Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mary J Blige Punches Her Husband In The Face

More good cheer today comes courtesy of the NY Post who says that on Tuesday night at her record release party, Mary J. Blige punched her husband in the face. Apparently Mary saw her husband flirting with a waitress. She then screamed at him that he wasn't going to ruin her night. Both of them faced off and then people got in between to separate them, but Mary broke free and punched her husband in the face. She then started yelling at him and asking, "What are you going to do? Chris Brown me?"

Mary went to the bathroom and fixed her makeup. Her husband was kicked out. I'm not sure hat he did to deserve being kicked out. Reverse this for a second. Lets say her husband punched Mary in the face. Would they kick Mary out of the party? It's one thing to take a golf club to a car and another to punch someone in the face. Mary's rep didn't deny it happened, but came up with something that could be interpreted to be a denial if you read it quickly. "People lie and don't know what they're talking about."

Umm, people do lie. And some people don't know what they are talking about. But what about what these people said?


flwrgurl said...

necolebitchie twittered about this when it happened. There was a friend of hers at this party tweeting her the details.

Anonymous said...

I thought he was the guy that calmed her down, helped her to straighten out her problems?

I'm not excusing what she did or that she taunted him to hit her, but there's a whole lot of s**t happening at home for a couple to get into a loud public, physical altercation like that. I hope the police don't turn the other cheek. She drew blood for god sake!

Lady J said...

I read about this on another site. Apparently they got into an argument and she punched him because he kicked her brother out of the party.

chihuahuense said...

I knew this whole "new Mary persona" wouldn't last.

jax said...

oh and she'll be on Oprah in 2010 and Op won't say a fucking thing about domestic violence.

nothing says true love like a shot to the dome!

Pookie said...

the ghetto lives.

so sad.

whole lotto luv said...

I hope he presses charges and I hope the people who witnessed this will back him up. I don't care if he was doing a waitress in the middle of the room. That "What are you going to do? Chris Brown me?" is offensive as hell, just as it would have been if he had said, "what are you gonna do, Elin Woods me?" Btw, if Elin hit Tiger, I think her ass should be in trouble, too.

sunnyside1213 said...

Chris Brown is now a verb. There is justice in the world.

The Adventures of... said...

Mary's Gone Ghet-to! Definitely not excusable to punch him, and I'm baffled why he was kicked out? Oh yes- it's HER party. That's showbiz for you- people put up with these temper tantrums and bad behaviour so long as you bring in the coin.

Anonymous said...

This sham that Mary and Kendu call a marriage has been on the rocks for some time. He has at least 3 children from his previous relationships that Mary supports.

Kendu was supposed to be Mary's manager, and has no other clients, so basically he is also living off of her as well.

Mary tours constantly, because she can't afford not to. All of her albums sound the same, the quality of her work has deminished greatly over the years.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and she has always been a hood-rat. That will never change!

Vanessa said...

Anonymous Anonymous said 2:35 PM...Oh, and she has always been a hood-rat. That will never change!

11:19 AM Blogger Pookie said...the ghetto sad.
RAcist people out and alive today...time to show your true colors pigs.

sunnyside1213 said...

Wait...does that mean it is racist to call someone trailer trash?

Pookie said...

"Vanessa said...

Anonymous Anonymous said 2:35 PM...Oh, and she has always been a hood-rat. That will never change!

11:19 AM Blogger Pookie said...the ghetto sad.
RAcist people out and alive today...time to show your true colors pigs."

vanessa: i understand that sometimes, when reading comments in a blog, much can be misinterpreted, or read and 'absorbed' according to our feelings at that moment. i get that.

i thought about ignoring your comment, given what appears to be a defensive stance on your part (if your recent posts are any indication)...but i thought about it and decided to address you, given that this is (for the most part) a community of wonderful and unique people from ALL walks, and there's a level of respect that we maintain amongst each other (again, for the most part). i consider you a fellow member of the cdan family, and as such, i don't want there to be unnecessary dissension and division between us (leave that to the trolls who feel the need to rear their ugly heads). we don't have to agree on things or be like-minded, but we also don't need to assume things about each other when, in fact, we don't know each other to be making that judgement call.

