Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

I'm not sure how this picture got on top. It really should have been the one below, but too late now. Allison Williams, Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow.
B.D. Wong because he brings class to the blog.
Lots of country right here. Zac Brown, Hank Williams Jr., Two Foot Fred, Travis Tritt, Kid Rock, and Jim Hill.
Don't want too much country today because tonight is the CMA's so tomorrow there will be plenty, but Carrie Underwood with the big hair and fish nets had to be in here.
Colin Quinn and Jerry Seinfeld celebrating the opening night of Colin's show on Broadway.
Ben Stiller also looks like he is celebrating. A lot.
The world's first drive thru sex toy shop and it is not in Amsterdam. Nope. Alabama.
Did Denzel Washington start chewing tobacco?
Elizabeth Banks and is that fur?
You don't know this guy but he writes and directs the best stuff on Funny or Die. His name is Eric Appel.
50 Cent - Las Vegas


strawberrygirl said...

Elizabeth Banks bears a striking resemblance to Rachel McAdams. I'm convinced they're the same person.

audrey said...

Those aren't fishnets Carrie Underwears is wearing. Not even close. They are hose with a checkered pattern.

Char said...

Do people really need sex toys that quickly that they cannot get out of their car and walk into the shop??? Is a drive through sex shop REALLY necessary??!

Meg said...

@Char - Not quickly, necessarily but the drive through option would offer convenience AND more anonymity!
You never know when you might need a dildo to go, after all.

I can't wait to bust my AL buddies balls about this one. :)

ClaireFrasier said...

Travis Tritt!

love him

shakey said...

If Carrie's such a bitch, why did they ask her back again?

Hendrix said...

Is it me or does Ben Stiller look jaundiced? A lighting problem? Faded tan? Shot liver?


Mango said...

Love BD Wong. Thanks, Enty.

I don't think Ben Stiller looks jaundiced so much as Colin Quinn looks flushed. With alcohol.

lanasyogamama said...

I think Ben looks hungry.

Linnea said...

BD Wong has been my crush for years and years. He should get his own show.


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