Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The top spot honor is going to Garry Shandling. The Larry Sanders Show is some of the funniest television ever made. Judd Apatow is good, but Garry is hilarious.
Is Adam Sandler wearing an Eminem shirt?
For the first time in a long time a random photo of Christina Applegate where she is not smoking.
Don Johnson's plastic surgeon appears to be very good at what he does.
Denise Richards sure has been smiling a lot lately.
Spade. David Spade.
Eric Bana and the actor I am disliking most lately, Seth Rogen. I finally watched Pineapple Express. It would have been much better without Seth. He only has one character and it is getting old.
This whole big hair thing is getting out of control. Elizabeth Banks sports the latest attempt at the six inch record.
You would think Eva Mendes would look a little happier.
George Clooney in Italy.
So the woman on the left is an Italian actress named Giorgia Wurth and the guy is a director named Fausto Brizzi. Do you think when Giorgia got home and saw this picture she might have been just a little creeped out?
The first time Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint met.
The one and only Judy Collins.
Jonah Hill giving love to some fans.
It's been awhile since Jimmy Kimmel turned up in the pictures.
Ditto Kevin Farley.
Kate Gosselin is actually smiling.
Are all of you as shocked as me that Tom Cruise continues to stay in LA while leaving Katie and Suri alone in Australia?
The showing the limo driver how to perform oral sex photo of the day.
Kate Hudson continues to pretend she likes baseball. This is more acting than she has done in her last 3 movies combined.
Kendra and Hank doing some shopping.
Matt Damon in what appears to be a very nice suit.
Marla Maples and her daughter with the exact same luggage and the exact same expression.
I love Natasha Khan.
If you have never seen the Comedians Of Comedy you need to.
The invitation said 7pm. By 9pm Rupert Everett realized no one was coming.
I love Rashida but she needs to come by the house so we can work on her posing skills.
Ryan Phillippe not wearing a helmet because no one would recognize him if he did.
Does Ryan Seacrest kind of look like Ricky Martin in this photo?
Isn't there anything that can be done about Matthew Broderick's hair?
I love Toni Collette so much that I am going to ignore the brillo pads on her dress.
Teri Hatcher on the set of Desperate Housewives. The dress on the right is being worn by Dana Delaney.


mooshki said...

Eva looks cold! :)

Aww, Kendra's bump is cute!

ItsJustMe said...

SJP looks so happy ... I'm glad for her.

Anonymous said...

Adam Sandler proves he has not bought new clothes in the last 10 years.

That's a pretty scathing indictment of Seth Rogen. He seems likeable to me.

Creepy director lusting after an actress? Quelle surprise.

Cute picture of the young wizards.

TV said...

love the young wizards pic.

MontanaMarriott said...

If you were the only chick on a boat full of hot men that were GAY you'd have the same look as Eva, lol

Regarding Set Rogen and his one character, DUHHHHHH,

Love Judy Collins, she is such a sweet lady!

Oh wow, Tiffany Trump has lost a ton of weight, I know she was a chubby kid and I felt so bad for her because MM was not kind to her one time we were at a premiere together and she wanted popcorn, it was NOT pretty

OMG he shooo do look like Ricky Martin


.robert said...

Wasn't the creepy guy also on the train in the Eurotrip movie?

MISCH said...



mooshki said...

DN, I think Enty is just pissed at Seth for attacking his favorite show, Entourage. :)

RocketQueen said...

I like Kate Hudson less and less every day. She looks plain and moody all the time.

I've been hearing that about the split too - can't wait!

I totally agree about Matthew B's Hair. Ick. Nast.

Kat said...

Totally agree about Seth Rogen. When are poop jokes and penis jokes going to get old already?

Anonymous said...

Don Johnson, I thought he was broke.

George C., what a whimp driving a tri-cycle LOL.

Very creepy guy!!

Are the 5 years up for Gay Cruise??

Kate looks stupid in that pose.

Seacrest looks very gay.

