Monday, November 08, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Paula Abdul's outfit reminds me of when I open a pack of biscuits and the can explodes.
Ryan Gosling looking very sharp in a suit.
Rebecca Gayheart with her hands very full.
Oh, this picture would have been better under Ryan Gosling's picture. Rachel McAdams and her blond hair. To me she just looks like everyone else now.
Robert Rodriguez and Alicia Silverstone hanging out.
Steve Carell doing a little light reading. Great book.
Shakira meets her fans in Madrid.
This will give you an idea of how tall Snooki is standing next to Wee-Man.
Tony Hawk and Andre Agassi about to do some skateboarding.
Did you ever think you would see Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Momsen together?
I could envision Taylor and Richie being together at some point sharing a smoke, but the Jon Bon Jovi pic was a shocker.
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson filming whatever twilight book we are up to now.
Vienna Girardi making a living.


RocketQueen said...

SO over Taylor Momsen, her panda makeup and her angsty stockings.

What was the deal with Robert R. and Rose McGowan? Are they still together? Didn't they hook up on set while he was with someone else?

I see Gosling is going full steam into Movember!

Cecilia00 said...

Snooki is 4'9 and Wee-Man is 4'6 btw :-)

Cecilia00 said...

And I actually like the Rebecca Gayheart photo. She looks like just a regular mom. Not made up or paparazzi-staged.

RJ said...

I hope for that baby's sake that Gayheart and Dane have got their crap together. Gayheart looks nice and normal and non-druggy in that pic so here's hoping!

I'd like to spend about 10 minutes repeatedly slapping Taylor Momsen. It might not knock some sense into her, but I'd feel better.

HannahPalindrome said...

Taylor Momsen cracks me up-hahahaha
She's so badass...snort

Gayheart and Dane used to live in my building, and she is really ugly in person.
Am I being mean? Oh well

looserdude said...

Taylor Momsen looks like one of those goth kids on South Park. She cracks me up.

parissucksliterally said...

Taylor Momsen makes me laugh so hard. dumbass.

Tigercat said...

apparently taylor m. can't raise her head?

TinselSass said...

Jon Bon Jovi steps down a notch with the Taylor shot. Oh, the horror!

Rachel is washed out as a blond. Nothing special at all.

Susan said...

Taylor Momsom - For the love of God, step away from my beloved Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. Now. Jesus.

Dare I say it, Snooki looks kind of cute in that pic. But I'm done with the Jersey Shore. Those peeps are the dumbest fools I've ever wasted time on.

tina said...

@ RocketQueen

Yeah- the someone else he was with was his WIFE and FIVE (i think) KIDS!!!!! lol! I totally hope he cheated on Rose and left her. She is a skank and he is even skankier for doing that to his family.

ugh...I hate cheaters!

Meg said...

LOL @ the Paula comment. She does look great, shredded dress aside.

Taylor looks like she is about to topple over in that first picture.

Mango said...

Love Steve Carell.

That is the best pic I've ever seen of Snookie. She's not safety orange in color and doesn't have that asinine bun on her head.

Taylor Momsen looks as if she's trying out for a Night of the Living Dead sequel.

Robert said...

In what gay leather/denim bar was that picture of Vienna Girardi taken, and where the hell is Jake?

__-__=__ said...

Rachel McAdams is channeling Courtney Love!

Could Alicia Silverstone be the answer to the blind about the actress sleeping with directors?

Sherry said...

Taylor Momsen needs a body cast so she can lear to stand up straight..Jeebus!


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