Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The top spot goes to a reader on the left who got Donnie Wahlberg to snap this photo of the two of them together the other day.
Anne Hathaway is a big spender on her boyfriends as he sports the free t-shirt and bag she received for being in Twelfth Night.
There will always be room in the photos for Bill Nighy. God I love this guy.
This is almost like album cover worthy. I love the way Carla Bruni and Dave Stewart are posing in this picture. It is just a red carpet but it is like they practiced.
Hell yeah. I'm celebrating also. A 150 pound cupcake and a new world record.
Cameron Diaz after a night of partying in London this weekend. The good news is she managed to stay upright. Whenever you can do that after a night of drinking and propel yourself out under your own power you have to look at that as a success. Having Jude Law pay for all the drinks was just a bonus.
Coldplay - Los Angeles
Can you feel the love for David Beckham in Los Angeles?
Yeah, he felt it also.
Sam Ronson and Drea de Matteo partied until 5am. When Sam got home she found Lindsay waiting on her front step. They then screamed at each other about Drea and Sam tossed out all Lindsay's clothes on the front porch.
Hey, it's Flo-Rida. Behind him is Ne-Braska.
The cast of GI Joe. Again, I am warning you in advance that it is probably the worst movie of the year.
However, the good news is that Glee is pretty damn cool.
Incubus - Kansas City
Iron Man director Jon Favreau.
Katherine Heigl
and Gerard Butler right before a fire alarm sent them out of the hotel for two hours. Gerard signed autographs and posed for pictures. Katherine went and hid in a restaurant.
Jessica Simpson on Saturday night. If you believe the Tweets of her mom they spent Sunday night watching the movie Great Expectations together. Uh huh.
Nicole and Keith in the not posed, posed picture of the day.
Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell.
So, on Saturday night, one of the opening acts for Girl In A Coma was Killola. You probably haven't heard of them. They are really good, but the lead singer is a trivia question or bar bet in the making. Her name is Lisa Rieffel. Don't know her? Well she is the Chuck Cunningham of this generation. Lisa played Carrie's sister on King Of Queens for the first half of season one and then walked away to start her band. The character was never mentioned again.
Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna.
The red carpet chair in Italy snag Liev Schreiber
and Naomi Watts.
Motley Crue - Camden, NJ
This is Miss Spain. The contest was held in Mexico. WTF?
Someone forgot to plug in the Princess. She isn't blinking again.
Over the weekend, the Burbank Marriott was filled with stars trying to make a buck. Rosanna will sign something for $25.
Some of the cast of The Brady Bunch was there. Adrianne Curry was there so please don't think that Christopher Knight got to keep the money for himself.
Jason Mewes was there.
Uh oh. Lou charges $30. Rosanna needs to raise her prices.
Marcia Wallace was there.
And I still can't figure out what Shannen Doherty was doing there.
Did you know they had Happy Days action figures? Tom Bosley has some sitting right there next to him. It is good to see him.
I love Zach Galifianakis.
The looks like two men having sex photo of the day. Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson.
Whitney Port may want to rethink these bikini bottoms. It is like watching Austin Powers.


Emobacca said...

Jason Mewes AND Zach Galifiankis?

This is a Random Photos that I can get behind.

MnGddess said...

" Hey, it's Flo-Rida. Behind him is Ne-Braska."


This is why I love you, Enty.

kris said...

"Someone forgot to plug in the Princess. She isn't blinking again."


Princess said...

Dave Stewart and Carla Bruni? I woulda swore it was Ringo and Catherine Bach. haha

Green Wave Gal said...

Sam Rockwell & Leslie Bibb? Who knew!?! I like it!

I loved the Glee pilot...can't wait for the show to start!

LOL @ Whitney's bikini...

Jude Law and Cameron Diaz? Hmmm...

Marcia Cross? Was that an on-purpose mistake?

I donn't care what anybody says...I love Christopher Knight. Yes, it has a lot to do with the fact that I won $$$$ on his show! :)


Karmen said...