mary j. blige, imo, is not ghetto b/c of the color of her skin. she is ghetto b/c of her behavior in that particular incident.

if you'd done a just a little bit of backtrack in enty's archive (the search is avail. on the right-hand side of the blog in drop-down menu format), and read the comments sections of the mjb posts...rather than jump to conclusions and call me "racist" and "pig", you'd note that i am a fan of mjb. i respect and love her talent. i have for a long time. that, however, does not mean that i will not call a spade, a spade. imo, her behavior against her husband was reprehensible. end of story. the color of her skin, her race, her ethnic background, her creed, her anything, is irrelevant. it's ghetto behavior, simple as that. i don't know of any race, or of any ethnic group, that is ghetto-free. disgusting and shameful behavior comes in all colors, all races, all ethnic groups, all sexual orientations, all creeds. we can label it ghetto, white trash, etc...but a rose by any other name...

further, if you've read this blog for any length of time, you tend to know who the racists are, the political extremists, the vulgar, etc. i guarantee if you were to run a search of my posts, you'd note that i most definitely do not fall into the racist or pig categories. it's unfair to label me as such.

all this said, i wish you happy holidays. it's christmas, and that alone calls for kindness, togetherness and understanding. i apologize that my post offended you. it was not intended to do so. i can only hope that you, after reading this, come away w/ a clearer understanding of what i am, and more importantly, of what i am not.

Anonymous said...

Is Elin Woods gonna be charged for something?

Anonymous said...

rolls eyes at pookie.

Anonymous said...

Pookie, the issue isn't that, as you state, "disgusting and shameful behavior comes in all colors, all races, all ethnic groups, all sexual orientations, all creeds." I agree with you there. The problem is with the label you used. "Ghetto" is very specifically a term applied to neighborhoods where poor black people live. One doesn't hear, for example, middle-class white men who behave in a trashy way referred to as acting "ghetto" (the term that you personally tend to overuse for them, IMHO, is "douche"). Please just think about the context of these things and try to understand why some people are going to be offended any time you use certain terms to describe people who have certain characteristics.

chihuahuense said...


So we can say pretty much anything about anyone on this site, but "ghetto" is off-limits? What the fuck ever. Pookie is right, bitch was ghetto.

I will not walk on eggshells. If any white, yellow, red celebutrash did something fucked up, Pookie, me, or anyone else will call them out on it.

Just want something to bitch about, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I don't give a flying f#$% what color you are, if you smack down your husband at a fancy party you are GHETTO. Props to the posters who aren't afraid to call it like it is.

Now! said...

I think Mary would acknowledge herself that she is "ghetto", for good and for bad.

Didn't she help originate the term "ghetto fabulous"?

TheWatcher said...

Dear Vanessa, once again your ignorance is showing. I find it interesting that you choose to invoke the dreaded "racist" word in your defense of the Blige. You missed the point entirely. She committed an act of violence and he was kicked out. He committed an act of poor taste and pre-infidelity. She bloodied him. Mary Blight needs to go to jail. Your response is the "racist pig" outburst. How ignorant of you. You should be outraged that she wasn't arrested like Chris Brown was. The scales of Justice are so unbalanced. This wasn't a black, brown, yellow or white was a domestic violence thing, idiot!

By the way, the Blige throws the word "ghetto" around quite a bit and seems to thrive on the sound of it. Why is that? It sure sounds like she thinks the word is some kind of badge of honor. I also find it interesting to note that Jesse Jackson has said more than once, that only white people can be racists. Again, the ignorance is astounding, but I find him to be the ultimate racist.

So until you understand the meaning of what you are saying, take a deep breath and review your silly provocative statements. It just makes your ignorance shiny and new all over again.

TheWatcher said...

I almost forgot...Merry Christmas. I don't care who is offended by it, but I am saying it LOUD and PROUD! I am sick and tired of apologizing for Christmas. If you don't like, don't read it, and if it offends you to hear it, then leave our country please. In no other country, would you be ashamed and scolded for keeping your traditions. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Vanessa said...

THe watcher...need to stop stalking me....

