Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I never in a million years thought Amy Winehouse would get the top photo again except with a RIP attached to it. But, she seems to be doing better and she was acquitted today of assault charges. Bonus is that for two straight mornings she has had to go to court and so probably didn't get hammered the night before. It shows.
Some front and back from Adrian Grenier.
And a little later with him all cleaned up and next to Perrey Reeves and Rex Lee.
Do you ever get the feeling that when you watch Lost In Translation that Anna didn't even need to act. Here she is at Comic Con discussing her craft.
The reason why Chace Crawford has hair on both of his palms.
Courteney Cox looks pretty good here.
I'm guessing Cruz learned this from
her. No, I know that Cruz is just having fun and I also think he didn't learn that from her.
All she is missing is the owl head and then she can go to schools and say, "Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute."
Fall Out Boy - Incheon
Georgia Jagger tries her hand at modeling. She is only 17 so try not to look at the breasts. You will go to hell.
James Cameron at Comic Con talking about Avatar.
Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance there. Not for Avatar, but for Alice In Wonderland. Not that any of you have noticed because you are just looking at him and not reading the words.
First time appearance for Jessalyn Gilsig. It is long overdue.
I think Jennifer Lopez's wish may have had something to do
with this man. He also spilled.
Julia Roberts on the set of her new movie which stars Javier Bardem, unlike the Wall Street sequel.
I think Megan Fox is asking who the hell is Jennifer and why are they looking at her body instead of Megan's.
Aah, that Matt Lauer is a funny guy isn't he?
Olivia Wilde playing Tron. I know the Tron guy reads the site. Where have you been Tron guy? Excited about the new movie?
Patrick Warburton has lost a lot of weight.
I'm trying to find the best angle for a Rumer Willis photo.
Still working on it.
Probably my favorite picture of the day. I love when people are captured being themselves. Plus he might be drunk.
Scarlett J looks nice, but I still don't like her that much.
Sean Paul - New York
Tara Reid spending another summer going from yacht to yacht in St. Tropez.
And one more of Johnny for you.


FrenchGirl said...


RocketQueen said...

Oh Johnny - I love you. Love you.

I also love Patrick Warburton - he is beyond hilarious in everything I've ever seen.

I'm getting tired of Megan's "open mouth, come-hither" posing. Seriously. We get it. You're selling sex.

On the other hand - Adrian Grenier? How the hell did he get the lead in this show? He is just not movie-star material. Ick. Nast.

Oh Fergie. You are truly hideous. Hand that husband over.

Miss(pdx) said...

Scar Jo is looking super skinny these days. I like the curves betta.

Courtney Cox is looking awesome. I have to look at real(ish) women like her for age appropriate ( I am in my eaaarly 30's ) inspiration.

Johnny is looking hawt as usual.

Amy W looks AWESOME! Please make another album!! God I can remember when she was still super underground and only other musicians were up on her stuff.. and I could listen to Back to Black without feeling guilty..

Sinjin said...

Tara Reid: I wouldn't let that dirty hippie ho on my boat! Ew.

Georgia Jagger: close your mouth, it gives you etra IQ points! Good, yes?

Patrick Warburton: love you for easily cracking me up with deadpan delivery!

Posh: I worry for her future foot problems. They aren't meant to bend that far, especially when walking.


Taterhead Willis: Enty, you're killing me! Once again, please ban her, she's neither interesting NOR a celebrity. Merely the talentless spawn of 2 famous people. Gah!

littleoleme said...

Forget Georgia Jagger's breasts - look at those terrible teeth! Get thee to a dentist!

lilbitsolo said...

I don't know what you all are talking about, the only pictures I saw were Johnny Depp and Patrick Warburton. Seriously, there were other pics?

Ariel said...

Robert P. doesn't look drunk to me. It more looks like he is reacting to the screaming girls. Good lord that must have been loud.

Sierraton said...

Holy crap!!! Amy Winehouse looks GOOD!!!!! Hey, do you think if enough people tell her this that she may actually try to maintain it (or at least ~burn~ her old ballerina flats)?

mooshki said...

Aww, is poor Perrey Reeves broke? She had to borrow a dress from someone a foot taller than her.

Alternatively, the reason Chace Crawford is so popular with the boys.

I really hope Avatar doesn't suck.

I hated Jessalyn on Nip/Tuck, but now I'm starting to like her. Which is funny, since she plays such a heinous bitch on "Glee."

How come Tara keeps wearing clothes that show off that horrific belly? Oh yeah, she's drunk.

lmnop123 said...

@lisaoriginal, it's too late to save Posh's feet. She already has bunions. I've seen them, they aren't pretty.

Patrick Warburton probably lost weight because Elaine broke up with him again. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love Puddy. He will always be Puddy.

Jessalyn Gilsig would be a little more likeable if she ever played a likeable character.

I would be willing to help Chace with his joystick.

Amy looks amazing.

M. said...

I'm not a fan of Rumer, but I actually think the second photo of her is the best she's ever photographed...

Lolita Breckenridge said...

I actually have hope for Amy Winehouse after the photos this week. I just want her to be okay.

