Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Apparently in England, little girls still like Miley Cyrus and also
lots and lots of other people do to.
Miley does not seem all that impressed.
Dad with the good son.
So, this guy from Twilight walks into a bar...
Russell Crowe and what looks to be RZA.
Rainn Wilson is definitely not RZA.
So, as you probably know Rachel Weisz and her partner have split. The reason?
Yep. A little Daniel Craig action.
Alicia Keys and Swizzle Stick.
Shannon Elizabeth was at a conference entitled The Future Of Film. If she is the future, I fear the next few years.


Susan said...

LOL @ Shannon Elizabeth caption.

I hope I look as good as Alicia Keys post baby. .... Her homewrecking ways really irk me, however.

Anonymous said...

Miley always walks weird like she is slouching.

LOL@good son

Russell C. looks like a Mafioso lol.

Is that why Rachel W. has a big smile LOL. Who wouldn't LOL.

I am so disappointed with Alicia being a HomeWrecker.

nunaurbiz said...

Not surprised Rachel left her baby daddy. As an American, he was always beneath her, according to things she has said!

Sorry she's dug her claws into Daniel, tho... :-(

MacVixen said...

There's my Emilio! I have always loved that guy - ever since I saw him in a TV movie back in the 80's. He played a kid that gets dragged into the juvenile justice system and it completely fucks him up. Great movie and the start of my never ending Emilio Estevez crush.

mooshki said...

I always thought Rachel was one of the most beautiful people in the world, so I can see her and Daniel. Too bad for his gf, though - they seemed happy together.

Ms Cool said...

Don't want Daniel to be a cheat. :-(

MadLyb said...

Can't really blame Rachel for wanting a piece of that. If you're going to sin, might as well make it worth it.

parissucksliterally said...

Someone needs to let Miley know her legs are nowhere as good as she thinks they are. Long, but shapeless!

All I can do is roll my eyes at Shannon Elizabeth. Like I always have.

califblondy said...

Whoa, Emilio is lookin' good. It's been a while.

Bubbles said...

Not RZA from Wu Tang Clan? Is there another RZA? Enty, I think you need some more Black folks writing for this blog if you think that's RZA.

shakey said...

When did Daniel leave his long-time girlfriend?

I guess Miley was at a Walmart.

Perhaps Shannon was there to see what her job prospects were. Or to find a sugar daddy.

chihuahuense said...

lol@Bubbles. looks more like GZA than RZA...or a random black guy! Actually, I do recognize his face, but I can't place him.

juicy said...

and i was like "EMILIO!!!!"

redsiren said...

I liked the caption "Here's Martin Sheen with the good son". MS is secretly saying: "See, I do have a good one, not to be confused with the crackhead one". Emilio is looking good.

Mango said...

Those young fans (and their parents) must not know about Miley's
crotch-baring photos.

Russell Crowe is looking a little puffy.

I used to like Rachel Weisz until I read some of her crappy comments about Americans.

Tatyana said...

Blogger Mango said...

"Those young fans (and their parents) must not know about Miley's crotch-baring photos."

Truly innocent would just ignore them.

Linnea said...

Aronofsky (Rachel´s ex) has made some awesome movies. Requim for a Dream is amazing. Hope this doesnt stifle his creativity.


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