I stand by what i said...i like to see someone go up to a black person and call them ghetto to their face...never happen...people have looser lips on the internet than in real life.

Why are you bringing jesse jackson into this...and what does this have to do w/ white people....where did i say anything bad about white people.
Get over yourself.


you are seriously delusional and you need help.

I didn't say anything about jesse jackson or white people in general.

What does Jesse jackson have to do w/ this and why would you even mention his name....i don't get your reasoning.

who here said that all white people are racists...NO ONE...where would you get that bit of info from.

take your now....cause your loosing it.

You need to stay on topic...sweethart ...either by referring to the story or referring to what other commenter's have posted.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that this bitch did act Ghetto. PERIOD !
She should be arrested for assault cause if it was the other way around he would have been arrested. You people claiming it was a racist comment GETTOVER IT.

Vanessa said...

I'm not surprised there isn't so much outrage to Elin or to Mary compared to the Chris brown beat down on rihanna situation.

I like how it is never discussed how rihanna has also been abusive to chris brown in the past.

It's never okay for a man to hit a woman but its totally okay for a woman to hit a man.

keep it klassy people.

If this story is true....I thought the two had a strong relationship but apparently not....why doesn't Enty hate on mary as much as he hate on chris brown.

TheWatcher said...

Dear Vaness, reread your own post "RAcist people out and alive today...time to show your true colors pigs." Gee, I wonder what you could have implied by that?

You think quite highly of yourself if you think responding to your idiotic disjointed rant is stalking.

As far as your suggested "ghetto" experiement, once again, you've missed the point. Mary Blight is happy to use that word in all kinds of contexts, but you chose to make it something else. Again, reread your previous post.

In regards to Enty and his feelings about Mary and Chris, I don't goet what you are inferring. He made his thoughts quite clear.

Gee, you need to get a grip and get an education.

Judi said...

She needs to be prosecuted for this. I hope he presses charges. He's an abused spouse.

Kate said...

I'm at work right now and can't log in properly, but I just want to say to Pookie that you're a class act. I read the above post and you didn't have to do that. It's a nice example of Christmas spirit and I applaud you.

Pay no mind to the haters, especially the ones who have to hide behind the "Anonymous" label to say their piece. As Chihuaheunse said, when celebutards act a fool they should get called out. It doesn't matter if theyr'e red, yellow, purple or green.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and let's stop trying to bring the race card into everything.


Anonymous said...

This site is going to hell in a hand basket with a drunken and drug-ddled writer and I am happy.

You all are ghetto.

J-Mo said...

I can't believe she sheened her husband.

amanda rae said...

Hey, I have an idea! Every time someone accuses someone else of being racist, we should all IGNORE THEM! It's the only trolling tactic that STILL gets a rise out of people, which is stupid. Whenever people call me racist, I just ignore it, because they don't know me and I don't have to prove a damn thing to some random trolling asshole on the internet. So just ignore it and once they figure out that they cannot get a reaction out of calling people racist, then they'll stop. Just an idea.

And Mary should get the exact same treatment that a man would in this situation. But we know that won't happen because women never wanted to be EQUAL to men, they wanted to be a protected class, and so they don't get held to the same standards a man would in many instances. Sickening, she should get jailtime and TONS of outrage and exposure like any abusive man would. I won't hold my breath for it though.

RocketQueen said...

I had to laugh at the above.

Unknown said...

Vanessa, I just want to say I feel you. I hate how comfortable people are using the term "ghetto" to characterize amoral or indecent behavior. It's not only racist, but classist, as it demonizes poor people of color, who, by and large, inhabit the urban areas that we refer to as "ghettos". By ascribing violent, mean, jacked-up behavior to them, you say that these actions are somehow particularly or uniquely found in these types of folks. Which we know is not true. Newsflash folks: MOST of the people who live in "ghettos" are decent people who do not deserve to be demonized in this way. And there are just as many messed up people in the suburbs and other areas, as in the ghettos. Enough with the demonizing of certain people. Should Mary J or anybody else seek to refer to themselves as "ghetto", so be it. Doesn't mean you need to do it as well. But if you do, well then, don't be mad if someone else calls you out on it.

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