Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Prince Harry scares himself. Well, those horns are loud.
Meanwhile his dad enjoys a beverage next to Russell Brand.
Apparently they still have those People's Choice Awards things because Queen Latifah was at their press conference. Looking like she has lost a lot of weight too.
Whenever I see Rachelle Lefevre, I always feel bad for her, because I am like how do you get fired from Twilight. Other roles will be there but you need to get what you can get while it is there for the taking.
Rashma Shetty & Jill Flint hug it out.
A very lonely looking Santa Claus.
Sally Hawkins promoting her new movie.
Apparently in South Korea when you win an acting award you also have to deliver flowers to people on your way home.
Looks scary.
But, it's not. Just an angled piece of glass.
Tobey Maguire auditioning for a role as Alfalfa.
Victoria Beckham stifles the only emotion she has probably had in a week.


MontanaMarriott said...

I C Prince Charles like his granny is a Gin man.

LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE me some Karl Lagerfeld, I find him to be such a caricature of himself.

RocketQueen said...

I like Russell Brand - but he looks like a horse in this picture.

I don't know who Sally Hawkins is, but my GOODNESS does she look thin - bobblehead thin.

Jasmine said...

Posh is probs too fat for Karl Lagerfeld anyway

bastard. i bet he's telling her a fat joke and they're both laughing their fermeldahyded bodies off.

Jasmine said...

Mmmmmm, Prince Harry Iwannadoyousobad

tigerjen77 said...

Who is the hot piece in the fatigues next to Shia? He needs his own spot. Yum!

Tenley said...

Russell Brand is so ugly he looks like a fake stage scare mask and not a real person.

karen said...

I had to laugh so hard about the South Korean acting award comment.

Russell Brand reminds me of Tim Curry as the clown Pennywise in 'It'.

chopchop said...

When Russell Brand does that big toothy grin, he looks like a monkey smiling and it scares me. Monkeys scare me.

jess said...

Prince Harry looks so hot.. ♥
So what's up with Tobey's career?

RocketQueen said...

lol @ Jasmine! Both your comments had me laughing my ass off. And I agree about Prince Harry, but because I remember him when he was still so young, I always feel WRONG about it.

Meg said...

Queen Latifah looks great!

No sympathy from me for Rachelle.

trinnean said...

@RocketQueen: Sally Hawkins is an amazing British actress, I only got on this post to say how much I love her! Recommend 1000% that you watch 'Happy-Go-Lucky'. Oh, and whatever her new movie is, probably.

RocketQueen said...

Thanks trinnean - I'll take your word for it :)

MadLyb said...

Not the most flattering pics of Prince Harry or Russell - normally two very handsome men (my opinion).

Meg said...

@trinnean - I LOVED Happy Go Lucky!! Such a good film.

childeroland said...

I don't think Rachelle 'got herself fired.' I think they really wanted Bryce Dallas Howard and looked for any opening to get clear space for her. And after all that, Howard was in the film for, what, ten seconds, before Edward killed her ass.

I'm ashamed of knowing that.

Jackie said...

I think the Brand Prince Charles pic is funny. It made me giggle. :)

mooshki said...

When does 'Royal Pains' come back? I'm so ready for Divya to dump her fiance and hook up with that hottie!

Jerry said...

Rashma Shetty & Jill Flint hug it out.

It's bad enough when I see one of them but both of them together? I start hyperventilating and have to lie down for awhile. Wish I didn't like that show so damn much.


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