Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Ed Westwick on the set of Gossip Girl.
The first photo from Great Gatsby was released.
I don't know why Ciroc vodka wants to pay Gretchen Rossi to endorse their vodka. I'm going to stop buying it now.
Gwen Stefani doing some Christmas shopping.
Hugh Jackman and his wife out and about.
Jennifer Lopez tries to do her Steven Tyler walk on the way inside for American Idol auditions.
Steven still does Steven better though.
Lady GaGa does Marilyn Monroe.
A picture of LeAnn Rimes where she is not clawing to her husband for life.


Anonymous said...

Ed is pretty damn hot.

Carey Mulligan looks like she was born to be in a movie like this. She looks lovely.

I love that Hugh's wife is a normal looking person, but that outfit is so unattractive.

Gaga looks good.

Rita said...

Ed is just a walking wet dream!

Linnea said...

Yeah, he is hot but for me 99% is the character.

Sylvia said...

Jackman's wife looks way older than him

feraltart said...

Hi Sylvia, I believe Hugh's wife is about 9 years older than him.

MacVixen said...

Gwen looks good in that photo!

Rita said...

@linnea, stopped watching GG a good while ago. Ed's pictures still turn me on though. That boy has something, in buckets.

Rose said...

Awww Monkey Bass. Very cute!

I wish Steven Tyler would dress at least as old as someone half his age.

Patty said...

Isn't Ciroc P Diddy's vodka? Or was he just the endorser? Either way, why were you buying it in the first place?

Krystal said...

I like Gretchen! Those women on RH of the OC were obviously jealous and mean for no reason.

Um, Lady Gaga just stop it! Why does every irritating gimmick artist/actress try to be Marylin? You'll never be Marylin-She didn't need a damn meat dress or to hatch from an egg to become an icon. She should come back from the grave and b*tch slap you for even trying.

Chuck Bass is delicious! For the GG fans out there- I moved back to London for school and missed out on some important episodes last season & now I'm lost. Can anyone tell me what the deal is with Serena's cousin and the checks? I saw her steal checks and move to CA and Serena brought her back to NY but she seems really shady. What's going on?

BigMama said...

ummm what is wrong with Gwen Stefani's foot? How does she walk like that LOL

Anonymous said...

J Lo looks good.

Steven Tyler and Leann Rimes are so damn skinny. Gross.

I wish Lady Gag would close her mouth. Most photos of her are with her lips slightly parted. Close your effing mouth!

Anonymous said...

Wups. I meant Lady Gaga. But, Lady Gag sounds more fun!

Anonymous said...

Um, Lady Gaga just stop it! Why does every irritating gimmick artist/actress try to be Marylin? You'll never be Marylin-She didn't need a damn meat dress or to hatch from an egg to become an icon. She should come back from the grave and b*tch slap you for even trying.

No. She just sing to presidents in see-through dresses and screwed said presidents when their wives were gone. Not to mention that damned coo-talk.

Just saying--Marilyn is an icon to most, but she doesn't mean sh*t to the rest of us.

Krystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LisbethSalander said...

@ Mama Mia Lady Gag seriously made me laugh out loud, even though it was unintentional.

Krystal said...

Layna calm down. I was stating my opinion. I didn't ask you to care about Marylin or whether or not you give a shit about her.

Ugh. Why do people feel the need to attack other people's opinions on here? It's pathetic. This is a gossip website not a debate forum. There are more important things in life than trying to start some teenage shit over an opinion about Lady Gaga. Yawn.

Anotheramy said...

I couldnt care less about JLo but she does look good there, Leanne looks older and older and worse and worse. Girl needs to eat something, preferably more than tea and gum.

Krystal said...

anyways back to the fun - @MacVixen I didn't notice that pic of Gwen at first but she does look great. I've never been a fan of those sweaters but somehow she pulls it off. I have a feeling I would like Ms. Doubtfire if I wore it! :S

Rose said...

Krystal, that isn't really Serena's cousin. Lily's sister hired an actress to play her daughter so she could get her inheritance and they both left NYC last season. Her real name is Ivy and she stole some of the checks from Carol. At the beginning of this season Serena accidentally ran into her in LA and insisted she come back to NYC so she's been pretending to be Charlie. said...

She should come back from the grave and b*tch slap you for even trying.

I think Marilyn will go after Lindsay before she goes after GAG...LOL!

Krystal said...

Thank you so much Rose. :) I've been so confused and now I can finally enjoy the new season!

Krystal said...

@Brenda-So true! lol

amh.producer said...

I know y'all won't like this but I thought Gwen was a blonde Kat Von Whatever her name is.

MadLyb said...

I hate to say it, but I get the Ed Westwick thing. I can almost smell the sex in his pics.

Love Gwen, Love Hugh (and wife), Love Tyler, and have to admire JLo for getting so far up the ladder with minimal talent.

Is anyone else sick to DEATH of the countless Marilyn Monroe imitations. I'm so over it. There was only one MM.

MadLyb said...

Insert question mark and ignore the bad grammar. I'm self conscious about this, because I know better, but those of you with energy sucking jobs will understand.

Anonymous said...

@Krystal: YOU calm down with your teenage drama. YOU started it with going all Marilyn would SLAP Gaga from the grave. WTF? If you don't like Gaga, no skin off my nose. But don't suggest that Marilyn is an untouchable icon and no one holds a candle to her. She isn't. No one is. Not Marilyn, not Gaga.