Ne-Braska - love it.

Katherine HAGle is a bitch.

They really held Miss Spain in Mexico? ¿Por quĂ©?

Karmen said...

Oh, and I love the Top Photo. That reader's very lucky - bahaha.

Susan said...

Whitney's bikini bottom is such a Glamour mag DON'T!

Yellow Rose said...

Awwww...Poor Duff (&/or Charm City Cakes) doesn't hold the record for biggest cupcake anymore? That's a shame :)

lutefisk said...

I love Tom Bosley, but he is not looking well there.

.robert said...

I still do not get the chair on the red carpet (white here I guess).

People really pay 25 bucks for some d-lister autograph?

The bikini bottom comment is so funny.

Anonymous said...

Woody and Owen sure are chummy, didn't they go skinny dipping together this time last year?

That is some really bad photos of Gerard and Katherine. Shame she's still all high and mighty.

I didn't know that Drea went for girls.

Carla Bruni really is beautiful, and a decent singer.

I love Bill Nighy, but G-Force? Gerbil spies? REALLY?! Egads, man must need a paycheck for something.

lmnop123 said...

Anne Hathaway really needs a tan, perhaps Lindsay Lohan could sell her some of that orange spray tan that she owns. Anything is better than that white as snow look that she's sporting.

Scooby Dubious said...

Is Drea aspiring to be some sort of C-Team Portia?

If Sienna's in it, it will be DOA. This can now be acknowledged as a law of physics.

Jon Favreau: Spanx (Manx?) are your friend.

Sam Rockwell in "Box of Moonlight." Sublime.

What is Lisa Rinna doing wearing bikini bottoms?

Rosanna at "Autograph-Thon?" What could her take have been? And was it worth the humiliation?

If there is a God, Owen is a Power Bottom.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

I would like to compliment the reader on getting this awesome photo. Also, where'd she get her blouse? I think I would like one too. Seriously.

Monalicious said...

The "bikini comment" is awsome!!!

I think Owen and Woody are just stoner buddies.

strawberrygirl said...

I saw Coldplay this weekend. They were amazing as always!!!

procrastination101 said...

i feel like whitney should've known better about that bikini.

Winston Ono said...

I'm disappointed in Drea. She must have serious issues to want to put herself in the middle of that toxic dynamic duo.

Tom Bosley looks so frail that it made me weep a little.

warmislandsun said...

I hate skinny jeans on guys. Anne Hathaway's boyfriend looks questionable at best. I guess I just like my men more....manly.

no e said...

I love Glee!

nunaurbiz said...

Are Drea and Shooter on the outs?!?!? I'm confused!

I think Keith and Nicole look real happy in that picture ... so ... that leads me to believe ... it'll be over soon! heh heh heh heh ...

CDAN Mod said...

so heigel was not in the mood for signing autographs, so instead of being nasty to people or ignoring them, she opted to get a hotel room. and the problem is...

Ells said...

Ne-Braska ha. Where's Al B. Querque?

sassenach said...

I've heard that Anne's boyfriend is gay and I am starting to believe it.

Rosie said...

I saw Coldplay last week and they were awesome- we had some serious nose-bleed seats out on the lawn and they walked all the way up there and played some songs- I've never seen a band do that before- that was pretty cool of them, nice for someone to care about all their fans- not just the ones that can throw down $400 for front row seats!

Susan said...

I've read before that Drea goes both ways. I think she's pretty open about it. That said, I thought she was married - happily. Glad she got a new gig on Desperate Housewives, but she will always be Adriana to me.

hotchacha said...

WHOA!! What the hell happened to Mr. Cunningham?!

PJ Nelson said...

This was the best random collection in a long time...

Where to start - I thought Dave Stewart was Ringo, too

Flo-Rida. Behind him is Ne-Braska? Brilliant!

Lisa Rinna's lips precede her hatbrim

Liev is a sexy beast

Lou - the best Hulk ever

Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson photo almost flipped me off my chair I was laughing so hard - I don't wanna know what that was about though it looked like a turf war where one was trying to flip the other off their raft-thingy

Whitney is using the black variety of Depends, eh?

chihuahuense said...