And thank you for the double Depp.

Linnea said...

totally agree with you RocketQueen! About the Megan Fox thing, I mean. Its starting to get so old!

whole lotto luv said...

I could have lived without seeing Adrian Grenier's hairy asscrackage.

I love Johnny Depp, greasy hair and all.

Jessalyn Gilsig's character on Boston Public wasn't too bad, I thought.

What did Mark Anthony spill? I'm just not getting it.

I wish Megan Fox would just close her mouth occasionally, or go get that adenoid surgery she so desperately needs.

I can't stand anyone on the Today show. They are the world's worst actors.

Puddy does look a lot thinner.

The best angle for a Rumer photo would be of the back of her head.

Someone should tell Tara Reid that midriff-baring is for girls/women much younger than 50.

nunaurbiz said...

Psst, Jessalyn: Your slip is showing!

Oh, that really is ScarJo? I thought it was an ad for a ScarJo Bobblehead.

amazonblue said...

Is Enty dropping a hint about Patrick Warburton? The comic actor that had to reshoot scenes because of his dramatic drug induced weight loss?

trouble bubble said...

Posh looks like a robot with those high-heels, legs crossed and blatant face expression.

shakey said...

Look how good Amy cleans up! Why the hate for Anna Faris, Ent? I like Chase Crawford's hair.

Georgia Jagger looks like a vampire with those teeth showing. Get a close-up of her smiling Ent, just to gross us out. Please?

What does the cake say? Thanks for being our Plan A? I must say she does look natural in those photos.

JEFF BRIDGES reads the site? oh my.

Kristen Bell's head looks bigger than Rumer's in the first photo. Ah, Tara doing what she does best.

Now! said...

Don't know Jessalyn Gilsig, but her name sounds like the kind of thing Hollywood studios used to make starlets change. You know, "Ginger Rogers was born Jessalyn Gilsig in Kansas in 1909..."

ardleighstreet said...

Love the Johnny Comic-Con story. He so rocks! Tim Burton's imaginary friend that follows him around. AWESOME!

Yeah! Amy might be setting a trend!

Does Posh ever have a facial expression other then pissed or robotiic? She never even smiles at her kids or Becks.

Unknown said...

Johnny looks yummy as always.

That is all.

Lissette said...

Who is Elaine that Patrick Warbuton is dating?
Love the Courtney Cox and Kristen Bell "random photos" especially with the wonderful, previous Blind Vice! Hm...??
I love JD! Can't wait!
ScarJo is such a ho! UGH
Megan Fox is obviously using the Angelina Jolie cliff's notes, only referencing the highlighted points.
Anna Faris is vapid, watch any interviews. Poor thing!
Why, oh why is Perry Reeves wearing such long pants??
Amy looks great!

B626 said...

For the Rumer Willis perfect angle I must quote Toostie and and offer:'How about New Jersey?'

lmnop123 said...

@Lissette, Patrick played a character named David Puddy on the Seinfeld show and he dated the character named Elaine which was played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

We were just joking around and referencing characters from the show.

Unknown said...

Adrian needs to address that ass hair.

Katja said...

GD why are Fergies legs from two different people? I like her and her music/band no band. My all time faves are L/feat (Lowell George rocks) Prince- I have seen him 5x.

Katja said...

I love you people!

JJ said...

I love Tron guy (and I'm not talking a Bridges brother)

libby said...

HA!!! B626, I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Tootsie"!
Director: 'Can you pull back a little, make her look more attractive?'
Cameraman: 'How 'bout New Jersey?'

Too true about poor Rumer.

Amy Winehouse looks so so good. I really hope she can pull off more music. She has such a one-in-a-million voice, it would be sad if she's permanently damaged it with, you know, all the CRACK.

Tara Reid has about 5 years until she becomes just another middle-aged dried-up bar slag who dresses like a teenager. Desperate.

Megan Fox tries too hard, like she's really really insecure.

mooshki said...

"Tara Reid has about 5 years until she becomes just another middle-aged dried-up bar slag who dresses like a teenager."

Um, don't you mean "5 years ago she became just another..." :)

copperkitten said...

Oh no, that really does look like a Scarlett J Bobble Head...poor thing.

Diane said...

I am so happy for Amy Winehouse. I hope hope hope she keeps this up and that Blaaaaaaaake stays the eff away from her. She looks fantabulous and should pursue a more glamourous image in concert with a fantastic '60s-era soul album, maybe like what a modern day Aretha or Ella would do.

I don't see a problem with Georgia Jagger's teeth. Americans have this weird obsession with overperfect chicklet teeth that look like big fat fake dentures to me. She looks pretty and if she's one of Jerry's kids her mom's way awesome. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with Tara Reid's entire wasted self. It's really sad when the teenaged model with a skinny dad looks more well fed than she does.

Patrick Warburton looks so much younger than his Seinfeld days! I'm shocked. And Marc Anthony looks like the perfect partner for J.Lo, which is only natural considering they're both Boriucas (I think?). I would mention my reaction to the Johnny Depp photos but don't wish to be stereotypical there, so, er, hm.


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