Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Alaina Reed Hall - RIP
Alyson Hannigan does the parent shuffle whereby the stroller becomes the place for all heavy bags and you carry the baby.
Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper off to see a movie. They look unhappy, but they are going to ArcLight so they may have stopped in their bar, got loaded and then been all over each other in the movie. Unlikely, but in the dark and drunk who knows.
Carrie Underwood and her engagement ring.
I have to say that I liked yesterday's picture of Dita von Teese a lot better.
I was just saying to myself this morning that I need a trenchcoat that only goes down to my shoulders.
When I see these pictures of Hugh Grant in different countries promoting his movie I get the feeling that he is treating it like a worldwide pub crawl.
Jessica Simpson in New York.
For a man on his honeymoon, Nick Jonas doesn't look very happy.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
I have to say that I am more fascinated by the woman in the background than the subjects in the photo. I want to know what she saw to make her mouth open that wide.
Another good picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal.
Some definite love between Matthew Modine and Willem Dafoe.
Russell Brand tries out his tough guy look with Katy Perry.
If it's Christmas time then it must mean Simon Cowell is back on his jet ski.


Genesis said...

RATM @ Cowell

Anonymous said...

Dita Von Teese. What can i say? Trying hard to be someone who has done this look much better. Get another gig, oh that's right, you moonlight as a call girl too.

sunnyside1213 said...

RATM like Rage At The Machine genesis?

bits of moxy said...

I enjoy seeing the reader photos. I have no idea what name goes with what face. It is just so nice to "put" a pretty/handsome face (albeit random) with the comments. I know its been said here many times before, but here it is again...The comments on this site are so much better to read - one of the main reasons I check this site daily. Thank you everyone.

Sporky said...

Dita's still hooking? Times are tough I guess. Hee.

I'm sorry but that Jonas brother is plain fug. Don't get the appeal.

But the readers are fabulous!! The one with the super-short red hair reminds me a bit of Toni Collette. :)

Alice D Millionaire said...

Oh come on Molody ease up on Dita. She is so much better than most of the Hollywood twits. She works, shows up on time, is nice to her fans, and doesn't whine about how hard it is to be "famous". The costumes are her shtick...it is how she makes a living...good for her. She is no Carrie Underwood and that is a blessing.

FrenchGirl said...

Nick Jonas sex now and he yet is bored! LOL

i have a crush with Willem Dafoe today!

CDAN Mod said...

RIP alaina reed hall.

PhoebeJ said...

Maybe KJ couldn't get it up for the honeymoon under pressure.

Pookie said...

awww...rip alaina hall. loved her in the 80s.

omg, my suri has cute baby competition! what a cutie the alyson hannigan baby.

loving the 1/4 trenchcoat on gwen.

reader 1, you just freaked me the hell out. i swear te conozco.

readers 2,3 & 4...so pretty! i so wish i could rock the ginger like that, reader 3. and reader 4, surely those are your sisters? too cute!

red is a great color on mariah.

simon cowell has really big moobies.

Genesis said...

Yes yes sunny, idk if many ppl over here know about RATM making it to #1 for christmas instead of one of cowells cheery-made song children, I'd look it up rather than listen to me, I didn't describe anything too well lol

Mango said...

Alyson Hannigan has a cute baby!

What is it with Renee Zellwegger? Do we need to award her top honors in the Beard/Merkin category? I don't like her. I think her raspy voice is an affectation; I saw her in an early movie and her voice was completely different. Oh and she's a major star fucker. And then there's the squint. Crap, why did you get me started??

LottaColada said...

Isn't Carrie rumored to be a huge bitch? Poor Mike

Dita takes 3 hrs getting ready to pick up stuff in the 10 items or less category

lol @ Gwen's caption

I saw other pictures of the Jonas' honeymoon & girlfriend was just texting away

lutefisk said...

I hate myself for knowing this, but Kevin Jonas is the one who got married--2 miles from my house!!!
If it wasn't a blizzard, I may have taken a ride over to see what was doing there.
Male reader photo--yay!!!
And everyone is as lovely as usual.

Linnea said...

'course the jonas brother isnt happy.

nothing like buying a new car without trying it out and realizing that you simply dont like it.

WednesdayFriday said...

Love you readers, out yourselves!