SJP and MB look weird in that pose. Like MB is forcing himself to hold her.

Love Toni C. very good actress.

Hatcher looks almost like Catherine Z. Jones.

figgy said...

Wow, Teri Hatcher looks so much better! i.e., not emaciated.

Anotheramy said...

Tom and Katie have been apart for more than a year. The only suprising thing is that Tom is allowing Suri to stay with Katie. She must be much better at getting her way than Nicole was.

DazzledByTheNorthman said...

Enty, as much as it pains me to say this (cuz I really like the guy) but I totally agree with you about Seth Rogen. I watched Pineapple express last night and his performance in that and Knocked Up are identical. I could have done with MORE JAMES FRANCO in the movie!

Love the B&W picture of the young wizards, and I really loved the first HP movie.

There's something about David Spade...I don't why but I am strangely attracted to him! *Hangs head in shame and asks fellow posters not to judge me*

Yah, I can understand why Eva looks so glum...peen peen everywhere, but...

I am officially over George Clooney

I like Kate Gosslin's dress *runs for cover*

Kendra and Hank make a cute couple

I heart Jason Bourne. Le Sigh

MB and SJP look creepy.

Ditto on Toni's Brillo Pads!

thisoldbroad said...

Matthew Broderick's hair?


farmgirl said...

Whatever George is driving I MUST HAVE IT.

Scooby Dubious said...

Poor Eva. The invitation to THAT cruise was actually intended for Clooney.

MB & SJP: American Gothic 2009. She is growing more equine by the second. He always looks like he can't believe the nightmare he's living in.

Catty Comments said...

SJP really does look happy. Why does it seem like Matthew was photoshopped in?

MnGddess said...

David Spade: creeeepy....

Eric Bana: Did ya'll know he started his career as a stand-up comedian?

Elizabeth Banks looks like a blow-up doll.

Oh, give Eva Mendes a break.

I guess Clooney needs training wheels...

OK, the director laser-eyeing the actress is both creepy and HI-larious..

That is the cutest photo of Daniel and Rupert.

Jonah Hill is FUNNY.

Jimmy Kimmel can afford a better shirt, for God's sake.

I love how K. Gosselin uses that hat to disguise herself now. I feel so sorry for those girls.

Kate Hudson is such a non-entity. Who cares about her?

Love Kendra and Hank. And Bridget M. (on her Travel Channel show.)

Rupert Everett. Another non-entity. Always looks pissed off. Go away.

Enty, if Rashida comes by your house you'll only lock her in the basement.

I think Chris Rock looks more like Ricky Martin than Ryan Seacrest does, Enty. Heh.

Matthew Broderick has the strangest hair. It's even worse than Donald Trump's.

Unknown said...

That Funny People movie looks really un-funny.

Lissette said...

Am I the only one that noticed that Katherine Heigle isn't wearing her wedding band in the picture? Hm...
And I noticed that both top dramatic shows are there.

Also, pretty weird that Adam Sandler's wife didn't show up to support her hubby, he's not looking happy, nor is he wearing his ring.

I think Kate finally found a place for the stick she always looks to be "carrying" up her arse!.

I love the Ryan Seacrest jab---he looks like Ricky a little too much, non?

Seth Rogan's one note wonderment should be over.

Eva Mendes looks no different than she typically does: tries hard to be sexy, a smile is not. When will she turn that frown upside down????

Momster said...

Thanks for the pic of Eric Bana--love that man. Matt Damon looks good, too.

Scooby Dubious said...

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Banks has to struggle against the way she looks naturally—which is astonishingly like a slightly heavier Parker Posey. Sometimes her efforts have horrific results, as depicted here.

Years ago Rachel Griffiths had a similar problem—which was solved handily when twin Juliette Lewis effectively quit acting.

What was the film that gave Griffiths her big break—and which starred Toni Collette?

Which other similarly-named film (also directed by the same guy) turned out to be Rupert Everett's biggest film?

