Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Greg Bello playing Gerard Butler's wing man.
Halle Berry at an event honoring Halle Berry.
These people look very familiar. Oh, and for those of you at Brown University, the naked picture of Emma Watson floating around school is not actually her.
Illeana Douglas and some very tall boots.
Justin Long and Nikki Reed hanging out.
A first time appearance for Justin Melvey.
Katherine Heigl and her family in W. Miranda Kerr is in the new issue and is very naked.
Katharine McPhee in the staged photo of the day.
Linkin Park - Birmingham, England
Mischa Barton right after her hair appointment.


nunaurbiz said...

Ooooh thank you thank you for another Gerry picture today, Enty!

MWAH! Love you lots!!!!!

mooshki said...

Ooh, I have a little green velvet dress that would go great with those boots!

Wow, they turned Heigl into Kate Bosworth pre-starvation!

RocketQueen said...

That's Mischa AFTER her hair appt? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Katherine Heigel pales in comparison to her family; Both figuratively and literally. She seems to fade into the background while the rest of them grab your attention. She also seems very posed, while the rest actually look happy.
Also Misha... I don't look as old and I'm 33. Poor girl needs some family support.

audrey said...

I love those boots!

califblondy said...

Those boots are sooooo cute. Illeana sure is skinny.

I wouldn't leave the salon or my house with wet hair and I'm not even famous. Come on girl.

I admit I don't know who this Justin guy is, but he's gorgeous.

Bubbles said...

Oh my heavens. Are there any stylists on here who can give me details on Halle's dress. So simple, but so elegant and chic.

timebob said...

I really hope Mischa leave the hair extensions out. They really don't look good on her.

And that goes for you to Miley.

Meg said...

I'm not usually a Butler fan but he looks pretty good there.

Emma's hair looks SO good. Why is she so much more dressed up than Rupert & Daniel?

What is Katharine McPhee up to these days anyway??

shakey said...

How much does a photo of Katharine McPhee go for these days? $2.95?

Mango said...

Emma Watson sort of reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh when she has that pixie haircut for Single White Female.

Hair, schmair... WTF is up with that dress Mischa is wearing??

Linnea said...

I know this sounds ridic, but we are actually flying out to Glasgow for the HP premiere weekend, so that we can he in the Hogwarts environment... grew up with those books and will be sad to see them go.

__-__=__ said...

Mischa just left with her hair wet. I do it all the time. But those shoes, with that dress? Come on!


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