The entire Jonas thing is bizarre to me. Isn't he really young? She's not knocked up, so why ruin what you've going going now, Jonas? When you're making millions off of little girls who are in love with you, I would continue to let them be in love with me, not throw it all away because I finally wanted some vagina and I promised God I would wait.

libby said...

I think that's the only Jonas who really was a virgin, and I'll bet anything his years of wholesome expectation were dashed last night.
10 minutes of awkward fumbling, followed by 13 seconds of penetration.
The first few weeks after my first time, I was depressed. It's like a HUGE let-down of 'Is that all there is?'

It gets a lot lot better, purest Jonas .

O said...

Woo-hoo!! I'm reader #3!! Thanks for posting my mug Enty! I've been addicted to your site for the last year.

@Pookie - Thanks for the red compliment! After 30 years of being brunette, I've done bleach blonde & now I'm on to red...and crewcuts are really fun ladies!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

WednesdayFriday said...

O- It looks great on you! I wish I could pull it off. I don't have the balls or the bone structure.

lanasyogamama said...

O - Don't fool yourself, you have to be a gorgeous woman to pull off that hair, and you are OWNING it!

Hi other readers!!!

Hugh is pretty darn charming.

Simon, not so much!

Selock said...


Yeah,that's Kevin. He looks so young, can't believe he's married now.

And whoever is perplexed by the Jonases, they really are adorable, I swear, and a strong live band -they aren't sailing on looks, it's other factors.

Joe is quite the dish, in particular. Funny, sweet, kind of dorky but often truly hot, what's not to like?

Don't get me started on Nick though. He's so douchey.

mygeorgie said...

I just do not get the appeal w/ Dita. The same schtick for 10 years is truly boring & bordering on pedestrian. How is she any different than say, Charo & her *one* look? She needs to move on & move along. Time to re-invent I think.

Kinsey Holley said...

I think the Jonas boys are kinda sweet and a lot more talented than the boy band I spent elementary school crushing on (anybody seen the Bay City Rollers lately? No? Thought not).

My daughter begged for Jonas Brothers boots at Payless and I bought them altho I'm usually way to cheap to shell out 35 bucks for fuzzy boots when a) she'll outgrow them in less than a year and b) we live in Houston. She hates Hannah Montana and I'm more than willing to reward that.

I think the virginity thing is cute. At least they're not preachy about it, you know? If they really saved themselves for each other, and if they wind up happy, more power to em. I think they're probably feeling icky with paps following them around.

That's my Pollyanna take on it and I'm sticking to it.

I'm gonna send a picture of me and my Diva to Enty.

Tenley said...

Just chiming in with being completely underwhelmed by Dita. And yes there's something weird weird instead of hipster weird about her still being hooked on one look (from 60 to 70 years ago to boot).

RJ said...

I'm sure Nick is a little down. I can't imagine anything worse than two virgins going at it. What a huge disappointment it must have been for both of them. Just remember, Nick, that practice makes perfect! Try to remember that really good foreplay is where it's at for your wife, anyway.

I'm loving the reader photos. Enty, any chance that they might continue past the holidays?

Unknown said...

hahaha Mango, I feel the same way about Maggie G. She was on Letterman last night and she is just dumb. Wildly unattractive and dumb. Her husband is hot though. What the hell is that about?

MizCaramel said...

is Renee Z bowlegged?

Unknown said...

Alysson Hannigan is so cute and so is her baby! Her on How I Met Your Mother makes me ALMOST forget about all the flute and "say my name" torment I went through after American Pie came out. Reader #3, love your hair, you are one of those lucky ladies who has the face to pull off a cut like that!

Unknown said...

Alysson Hannigan is so cute and so is her baby! Her on How I Met Your Mother makes me ALMOST forget about all the flute and "say my name" torment I went through after American Pie came out. Reader #3, love your hair, you are one of those lucky ladies who has the face to pull off a cut like that!

nunaurbiz said...

Did Maggie G get her nose done? It looks better, not as piggyish.

Melody the First said...

@Melody said...

Melody, we need to each pick a member name. We both have the same name appear when we post. I guarantee you, you don't want to be associated with my posts. Mine are rarely right and usually fairly stupid. lol

If you want "Melody", that's fine, but I don't know how we'd set that up with Google and Blogger since that's how it displays when I post.

shakey said...

I have come to realize that when I comment elsewhere on what's happening with a celebrity, I'm regarded as being mean and/or catty.

