Monday, November 08, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Jill Clayburgh - RIP
Jill's daughter Lily Rabe still made it to the premiere of her new show Merchant Of Venice on Broadway. She stars with
Jill's ex, Al Pacino.
Does Andrew McCarthy ever age?
AnnaLynne McCord gets up close and personal with 50 Cent and then
50 gets up close and personal with AnnaLynne's ex. Well, that is if you believe the two were ever dating in the first place.
This is what idiots wear to awards shows. Angus Stone and Isabel Lucas.
Beyonce looks really different here.
Randomness. Brandi Glanville and Ashley Hamilton.
Chris Rock, his wife, and a whole lot of kids.
Brad Pitt, reading glasses and a butt grope of Angelina.
Colin Firth meeting his fans.
Edison Pena, the Chilean miner, finished the NYC Marathon. Congrats!!!
Karina Smirnoff finally fooled someone into proposing. Brad Penny was the lucky guy. This is Christina Milian looking at the ring.


califblondy said...

I didn't know Chris Rock had a white kid.

Karina sure gets engaged a lot. I wonder if she keeps all the rings?

RocketQueen said...

OMG Al. Run a brush through it before going out in public!

So over 50Cent after his homophobic and degrading twitters. Shame, because I think he's quite talented as a musician and actor.

redsiren said...

What in the fuckity fuck happened to Al Pacino? He looks like someone who would be welcoming you to Dracula's castle.

parissucksliterally said...

mmmmm...Colin Firth.

looserdude said...

I hope to gosh that Al Pacino is still in his Shylock costume.

I love Jane Austen and Colin Firth was the quintessential Darcy.

MnGddess said...

Al Pacino looks like a leprechaun forced into wearing human clothes...

rhinovodka said...

Oh Al, you were so hot in Sea of Love! What happened? Now you look like Gargamel.

Unknown said...

Brad looks cute in his reading glasses! My oldest sister needed them at 40...I hope I can hold out a little longer- not for vanity, but they get lost pretty easily- annoying!!

nancer said...

the camera angle makes pacino look like a dwarf. yes, i think he's snow white's 8th dwarf----creepy.

PotPourri said...

Wow, I still think Andrew McCarthy needs his revival of his career like Patrick Dempsey!

ForSure said...

Cali, if you have a straight prescription, you can buy decent reading glasses real cheap at Costco!

Colin Firth is MINE. Back off, I will cut a bish! ;)

M. said...

Question: Does Angelina even have a butt to grab? She's so skinny...

Meg said...

RIP Ms. Clayburgh, a very talented lady

Mmmmm...Colin Firth
AGREE @looserdude!!!

Good for Mr. Pena!! That's awesome.

LOL @redsiren


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