Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Lots Of Reader Photos

Top spot today goes to Prince William who spent the night outside with homeless people. He didn't have to do it and could have just done a 30 second photo op, so he gets top spot.
Brad Pitt checking out the waitress for after coffee. I agree the Mirror story doesn't sound real, but it is still fun.
Dustin Hoffman and his son always seem so happy when they are together. I guess I get like this with my dad, but there is usually a great deal more drinking involved and an arm around the head means someone wants the last piece of cake.
Also at the game was Hugh Jackman and a Miley Cyrus look-a-like. Well, minus the stripper pole .
Also at the game Padma Lakshmi and her baby daddy? She hasn't said who the father is yet.
Ever wanted to see Marilyn Manson without his makeup? Here you go. Marilyn & Evan Rachel Wood are in Paris.
Jessica Alba out shopping for Honor.
Justin Bieber was on Much Music and the girl he is touching is named Amanda Lin. Apparently she won some kind of meet Justin contest. He is like 8 right? She is what, 16 or 17? I know, I know, but it looks like it.
"Come on girls, it's lingerie time."
And later when Pimpa is spending some quality time alone in a dressing room they make a break for it.
Kate Beckinsale gets all dressed up to go shopping.
Ryder tells us what he thinks of his mom. No, no, I kid. I'm sure he loves her. He looks a lot like his dad.
One of the few photos of Leona Lewis I have seen which are candid and not red carpet. This is her boyfriend.
Matching again, this time in black instead of red and already making their puppy dress up. Who buys a puppy on vacation?
I know most of you could take or leave Maggie, but I know all of you want to say hello to Peter.
OK, so when did Tuesday Carnation turn like 4? The kid looks older than Suri.
Reader Photo #1 (with Pat Conroy)
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Reader Photo #4
"Tree trimmed. Balls hung. Good times. Lookie." Neil Patrick Harris on his Twitter
Not on his Twitter but doing some shopping is Orlando Bloom.
Pamela Anderson and daylight. Not a winning combination.
Paul McCartney - London
Susan Boyle throwing snowballs at the paps.


Sinjin said...

Love the Vegas photo & the baby too :-)

At first glance and 2nd, I thought Mr. Mariah Cary's earmuffs were his actual hair, lol.

Unknown said...

Awesome reader photos!!!

Love the NPH picture

Genesis said...

Susan Boyle reminds me of the chicks I used to play softball with in high school....


Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Reader #1 I love Pat Conroy! Met him myself at a signing yrs ago, he was so nice.

WednesdayFriday said...

SuBo is cute. She just seems like a nice old lady who finally got some recognition for a really awesome gift.

And I am impressed with the Prince. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

And that caption for the Simpson family made me choke on my Diet Coke. :) Thanks for the laugh, its been a long day working retail.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

NPH rules!

sunnyside1213 said...

Enty, thanks for identifying Pam. I didn't recognize her.

Readers, lovely as always.

Tuesday Carnation does look remarkably big. How old is she? Wonder if Suri will loan her some "ho stroll heels. now that she is a big girl?

Caroline said...

Since when is Nicole shorter than Keith?

warmislandsun said...

Susan Boyle looks 100x better than Pam Anderson. Just sayin'.

mooshki said...

I love you, NPH!

The sad thing is, if Pam weren't trying so hard to look young, I think she might actually be very pretty.

chihuahuense said...

swoon, over what Prince William did. Hooray for Helping Homeless!!

Where are the Jolie-Pitt bebes? I wish I could leave the little muncher at home when I go out. At least until he stops feeding from me.

Dustin Hoffman and boy are so cute.

Marilym Manson looks exactly what I thought he would look like. That is all I will say.

That Bieber kid or his handlers scare me. Weird.

Did anyone see the previews/actual show of the Kate Hudson, Behind the Actors Studio. I felt sad for her when she was talking about ARod in the preview.

Maggies hat makes me laugh.

Sunday is SOOO CUTE!!!

Reader pictures make me happy.

As does Susan Boyle.