Fuck, I'm more pissed off that you would suggest that I'm angry with your original comment. I wasn't. I was stating MY OPINION. I get one, right? No, I just get called a teenager for it.

Seriously, fuck Marilyn and Gaga. Two chicks who have/had more money than I'll ever see.

I enjoy it here, but shit like this puts a fucking damper on things. I didn't attack you. I DON'T KNOW YOU. Why would I bother?

If there's more important things in life, then hop to it. And leave me the fuck alone.

Shit's irritating as hell. :-/

Electric Warrior said...

@MadLyb...yes!! Talk about beating a dead horse. I wonder who is in charge of her estate, and if someone gets a piece of all these "homages" to Marilyn.

I heard Megan Fox is getting her Marilyn tattoo removed, which I can understand. Whoever that person is on her arm, I never thought it looked like MM.

2nd the Mrs. Doubtfire observation.

The Ciroc chick has a vacant look and the pic of Gwen made me think of one thing:

parissucksliterally said...

Ed Westwick is nasty gross to me, especially since I have seen him shirtless- all mushy looking and pasty white. I don't care if you have a six pack, but mush.....blech.

Gwen looks great!

I cannot fucking stand J Lo .

Lauren said...

Lmao @Layna YOUR the one that made it personal and tryin to be a bully over the internet is pathetic. Cuss all you want no one cares. Everyones allowed to express their opinion. Nothin you say is goin to stop anyone from speakin their mind so why don't u stick to makin generic comments. Mmk! & btw- GAGA is a gimmick. Marilyn is an icon.

@Krystal- I completely agree & id ignore thesr internet thugs:)

lutefisk said...

I had JLO's pants back in 1975.
Gwen looks like she has a totally new face, unless that's what she looks like under all of the make up she piles on.
There will never be another Marilyn Monroe. She lit up in every photo and on the screen. No one can duplicate her glow.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I've never tried Ciroc. It was the brand P Diddy was endorsing, from what I recall. I'll stick with my usual brands, thanks!

I'm jealous of anyone who can successfully pull off white pants.

Krystal said...

@Licia - thanks and trust me I will. I don't have have time for clowns. ;)

__-__=__ said...

Dang folks, calm down. Don't let the season get to ya. We're all just snarkin' here. A good healthy snark does us all good. It's never personal. Please don't make me try to go elsewhere for my snark. Thanks in advance!!

Anonymous said...

So I don't get to express my opinion and I'm an internet thug when I do? What a crock!

I don't get this place sometimes. Maybe because I'm relatively new and not part of the clique. Everyone snarks: great! A newbie snarks on a celebrity: INTERNET THUG! CLOWN! IGNORE, IGNORE!

So Krystal gets to say something snarky about Gaga, but no one can say anything about Marilyn? Am I getting this right?

This place runs so damn hot and cold when it comes to be friendly. It's practically schizo. Which is one of the reasons I like it. Birds of a feather flock together, right? But if one of the feathers isn't in her right place, tell her to fuck off? Got it.

For the record, I didn't say a single word about Krystal. Again, I don't know her.

I said what was true: Marilyn is NOT an icon to everyone. I think she was talented. But she was also VERY messed up. Using drugs, sleeping with married men, bouncing up and down on stage in a sequined nightie. If that's your interpretation of an icon, so be it. But it's not mine.

I didn't say Gaga was an icon, BTW. I think she has the potential. Like Marilyn, she's talented. Like Marilyn, she uses others as inspiration. IMO, Marilyn was similar to Jean Harlow as far as the comedic blonde bombshells go.

I don't appreciate being called a thug and a clown by strangers. THAT'S A PERSONAL INSULT. I said NOTHING PERSONAL about Krystal, but now she and others are ganging up on me. THAT'S HOW I SEE IT. It's rude and condescending.

Getting cyber bullied at my age. That's a laugh.

But hey, we all have our opinions. I have mine, and I don't feel like I have to be generic in expressing them. I get to toot my horn as loud as anyone else around here. At least I hope so.

Tempestuous Grape said...

You guys are such goobers sometimes.

figgy said...

Can't we all just get along? ;-)

Anonymous said...

TG: as long as this goober can become crunchy peanut butter, I'm good! LOL!

figgy: Nooooo! LMAO!

Eh, 99% of the time I can roll with the punches. It's the 1% that does me in. Especially when what I said is so misconstrued.

LisbethSalander said...

@ Layna Day, I see where your coming from, when I was a teenager I adored Marilyn Monroe after reading about her and watching her movies, but as time went on I also realized that she had a lot of personal issues that are not really admirable qualities.

Tara said...

Ed Westwick looks like he just smelled something really nasty. Seriously, I find him (and his receding hair line) extremely unattractive. He's too pale and short and too...pale and short. *shudder*

I think it's because I'm pale and short that I like tall and dark skinned men. ;-) We can smell our own (ask Ed's nostrils) and it ain't pretty.

Bit dams said...

hugh's wife looks like she could be his mother. interesting.

never heard of the vodka lady.

bookworm said...

JLo just gtes better with age!

Forget this chick! Isn't this the same vodka brand that's paying that human scab Amber Rose to promote their brand!

Tobey Maguire has perma-gay face to me. I know he's married but since when does that mean anything.

Lady Gaga does drag queen that does Marilyn Monroe.


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