Which little-seen follow-up effort (same director again) starred Rupert and Kathy Bates?

Scooby Dubious said...

P.S. Regarding Rupert: Not counting the Shrek nonsense.

ardleighstreet said...

WTF happened to Sonny Crockett?

Watched Pineapple. Hated Seth but LOVED James Franco who deserved more time. Franco was funny as hell.

Eva is pissed because she mistakenly booked herself on the gay male Love Boat. I mean DAMN girl! What's not to smile at. Remove the stick.

That is once nice suit, Matt Damon.

Rupert Everett looks AWFUL.

Rashida looks like she's going to curtsey.

Are they force feeding Teri Hatcher? Finally?!

selenakyle said...

I agree that Garry Shandling's show was one of the best EVER. The episode when Beck guest starred comes to mind as particularly hilarious.

Re: Chris Rock--one of our fave sayings in this household is "who ever thanks Daddy for the lights?" and "thanks for the heat, Daddy!" that sh*t can go on for an hour back and forth around here! We love him.

nunaurbiz said...

Thanks for the Garry Shandling photo, Enty, and giving him the top spot! The man's a genius, really!

The Rupert cutline made me LOL

When I saw SJP, I wanted to put a quote bubble by her: "Gee, this having two babies without having to have sex with my husband and pop them out myself is GREAT! Wish I had thought of that before!"

And, as for MB, after Enty's reveal on him, if that doesn't quash the rumors that he's gay, his hair does. No self-respecting gay would let his star bf go out like that!!!!!

Sara Bellum said...

Scooby Dubious it was Muriel's Wedding.

I'm kind of over Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. They are just the late 2000s version of the 65 year old man or the schlub with the 20 something gorgeous girl.

warmislandsun said...

Eva Mendes looks like she has cramps.

WTF? Don Johnson does look good. Must be the years without Melanie that did him some good.

I always get Elizabeth Banks mixed up with Chelsea Handler. They look like the same person to me.

I didn't like Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill for a long time. After seeing Jonah Hill on David Letterman, I like him a little bit now. Not Rogen, though. I would never see a movie just because either of them was in it.

I really like Jimmy Kimmel, though.

Who are Hagel and her assistant yelling at? Her assistant looks like an even bigger rag than she is.

Scooby Dubious said...

...And Sara Bellum for the win! Congrats, your Scooby Snax are in the mail!

(The other answers were "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "Unconditional Love"—all wrought by the capable hands of P.J. Hogan.)

bionic bunny! said...

you're not the only one w/ the spade love.
i think there's a sweetness behind the characters he portrays that is really him.
i've always been a fan!
wow, kevin looks so much like chris!
kendra's bump is @ the same size as my DIL's! awwww!

insert matt damon/crumples suit on the floor joke here:_____________.

bionic bunny! said...

btw, that thing clooney's riding looks extremely difficult to handle.
just like the rest of his dates!

bionic bunny! said...

all right. clooney keeps his "cool" badge.
some of you know of my love of drivable things, so of course i had to look that sucker up.
check it out:

i think i want one!

Miss(pdx) said...

disliking the old chop chop? reaally? Eric Bana has a free pass because of Chopper for me any time any day.

Kates smiling because she is getting insanely skinny. Denise Richards too... hmm.. I should talk to them..


Harry and Ron! Awwww..

califblondy said...

My fella has told me the story (a million times) about partying with David Spade who was hanging at a local bar and he was just the best guy.

I would have never known that was Teri Hatcher.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Broderick's hand looks like a monster's; it's huge and scarily disproportionate to the rest of him.

Linnea said...

i love that picture of the wizards

Christyn said...

Dear god, can't Sarah Jessica Parker fix that horrific nose already? I think she would be a thousand times more attractive without the Owen Wilson penis nose.

Ells said...

you could give Broderick a BumpIt.

Unknown said...

Comedians of Comedy is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Nathaniel Buckner anyone?


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