@ warmislandsun--thank you! Skinny jeans on men (and women for that matter) are the worst trend in years. I just saw a woman at the farmer's market, who did not have a bad body, wearing skinny jeans and I thought 'if she could see what she looks like from behind, she would never wear those jeans again.' They make everyone look horrible IMO.

Also that bikini is HILARIOUS.

Lissette said...

I am such a blockhead! I am a huge Donny fan! thank you, Enty.
Shall we even discuss Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell? That is SOOOOO random!

Pookie said...

lol, Ells! teehee. al b querque. LOVE IT!

shakey said...

That bikini bottom is priceless. Just priceless.

Julie said...

i made an adrianne curry comment on ontd lol so i don't think i need to repeat my sentiments here.
still hate her. :( (yes, that makes me sad)

Fabulous! said...

i'm just here for donnie wahlberg. seriously, i'm *so jealous* of that reader!!!

Dick Insideu said...

Cameron is the shit. I want to eat her pussy like a ripe mango. Man, does she look fabulous when she's wasted. Timberlake is a fag.

I never knew Heigl had such luscious tatas.

Harry Hamlin has man tits.

SnowCherries said...

Good pictures and captions yesterday! I especially love the top photo :) Will admit that I am still a huge New Kids fan. My girlfriends and I had a lot of fun at their recent shows. Actually found my first gray hair at the last concert - the irony.

amanda rae said...


Yes, skinny jeans on guys are straight up HIDEOUS. There are no exceptions to that rule, period. It makes guys look feminine and I also like my men to look like MEN.
They aren't always so bad on women though, I have a few pairs and even though I'm like, a size 2, I feel weird in them mainly because they make your feet look so big. I just don't think they look that good on anyone, but I'll make mine into shorts since I just moved to Florida lol. What I WON'T be doing is buying that hairy crotch looking bikini that Whitney Port (who the fuck IS she) is wearing...eww! FASHION FAIL!

figgy said...

Lisa Rinna's body would look great (if just a bit too sinewy) if it weren't for those STUPID rock-hard balls attached to her chest!! WHY oh why do women to this to their bodies??? There is nothing wrong with small, proportionate breasts! (says she who would LOVE to have smaller boobies)

figgy said...

I must've missed something--why does everyone hate Katherine Heigl? I find her rather appealing.

And Whitney Port's bikini is the most hilarious fashion faux pas I've seen in a long time. O.M.G!!!

mooshki said...

Owen & Woody were having a wrestling match. Scooby Dubious, I don't know if Owen is the bottom - Woody ended up with a black eye. LOL!

I can't wait for Glee. Even the thousands of commercials haven't made me sick of it yet.

Whitney has the worst fashion sense of anyone on the planet. Yes, even worse than Mary Kate.

Mewes is looking good!

I love Leslie Bibb. Like Twin Peaks, I will always have a special place in my heart for anyone involved in Popular.

Simone said...

I would be too embarrassed as a common fan to go to an Autograph-thon. How desperate must a d-lister be? So sad.

Montance said...

I am the top photo :) I am such a blockhead!! :) This particular group of photos was very amusing... I must say the Flo Rida and Ne-Braska comment was the best!!

ENTY thank you so much for top spot honors!! I am floored! I actually YELPED in excitement when I seen it! Since I am the only reader of your site at work no one really... cared :)

Wow as if I wasnt before I am a reader for LIFE

bionic bunny! said...

wow. mewes cleans up good! i would never have suspected!

angel_elle3300 said...

Donnie Wahlberg - What a great guy! I love him, that day was great! I really love your attitue in this DDub would say ;)

Miss(pdx) said...

I have not or NEVER will get this wole Gerard Butler deal. blech.

sam and drea? yummy ( yes I know everyone thinks sams gross..more for me lol )

Gidg said...

Thanks for repping Killola, Enty!


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