Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

No special reason at all, but Amy Adams ended up on top today. Amy says she can't wait to find out the sex of her baby. Here she is with her boyfriend.
Two pictures from the Central Park Zoo after the winter storm that blanketed the east coast.

Aventura - Miami
I don't know what Chloe Sevigny was thinking when she put this on. It kind of looks like the Zubazz I wear around the house.
Hey a break fro Michael Douglas. Catherine Zeta Jones decided to walk the dog instead of making him.
Dave Navarro & Mark McGrath - Los Angeles
If I was walking down the streets of West Hollywood I would love to see Dita von Teese looking like this. She looks amazing. I usually just see sidewalk as I am being helped to a cab.
El Canto del Loco - Barcelona
Fez on a bottle of tequila.
Kingston is crying. He obviously saw a mirror on the way out of the house, saw what his mom was making him wear and realized that when he was a teenager all his friends would be laughing at him. Brilliant foresight in this kid.
The first word I think of when I think of Hailey Glassman. Class. I know, I couldn't even keep a straight face when I typed it.
Speaking of class, I hope he has an unlimited plan or something because the last thing Jon Gosselin needs is a huge phone bill he can't pay.
Hugh Jackman in a snowball fight with his son and Cate Blanchett's kids.
When I see Heidi Klum's 2 month old all wrapped up like this I can't help but thinking of Christmas Story.
Mrs. Claus is a Playboy Playmate. Who knew?
This is Jerry O'Connell on the set of his new pilot where he plays a lawyer. Of course Jerry is in law school right now and raising twins so this should be an interesting juggling act.
Jay-Z & Rihanna - New York
Don't blink because you will miss him, but Kevin Federline plays a Canadian Border Agent in the new American Pie movie.
Kelly Osbourne's legs look great here.
Kanye & Lady GaGa.
Live Tyler tries to turn off the paps with her car key.
Placido Domingo - Mexico City
I will say that Pete Wentz seems like a great dad. He is always hanging out with his son.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
Probably not a reader, but I won't hold it against Reese Witherspoon.
The Beckhams out for some London theatre. They saw Jersey Boys.

Zac Efron and his dog in Aspen.


Pookie said...

nice to see central park zoo upgrading to snow leopard. ;)

eewwww aventura.

the zubaz? thank god you only wear them around the house, enty. sevigny could take a tip from you.

that outfit on cute little kingston would traumatize anyone.

is hailey glasmman auditioning for 'jersey shore'?

awww...yay pretty readers!

sunnyside1213 said...

Love Dita's dress.

slider1964 said...

Poor Kingston!! Cue Coat of Many Colors!! And as for Gaga, that is not her body! They have just pasted her head on a lovely body! You couldn't even photo shop
her body to look that good!!

juicy said...

love the monkey! it looks like he is snowboarding.

looserdude said...

I think Chloe Sevigny is Amazing! I think she gets more beautiful every year and I can't wait to see Big Love in January.
Also, Reader photo # 2, I love that picture! It looks like there's a good story that goes with it.

lutefisk said...

That's a bloomingdale's bag Pete is carrying--I wonder what he bought.
As always, lovely reader photos.

.robert said...

I was hoping I wasn't the one to bring this up but does Kanye have wood?

RJ said...

In the spirit of the holidays, I will be nice today.

Chloe Sevigny's hair looks incredible.

Hugh Jackman I heart you so much! Oversized sigh!!

Say what you will about the Beckhams, they do seem to be involved parents. I have never gotten the sense that nannies were raising these boys. One of them is always at school functions with them, and they take them to lots of places and expose them to many things and seem to be teaching them how to behave while out at these places. So, good for all of them.

And, in keeping with the theme of positivity, the photoshoppers on the Kayne/Gaga picture certainly did a bang-up job.

sunnyside1213 said...

RJ, "bang up job" as in they added the boner? His Mother must be so proud.

Cheryl said...

Kelly Osborne looks like Andy Warhol's crazy niece.

shakey said...

lol @ Pookie. It made me think how woefully inadequate my Mac has become.

One thing nice to say about Chloe - her hair looks absolutely gorgeous. Wilmer looks like Eurotrash. Did Rihanna get frostbite?

Get this - I scroll down to find Kevin Federline's picture and my son asks, "Indiana Jones became a cop???" Has to be the hat.

Lovely wedding photo, Sporky! Have 2 and 3 been here before as well? Like your hair, Reader 4. Cute.

Sporky said...

Thanks Shakey!

Linnea said...

*sigh* i wish kanye and lady gaga would have done that tour together.

