Thursday, June 02, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Clarice Taylor - RIP
Brooke Mueller holding one of her kids. Hopefully she can stay clean.
Courteney and David last night at a party.
The Biebs takes Selena to Canada and tells her he has a glowing heart and she can see him rise. Canucks 1- Boston 0.
Linda Gray and Larry Hagman auction off Larry's stuff.
Mischa Barton, well, does not look too bad here.
Knowing this movie will be a disaster, The Weinstein Company is now promoting the Miley Cyrus movie as an opportunity to see her in her underwear as much as possible.
Shoulder riding day. Matthew M participated as did
Liev Schreiber.


RocketQueen said...

Mischa looks great. Love that dress!

Oh Courtenay. PLEASE stop fucking with your face. Have a little dignity about growing older.

Brooke's little one appears to be missing a shoe. Clearly she hasn't noticed. SMH.

Clever caption on the Bieber photo, Enty. Very clever ;)

mooshki said...

PLEASE tell me Harvey isn't sleeping with Miley. How much do you want to bet he tried?

Momster said...

^^^Didn't want that visual--thanks Mooshki! LOL

Love the baby/youngun pics today.

Jason Blue Eyes said...
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Jason Blue Eyes said...

RIP Clarice. Another little bit of my childhood has gone.

Give it up Hollywood - Miley has proven she can't open a movie unless she's wearing a blonde wig in it.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee ... I wouldn't mind riding either Matthew OR Liev's shoulders ...

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Awww. Gwyneth and I both sent out our very first tweets on the same day. <3

I think Mischa cleans up gloriously. She's got a stunning face -- beautiful cheekbones, big blue eyes, a wide mouth, and wonderful freckles. I know she dresses like a preschooler most of the time, and I've always wondered if she's just uncomfortable with the idea of being conventionally beautiful.

Matthew McConanaghghghhsfdghey has one stunning family. And Levi was born on my birthday! So was Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban. I hate myself for knowing that shit, BTW.

Nice funbags, Miley. Did you ask Blake for her surgeon's number?

R.I.P. Grandma Huxtable. I hope Ray Charles is serenading you with "Night Time is the Right Time", wherever you are.

Meg said...

^Wasn't that the best episode?? Little Rudy...awww.

So, Brooke is supposed to be on Paris Hilton's new reality show. I saw a promo for it and she's screaming about getting clean...

Goopster also joined Facebook.

parissucksliterally said...

RQ, I was JUST about to say the same thing about Courtney! She is starting to look awful.

why does anyone take pics of Mischa Barton anymore?

Miley in her underwear. Ick. GF is NOT sexy.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like Courteney at all. Weird looking.

(rolling eyes) @ Fishsticks first tweet.

Really don't like the Beaver LOL. Looks like a wimpy kid to me.

BuckTeeth Miley looks like she is sucking her stomach in.

Matthew's kids are so cute.

angelina said...

Can't STAND courtney cox anymore. If you want to f*ck around with your lame co-star then DO it, but divorce your husband already!!! Why drag him along giving him the idea that a reconciliation is possible?? Bitch

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Like I said in today's earlier Courtenty post, she has really Meg Ryan-ed her face. Tragic.

I was going to say she "Someone Else-ed" her face but that "someone" is persona-non-grata here on CDAN these days. You all know who I'm talking about. ;)

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@JBE -- does that person's name rhyme with Dim Carcrashian? :-)

PotPourri said...

Liev is very strong and handsome!

Jason Blue Eyes said...

@Ida - Maaaaay-be. ;)

jfwlucy said...

So nice to see that the liver Larry Hagman jumped the queue for is holding up even though he started drinking again.

Ms Cool said...

Linda Grey looks better now than she did 30 years ago on Dallas. Weird.

It grosses me out to see pictures of teen couples. Blech.

RocketQueen said...

@parissucks - great minds! :)

Ms Cool - I am going to watch the SHIT out of the new Dallas. I was reading about it yesterday, it's going to be a continuation of the family as opposed to a remake, which explains how Hagman and a few others will still be around. I've been DYING for something trashy to watch. I still miss Dynasty and the original Melrose Place.

amazonblue said...

Why is Larry Hagman selling stuff? Is he broke or trying to cash in on the new Dallas?
Now is not the time to try and sell used goods, the market is very saturated, everyone is broke and holding garage sales in California.

I have little faith that Brooke will stay clean. I read that before she met Charlie she'd been in rehab 13 times.

mooshki said...

Angelina, David's still fucking around like crazy, too. Of course, I don't know the details of their relationship, but from what I understand they're both doing their own thing for a while, but still staying close. What's wrong with that? They can both take the time to figure out what they want, and hopefully they'll get back together at some point. They've got a lot of baggage to get past first.

ForSure said...

Hagman said he would rather sell all of his stuff then pay to store it, or have it given away after he died. Some of the interviews I've seen him give on TV have been kind of funny. Glad to hear the new Dallas is a continuation and not a reboot, might give it a looksee.

So tired of all this laughable plastic surgery in H-wood. Especially from the hypocrites who talk about their great diets or their skin care products keeping them young. Might spend my afternoons lurking around BH plastic surgeons offices outing people. (No, I wouldn't ever really do that).

Char said...

I don't believe in judging others marriages. Whatever works for them. At least not REAL marriages. I will judge the eff out of sham marriages. Courtney and David seem like they both know what's up.

Brooke looks ROUGH. She's done some hard living in her time.

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!!!! Never thought I'd be happy for a Beiber pic but I LOVE the caption!

figgy said...

Brooke's hair is finally showing the signs of drug abuse...dry, limp, brittle. Teeth next.

Mischa actually does look lovely! Those are the kinds of cheekbones that women TRY to pay big $$$ for but end up looking like feral cats. For some reason I feel for that girl, and hope she gets/keeps it together.

jax said...



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