Thank you to all of you for understanding me when I say this: Carrie Underwood's ring looks like a sac of baby spiders while they're gestating. Anyone with spider problems know what I'm talking about. And we all know she's about as nice as a spider, lol!

Poor Nick, sex is so underrated for him. You'd think for a musician he'd be adept with his fingers. Oh now there's me being mean/catty again.

O, you look fabulous! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all our readers!

Willem Dafoe looks half wolfman/half Nosferatu in that picture.

For a 50 year old man, Simon looks pretty freakin' good.

hotchacha said...

Dita's look is that way because her show and her persona is centred around a 1940's theme. So if she suddenly got, say, a Rihanna cockatoo 'do, or broke out a pair of sneakers it wouldn't work for her job or for her image.

She's a brand.

Readers, oh how I love your pics!

Green Wave Gal said...

@Pookie- thought I knew Reader #1 when I first saw the pic too! OK...who are you reader #1? :)

lmnop123 said...

Love the reader pics.

O I love your hair and wish I had the guts to try that style.

I think Alyson Hannigan is the happiest most grateful young mother that I've seen out of all the celebrities.

lmnop123 said...

Oh and am really impressed that we have another male reader.

Come on please out yourself.

Seth said...

I will out myself, I am reader #1. Never left a comment but love the site and read it religiously every day. Always enjoy the comments and the amazing job people do with guessing on the blinds. Happy holidays!

c17 said...

Awwwww.....Willow & Wesley have a new baby-friend! Cute!

And you *SHUSH* about Dita - flawless is as flawless does!

Green Wave Gal said...

OK Seth...how do I know you? You look so familiar! :)

Seth said...

I work for ESPN on Mike & Mike in the Morning, mainly behind the scenes but once in a while you can see me on tv. You just have to look fast or you will miss me :)

LauPow said...

@O... awesome hair! I wish I had cheekbones. dang.

I like the Dita photo, I like seeing her retro chic juxtaposed with modern crap. Yeh that's right I said 'juxtaposed', fear my word-score!

@Shakey. I too love reading and commenting on this site. It's so much less aggressive than other blogs. I just wish it wasn't updated when I go to bed and my comments didn't end up being 44th+ and therefore read by about 2 people. I might as well talk to myself, but ho hum, this wastes more work-time.

Audrey said...

Yeah to male readers!

About Renee and BCoop - I don't think they're real. They've been dating about 6 months, no? I don't know about you, but I don't go on dates looking as bad as she does. These two should still be in the "your shit doesn't stink" phase and WANT to look good for each other. Everytime I see them together, Renee is in sweats and neither looks like they showered.

Susan said...

I haven't commented on this Jonas boy getting hitched because I just feel bad with all the speculation about him getting his groove on with his wife. Jesus. So much scrutiny. I guess he brought on himself. Don't the Jonas' talk purity rings and all that? I have no children and loathe the Disney music machine, so I'm just going on what I hear - and the South Park epi about it. Hee.

Enty, Gwen makes questionable fashion choices, but in my book she can and does no wrong.

I don't understand the Zellweger/Cooper thing.

Love the reader pics. Love all the reader pics everyday!

This is so my fave gossip site. Sorry Dlisted. I love you, too.

slider1964 said...

Renee Zellwegger is a good actress, but she is not attractive in my book.She likes a duck!! I just cant get past that!!ROFL

And O I thought you were Toni Collette!!

slider1964 said...

make that "she looks like a duck"

Tea Lady said...

So does Enty not like Renee Z and/or Bradley C? Is he suggesting one or both of them is a beard for the other? Or that their dating is purely for PR (which makes the least amount of sense to me)? More than one of these?

I feel like I'm missing a big clue here....

figgy said...

Bradly Cooper has been virtually outed as being gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Why is Renee willing to be a beard--again??

Audrey said...

Tea Lady - I can't speak for Enty, but to me Renee is the beard for BCoop. She's doing it for the publicity.

Although I don't think she's attractive, I don't understand why she continues to be the beard instead of finding a nice guy to hang out with in a real relationship. Unless she's gay too - which I doubt.

Anonymous said...

Reader #3 you are absolutely strikingly beautiful!! Don't know who you are, but Happy Holidays!

blankprincess said...

I would go jet-skiing with the moobs and their Simon anyday.

Lisah said...

I think Dita is adorable.

Interesting that Simon's jet ski has a masonic symbol on the front.

shakey said...

Holy crap, Lisa. More fodder for that vigilant citizen guy.

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