Looserdude - i cant wait either! Did u see the trailer for the next season?

Sporky said...

P.S. The other readers are adorable.

P.S.S. I want Dita's dress so bad!

figgy said...

All of you readers are gorgeous! I wish more of you would identify yourselves.

Love Dita.

Michael K showed the front shot of Hailey Glassman, but seeing the back, she's even more elegant than I realized.

califblondy said...

Gorgeous readers.

Holly Madison looks uncomfortable wearing clothes.

Kingrey said...

Pookie- what do you have against Aventura? lol jk. I know how you feel. My girlfriend loves them.

Great reader photos today

Shoeaddict said...

My daughter was born three days after Heidi Klum's!

I love the animals in the snow pics.

Andrea said...

Love love love Amy Adams.

Dita is gorg.

I seriously can't deal with these pics of Jon Gosselin. His smile grosses me out.

However, today's reader photos are fab!!

Majik said...

So, is Posh saying that she's wearing "faux fur"? Cuz that shiz looks real to me....boooooo.

Pookie said...

lol, shakey...i'm so glad someone got, we mac people are the minority in a sea of pc-ers. ;)

kingrey, omg, where do i START. professionally, they're a pain in the ass. big ole drama queens who all want to be the alpha male of the group. makes for nightmare mojo in interviews. on a personal level, i hate their music. i hate the bachata genre. w/ all due respect to dominicans who are a lovely people, and who for the most part have cool musical genres, that genre sucks so badly it makes me want to jump off a roof or slit my wrists. or both. simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

That pic by Dave LaChapelle is the stupidest shit I've ever seen. I usually like his work but seriously, barf.

ardleighstreet said...

Chloe was thinking: " Can't Touch This. Hammertime"

Kingston still looks cute even if his Mama dresses him funny.

love Hugh

O'Connell looks like an ad for suits from SEARS.

LOVE Rihanna's hat.

I hope the Beckhams are happier then they look.

Caroline said...

Oh boy. That LaChapelle shot is going to raise all kinds of hell, isn't it?

Mango said...

I saw Enchanted with Amy Adams for the first time Saturday (they ran it all weekend on USA Network) and she was adorable.

I'll bet those animals were digging the snow.

Chloe Sevigny always looks kind of unclean to me. I always get the creeps when I see her ever since she really went down on Vincent Gallo - another person who looks as if he needs a hot bath - in Brown Bunny. Ick nast indeed.

Hugh Jackman seems like such a nice guy!

Jerry O'Connell is in law school??

Holy CRAP, Kanye IS packing some serious wood! I believe that's Lady Gaga's body; she's in great shape.

Pete Wentz does seem like great parent. Asslee not so much.

Nice reader pics!

David Beckham looks dapper.

c17 said...

Seriously, Dita is FLAWLESS! I would dress like that all the time if I had the $$ & the lifestyle to go along with it.

LauPow said...

Lovely reader photos today, but then they're always lovely. We're a lovely bunch. Seriously we are. I'd do us. Lovely.

I just don't get Chloe Sevigny, I've tried but she just reeks of pretentiousness to me. A bit like Leelee Sobieski. I don't buy their 'kook'. Her hair does indeed look nice there though, I'll give her that.

That Kanye/GaGa photo is grotesque!

J-Mo said...

reader #4 is angelina jolie?

Jerry said...

I saw Jersey Boys a couple of months ago. When it was over I turned to my date and said, "I want to see it again. Right now."

Kingrey said...

Pookie- you've hit the nail on the head! There was a radio program here in NY/NJ area called El Bacilon de la Mañana that had a hilarious skit centered around bachata. My girlfriend is Dominican, so I can certify their virtues and assets. ;-)

Beth said...

In defense of Gwen, Kingston looks to be about the age when kids like to "dress" themselves. Having experienced this with my own several years ago, their fashion choices can be, well, interesting.

Love the Pete Wentz photo--he always seems pretty happy with the kid.

catherine said...

Hehe. Looserdude...of course there was an interesting story with the picture. It WAS my 30th bday afterall! And to whoever said they wanted more people to ID themselves....Merry Xmas! from Reader #2.

altar boy said...

Kelly Osborne is such a great success story for exercising and eating right. Yay for healthy celebrities!

Merry Christmas - Reader #4

altar boy said...

P.S. -- the story behind my photo is that I am writing a fan letter to Helen Mirren.

P.P.S. -- thanks to all of the amazing commenters on this site. It has been such a pleasure getting to read everything you all have to say. What a lovely bunch of great-looking readers!

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