Genesis said...

Does Enty re-post all the reader pics all over again at the end of the year?

Genesis said...

oh and reader#3 your baby is so cute!!! i love babies

Sporky said...

Marilyn, please put your makeup back on. Ditto for you, Pam.

YAY for Vegas brides and babies and fab-looking readers!

At least Tuesday Carnation is wearing age-appropriate shoes.

libby said...

Her sons prove over and over again that Diana was the best thing that's happened to the British Royal Family since Victoria met Albert.

mikey said...

I don't agree - I think Tuesday Carnation looks age appropriate. I think she's tall but still has the baby/toddler face. I'm not a fan of NK or her DH, but I think Wednesday chops is always dressed age appropriate and will only be wearing heels for dress up play at home.

The guy with Padma doesn't look like the kind of guy that would take his clothes off for a fun time.

Great looking readers!

Ms Cool said...

Hi Readers! Love all the photos but #4 is AWESOME!

Hey, I know I ask for Daniel Craig a little (OK, a lot) but how about James McAvoy? I'm kind of crushing on him.

Patty said...

Great picture of Paul McCartney.

Sunday Rose will probably be tall, like mommy. Suri on the other hand may have too much GMD genes in her.

Tania said...

Yikes, Pam - get those roots done! I can recommend a good hairdresser in Wimbledon Village....;-)

Aww, SuBo, how sweet.

Jade Ashleigh said...

I saw Paul McCartney in concert just over 7 years ago--one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Dustin Hoffman's son is a cutie. Marilyn Manson is ugly no matter what he does.

Mindy said...

Wow, Paul McCartney looks fabulous! I remember seeing some drawings in a magazine many, many years ago depicting what the Beatles would look like in their 60's. Paul and Ringo look much better. Sadly, the two introspective Beatles didn't make it. :( NPH always makes me smile. What is it about this guy that is so damn likable? I always love the beautiful, smiling reader photos, especially after looking at scary plastic people. I'm really happy someone like SueBo got famous. She's rather refreshing.

Mindy said...

Oh, and that pic of Dustin Hoffman and his son is adorable. I love men who bond with their kids. It's so sexy!

Tara said...

Is it wrong to just adore Wills and Prince Hot Ginge when you're 32? Just wonderin'. 'Cause I do. ;-)

Kate Beckinsale bugs me for some reason. She's really pretty but she has never seemed as though she is very nice. I'd like to feed her a Big Mac.

Leona Lewis is really pretty.

Great reader photos!

Pam A doesn't really look that bad actually. If you ask me, she looks better than she does with all the makeup on. She always had a really cute face under all that makeup and it's still there, just older.

Maybe I'm strange, but I was never a huge Beatles fan. I was always into Elvis and the Doors. Jim Morrison rocks my love boat, man.

Melody the First said...

Macca looks great ... and is just as introspective as John or George ... this is the man who wrote Eleanor Rigby. I know people who work for him, and they all respect and adore him. That is not usually the case with such people.

@Lauren, since I will the day after tomorrow turn 50 and I am two years older than SuBo, PLEASE don't call her a "nice old lady". PLEASE.

Good for the Prince.

Oh, and I love Pat Conroy! I'm jealous of y'all who've met him.

Bella said...

I feel bad for the puppy...

ChasingHeaven said...

I LOVE to see Susan Boyle throwing snowballs at the paps, so cute and funny!

I'm convinced we have the most beautiful readers on the net!

I don't know what it is, but something about Maggie makes me cranky. Bad energy. Something.

Ryder's pic is cracking me up! I have that same expression anytime I read about Angelina Jolie.

Dustin Hoffman and Son should have at least gotten 2nd to top honor. With all due respect. :)

Kinsey Holley said...

Good Lord, that's Chris Robinson's face on a five year old. He's like The Bean - the paternal resemblance is just freaky. Cept in Ryder's case it doesn't make me sad.

