Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Steven Tyler Back To Rehab For Prescription Drugs

Steve Tyler announced that he is headed back to rehab. This time he is going because he is addicted to painkillers which he became addicted to because of all his performance injuries. After seeing all of these people in the last few years dying because of prescription drugs, I am glad to see him go again. He has vowed to stay in the band and Liv Tyler said the whole family is proud of him for entering into rehab.

I am too lazy to check but his PR staff sounds suspiciously like Melanie Griffith's people. Either that or there is some quarterly book all the PR people use. Do you remember that Melanie went back for some kind of checkup or maintenance thing and wasn't real rehab. Well, Steven is going to learn how to manage his pain properly and Liv even mentions pain management. Is rehab a bad word? They are getting help. It is ok to use the word because then more people might follow their example.


Himmmm said...

There's a difference between PAIN MANAGEMENT and REHAB. PM is when you have legitimate injuries and are taking proper pain meds for them. The PM clinics are like Nazis to make sure you take them right (urine tests, pill counts, etc.) - which is good. REHAB is when you go to get off of them. So, if you have legit pain problems (such as Neuropathy or something) you get your morphine, fentanyl, oxys, etc. from a PM Doc in a very serious clinic (where they legally require you to sign a contract and have MRIs, etc.). If you're a junkie with no medical need for the meds? You go to rehab. End of lesson.

Tax Attorney said...

I saw this and thought exactly the same thing. All human beings have difficulties, and those problems can run a wide gamut. There should be no barriers to addressing one's challenges in a responsible way and getting any help that might be necessary to do so. And people who do so should be recognized for their courage and supported in their efforts instead of being castigated, blacklisted or, worst of all, have their efforts to address their challenges undermined because, now that their particular problems are being addressed, they've become public knowledge. Steven Tyler is to be commended, and I'm sending him every good wish for success.

Merlin D. Bear said...

I wonder if Brittany Murphy's death played any part in this decision?

Sporky said...

Well, if he's getting the help he needs, I don't see the shame in it. I hope he gets his pain under control (as someone who deals with chronic pain that almost killed me, and a subsequent Vicodin addiction that I was able to finally kick, I can relate).

Himmmm said...

Good for you SPORKY, glad you got the help you's like tap dancing on a tight-rope for many people. The thing that sucks most is when everyone assumes (mostly due to retarded celebs and mass media) that ALL pain meds are bad. WRONG. They are bad in the hands of people who are not taking them properly, or haven't been warned of the proper way to take them.

I've been on Fentanyl patches (about 30x stronger than morphine) and Hydrocodone BOTH for about 6 years - and have lived a normal life (including coaching my kids basketball and playing multiple world tours with a rock band). But every month, I'm subjected to blood and urine tests and pill counts (at random - voluntarily, not by the cops!).

Because my doctor will NOT lose his license over me (nor would I want him to). Likewise, after spending 2 years near death from pain of a tumor inside of my spine - I KNOW what REAL pain feels like (as you probably did too). So I'm NOT gonna jeopardize my relief by misusing or OD-ing.

It amazes me how many celebs and others OD on opiates, considering all the hell I have to endure just to be a legit patient. I would give anything to be 100% med free - but it's not possible. But these spoiled jackass celebs who take them for kicks? They're jeopardizing it for those of us who need them. Of course, saying only legit patients should have them is like saying "murder is illegal" and expecting everyone to obey. Some things never cease to amaze! For those who medically need them and can manage them? They're a blessing. For those looking to get high? They deserve their fates.

Sporky said...

Himmmm - wow, I am so sorry to hear about the pain you've had for so long...but it sounds like you're doing a great job keeping it under control. I also take anti-anxiety meds for depression and I would NOT still be among the living if I didn't take them - I would have offed myself years ago. They've saved my life.

I agree: jackasses make it very hard for those of us who need legitimate pain meds to function. I remember all the damn hoops to jump through just to get Percocet. Thankfully, a major surgery 2 years ago relieved about 80% of my chronic pain due to severe endometriosis, and I haven't needed anything stronger than Advil since then.

Keep on keepin' on! :)

__-__=__ said...

So Steve Perry wasn't such an ass after all! Thank goodness!!

sunnyside1213 said...

Merlin, I wondered the same thing.
Did Britanny's death spur families to do interventions?

Sporky, have you ever tried Niacin for your depression? Non flushing of course, or you will feel like your are having the biggest hot flash on earth.

Sporky said...

sunnyside, that was suggested to me a while back, but since I'm having temperature issues as it is from the partial hysterectomy, I didn't think it would be a good idea to try. But thanks for the suggestion!

The Goon said...

Yeah!!!! I've always really liked Steven Tyler and I hope he gets better! Good for him for
acknowledging a problem that he has and being willing to rectify the trouble in a responsible way. Nothing better then seeing people do the right things!

Aerosmith is a great band, and Steven Tyler is awesome.
(IMHO, of course :)

mooshki said...

Good for him! It was clear he was having problems lately, and as you said Enty, he shouldn't be at all ashamed for getting help.

KellyLynn said...

Sometimes, the spin (a checkup vs. rehab) is more for the person's own peace of mind than it is for anyone else's. Addicts don't like to call themselves addicts because it reminds them of the stereotypical out-of-control freaks you see on TV or passed out in an alley. The biggest thing that keeps a lot of these people from seeking help is that fear that they have more in common with that stereotype than they want to admit.

In any case, I do hope more people follow Steven Tyler's lead and get the help they need.

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