Friday, December 16, 2011

Christian Bale Tries To See Chinese Activist Under House Arrest

Christian Bale can get away with some stuff in China. He starred in a movie made in China and paid for by their government. It is also their nominated movie for best foreign film at the Academy Awards. So, when Christian decided he wanted to go see a blind Chinese human rights activist with a CNN crew in tow, he was stopped from seeing the activist by some thugs who keep everyone away but was not tossed from the country like everyone else would have been. Do you think the guys trying to stop him knew they were messing with Batman?


Rita said...

From what I've read, Christian is the first Occidental actor allowed to work on a Chinese government funded movie. He was on his way, accompanied by CNN cameras to visit a lawyer under house arrest, who had served time for representing certain cases the government was not comfortable with. And after serving his time, it was decided that he should be under house arrest.

Also, those apparently were not thugs but law enforcers, who continually threaten, beat, and in certain cases imprison any attempting to visit said lawyer. Christian decided to shed some light on the situation. He was pushed around, threatened, chased in a car, but Batman remained in control.

Richard Gere had tried also to shed some light a few years back on the ignominious behavior of the Chinese government, and how unfairly the people are being treated. As well as the still on-going massacre of Tibetans.

We have our problems in North America, but sometimes, shedding light on extreme religious behavior, reminds us how we as Americans are free, and how our laws prevent radicals from taking our rights away.

And oh yeah, love some hunky batman forever. Especially that tempting beauty mark in the middle of his neck.

KLM said...

I love Dlisted's caption: "Christian Bale and China are Fucking Done, Professionally."

FrenchGirl said...

1/his stepmother Gloria Steinem can be proud !
2/i always thought Bale was apolitical but here he's not as naive as i thought on China's politics (he praises Yimou's filming and chinese people that he met during it)
3/it is a RP nightmare for China and for Bale
4/ clearly Chen GuangChen and his friends need to be supported

MISCH said...

Not a fan, but this was a good thing....his support will help.

Robert said...

Wow, I have a new-found respect for the guy; when he says the treatment of this man doesn't represent the people of China, but the power structure there, it sums it all up well. Ideas are the most frightening thing to oppressive governments like this. Life in the first world is nothing like it is in the third--yet.


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