyway.

Winston Ono said...

I love Vera!

Ms Cool said...

Jennifer Aniston needs to stop with whatever she is doing to her face.

I like Paolo's "New Shoes."

figgy said...

millionaire matchmaker's dress is tragic. She need Clinton and Stacy to run over and gently tell her that those lines look waaaaavy unless your stomach is perfectly flat.

Unknown said...

I like Peter Sarsgaard but I question his judgment being married to that woman. Is Fergie a dude or what?

ardleighstreet said...

So Fergie tucks? Explains a lot.

Love Vera. She stole the spotlight from Hilary Swank a few years ago in Iron Jawed Angels and she was in Touching Evil.

Jesse is awesome saw him on a talk show where he said he is the luckiest man in the world that Sandy even looked at him.

I'd ask Quentin "What's in the Pulp Fiction suitcase?"

Judi said...

I'm with Nancer - Angie has always had those lips and always will.

Believe me: In the film 'Orphan,' the title role is anything but.

Love Vera F. Love Peter Sarsgaard, too.

It appears Kate's letting her quills grow out.

LOL at Martha Stewart's brother, Marty.

Look at Channing's expression/body language: He KNOWS he can have Sienna, and that's why he doesn't want her.

procrastination101 said...

the gosselin kiddies are so cute. too bad they're fucked for life.

nunaurbiz said...

That Fergie photo is disturbing. Here's an alternate cutline:

Yah, Fergie, I hate it, too, when my maxipads slip and bunch up at the front. That's why I stopped wearing them ... IN SIXTH GRADE!

I crack me up! :-D

J-Mo said...

Orlando's bike seat is too low....
at least Fergie isn't adjusting her peen because she peed her pants.

lmnop123 said...

I want Susan Downey's dress and Sienna's shoes.

Benny Medina needs to unbutton his jacket so that he can breathe.

Jungle007 said...

ahhh, nunaurbiz, you might just have it! I have been puzzling over what the hell she could possibly be adjusting there, because although I am not a Fergie fan i am not a hater either and I really want to believe that there is an explanation for all that junk... all that junk inside her trunks.

Ok lame, I know.

Yes, Ent, Jen A is not unattractive. I concur.

But, i do have to agree with everyone who said the Angelina's lips are real. Just look at any picture of her as a child. I believe she was even teased about her "fishlips" as a child.

Jesse James is too fucking dumb to be with Sandra, in my opinion.

I actually kinda feel sorry for Kate right now. But I know that the second I turn on their show all that will go away and I will commence hating them both equally again.

Nick Lachey needs to go to whatever island all the other has-been boy banders go to, do a dumb reality show with Janice Dickinson and Verne Troyer that nobody watches, and get eaten by sharks. I HATE that fucker.

Rufus II said...

First of all, I asked several weeks ago why everybody hates Fergie. She's got a lot more sense and self respect than a lot of other singers and actresses out there. As far as peeing on her pants during a show, maybe she was in the middle of a song and didn't want to leave the stage. Or maybe she was so drunk that she didn't realize she had peed. Drunk people do that sometimes. Yes, I speak from experience. I think that skirt is a jean skirt with a thick seam in the front. I like Fergie. I'm not a Stan, but for someone who doesn't act like a professional whore-about-town, I don't get all the anger toward her. (Unless it's over the hot piece she is married to, Is that why?)
I hate Kevin Spacey with a capital H. It was my understanding from various websites that Kevin was into the so young it is illegal boys. I thought that was why he liked to stay overseas all the time. Or is he not the one from various Pedo blind items from the past. I think some came from this site.

Jasmine said...

First of all, speak for yourself there on the hating Maggie train okay enty? Her diva attitude with a hat isnt going to make me hate her. Compared to all the awesome movies she has done, Secretary anyone? , this hat story doesnt cancel her out at all.

Jasmine said...

P.s. Channing Tatum yum yum

Jen said...

Not that Angie's lips should be made into a federal case, but....if you watch Bone Collector, they are pillowy and have indentations...lips shrivel as you get older, Angie's have miraculously become full and seamless...the result of strategic injections.

K said...

Maybe that's where Fergie carries her mobile phone, and she's just really adept at text-messaging. If that's the case, I hope for her sake that the public urination thing was a one-time problem.

Impertinent Vixen said...

Fergie is UGLY!

Just had to get that off my chest.

B626 said...

Yes,let's not pick on Fergie in general, let's razz her when she's got her period!
Note to Fergie:
Never leave the house 'that' week of the month.

Sporky said...

I don't like Fergie because her music is pure over-rated caca, IMO. That's it. But she really needs to get a clue that the paparazzi are everywhere and to govern herself accordingly. What's next? A picture of her picking her nose?

Green Wave Gal said...

Does anyone else remember when Fergie was Stacy Ferguson as a cute little blond girl with an awesome voice on Kids Incorporated back in the 80s. I LOVED that show!

Caroline said...

Ooh, thanks for the Paola Nutini shot. Love his music.

Halfmad said...

you really think anjelina has work done on her lips? anything else i wouldn't question, but they look the same to me. i have lips just as big as hers and they're natural; it does happen.

Tenley said...

I think Jennifer Aniston is shooting up embalming fluid -- something definitely looks wrong with her face even as she's trying so hard to look like she hasn't aged at all in 20 years.

Ells said...

Tarantino looks like Statler from the Muppets.
I like Fergie too. Unfortunate photo this time. I don't think she's ugly, and I like to think that Josh Duhamel has good judgement.

tallulah b said...

Katie: I'm pretty sure the indentations in Angie's lips in "Bone Collector" were due to the nude lipstck she wore was dry. The differing levels of moisture in lip products can make lips look quite different from one day to another.

BTW- I used to be "April".

Diane said...

figgy, no one should listen to Clinton and Stacy. Who the millionare matchmaker should consult is Trinny and Susannah, who would both propose a more flattering dress shape for her so she could work it in whatever pattern she'd like.

And there is no way Fergie is adjusting a pad. Those things have gotten way thin over the past 30 years ago or so, and they haven't bunched up since the "wings" technology was developed. (Am firmly in the "you couldn't pay me enough to wear tampons" group here.)

Kevin Spacey is lovely. I don't care if he's hiding something about himself, he's been doing a lot of good things for the Old Vic, and he's got a lot of talent in him.

I do wish Jann Wenner would just keel over from a heart attack. He's completely ruined rock music journalism, the state of popular music in the United States, and now the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a piece of shit since he's become the head of it. Fuck Wenner with a rusty chainsaw.

I hope Whitney keeps on getting better. I also hope that she developed her nasty 'tude only to cope during the time she was unfortunately betrothed to the nasty Bobby Brown and that she's learned her lessons and will continue rehabilitating herself.

And Miss Universe Japan 2009 looks like she's definitely going for more of a (REAL) Harajuku girl look to her. Who knows, maybe she's from that area in Tokyo and decided to pay homage to her 'hood?


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