Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boy George Goes To Court - Wants To Be On Celebrity Big Brother

Apparently Boy George has been invited to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. He is going to be paid about $350,000 for his participation. Obviously that is a decent chunk of change so he wants to jump all over that. Unfortunately in the UK appearing on a television show and getting paid while on parole is some kind of no no. When George asked his parole officer they told him no. So, George went to court today to ask a judge. He says he wants to do it to restore his reputation. I think he wants to do it for the money. Either way I think he should be allowed. The guy went to jail and served his time.

Can you imagine if we had the same kind of rules here? There would be no reality television. Well, I mean there would be the network shows, but there would be no programming on VH-1 at all.

George is due to find out tomorrow if he can appear on the show which starts January 3rd in the UK. Also scheduled to appear are Pamela Anderson and Peter Andre. Maybe Peter and Pamela could have sex and then Katie Price could storm the house dragging behind her cross dressing boyfriend and running into the arms of Peter saying she wants to get back together. That is UK television.


Alice D Millionaire said...

Except I think Katie and the cross dresser broke up...

sunnyside1213 said...

"He gave a famous, often quoted response to an interviewer that he preferred "a nice cup of tea" to sex.

Such a character.

Shmooey said...

The last person to leave Celebrity Big Brother with their reputation enhanced was Mark Owen back in 2002

Since then it has bought nothing but infamy on participants.

Of course, for Boy George, there may not be much to lose, anyway.

Sporky said...

Oh come on judge, let George work.

Christine65 said...

ITA...judge, just let him work!!

whole lotto luv said...

Pete Doherty keeps getting turned loose all over the world, but Boy George can't go try to make a few bucks? Doesn't seem fair.

califblondy said...

Do we get this show in the States? I love this kind of crap.

mooshki said...

"...there would be no programming on VH-1 at all."

LOL! So true!

Pookie said...

i'll tumble for ya!

hope he's allowed to do the show and doesn't spend all the $ on hookers and blow.

Mango said...

He served time? What was the charge?

sunnyside1213 said...

@ Mango, you really don't know? I think the link says it all.


Mango said...

Jeez, how did I miss that news?

Thanks for the link, Sunnyside!

LauPow said...

Urgh, no don't let him on it. Then I'll have to put up with seeing his stupid face and hearing his grating voice everyday for next few months. You can't avoid Celeb Big Brother, it infests everything.

Can't stand the man. I had a friend who worked on Taboo in the west end when it started.. the stories she told me about his behaviour. None of them very scandalous or interesting on their own, but when you add them all up they equal 'prick'.

Just go away already!

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