Pam Anderson is a pretty woman but she should've been using sun protection for the past 20+ years. If you tan a lot as a young woman, whether on a bed or on a beach, you will have sun damage. And if you do it without any protection, like Pam did, the damage is much, much worse. I'm 3 years old than her - I don't have her body but my face looks 35, because I didn't roast it in my 20s. I followed the example of my mom, who's pushing 80 and looks 65.

Bitch rant over - have to go make a trifle.

nancer said...

ryder looks like he needs a blood transfusion. actually, he reminds me of that little sickly kid in 'the accidental tourist.'

sunday rose looks like she's about 2. is that about right?

selenakyle said...

From what I remember reading at the time, Princes Diana was adamant that her children knew about all walks of life and respected all people, and learned to mind their manners at all times. I'm sure young royals can be total spoiled sh*ts, but I pray that her spirit and humility live on in her boys. Seems so.

Tara said...

@Kinsey Holley

I agree! The sun is soo damaging. I just turned 32 last week and I get asked if my oldest daughter is my sister because they think I'm in my early twenties. Of course, I'm pale white year 'round, but hey, it's worth it in the end. ;-)

p.s. I think freckles help, too. :-)

Kinsey Holley said...

Tara: LOL - yeah, I'm Dita Von Teese white myself, but that's why God made self-tanning cream, right?

selenakyle said...

Dear Santa,

Please bring some new styling to Pam Anderson this winter.


selenakyle said...

And, I don't care what anyone says...Brad & Angie look like great parents. If it's all camera-ready, then so be it, but they look like a normal family to me!

c17 said...

Heh - having known Chris from his "Mr. Crow's Garden" days in Atl., I can say that yes, that pic of Ryder DOES look like him. Usually around 3 am on the weekends before an afterparty.

LOVE the NPH. Why does George Lopez/Jimmy Fallon/Everyone else get a late-night talk show but not him? Oooh! Maybe he could take over Oprah's time slot!

I'd totes set my TIVO for that!

ljsmed said...

Pat Conroy is my favorite writer, ever, just fabulous...

Unknown said...

Hello Peter! How you doin'?

Ha! Tuesday Carnation!

Cute baby!

Tara said...

@Kinsey - Yes, if it wasn't for bronzer and alcoholic beverages I would be Dita Von Tease (as MK would say, typo and it STAYS) white always. Thank you red wine for those flushed cheeks. ;-)

O said...

I can't believe I'm going to say this....but Marilyn Manson does not look as bad as I thought he would....though Michael K would have a field day with those eyebrows.

Reader photos are lovely. The baby is cute. When did I start noticing them?

Pam Anderson just looks partied-out. She still has a rocking body. She does need a new style. Maybe something to soften her facial features.

Beensie said...

Fellow CDANers -- Pat Conroy was truly awesome. Such a kind man and he spoke for an hour for a charity event previous to the photo being taken (don't tell my parents - I got a book signed by him that will be a special Christmas gift for them tomorrow -- shhhh). He was fabulous. I felt really lucky to meet him.

RJ said...

To all who commented on sun damage, you are so right, and I'm the proof. I'm reader #2 and for some reason sent in a photo where I didn't have on one speck of makeup, and you can really see all the freckles that I have from my many years of sunbathing as a teen. Oh, if I could turn back time. Considering her sun exposure history and lifestyle habits, Pam doesn't look that bad.

J-Mo said...

Melody: agree with you about SuBo (oh geez I can't remember her full name, Susan Boyle?) Anyways, she doesn't look like an old lady anymore! Isn't she about the same age as Madonna? and her skin looks nice and rosy rather than pulled. She might not be a knock-out but she's looking attractive and healthy.

amanda rae said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with matching with your husband! Whenever my husband buys himself Jordans, he buys me a matching pair and we wear them. We also have some matching shirts, and we always coordinate if nothing else. So I don't see what's wrong with that! You go, Mariah and Nick!

McCartney looks better here than anywhere I've seen him in a looong time. The Beatles suck, but I like Paul.

NPH is so cool!

As for everyone else...meh whatever.

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