Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Josh Duhamel and Fergie help celebrate's birthday.
Holly Madison is appearing in The Nutcracker. There has to be a good joke in that.
Justin Bieber gets pulled over in his Batmobile.
Jane Lynch does some Christmas shopping yesterday.
Katy Perry was doing some press for her perfume.
So how does a rumor get started about Lindsey Vonn and Tim Tebow? When she pulls a Tebow on a podium.
Marcia Cross looks great here.
Tom Cruise and the MI4 cast in Rio. Plastic surgery time?
Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson canoodle.


mooshki said...

There was a pic of Bieber with a big smug smile on his face as the cop is talking to him. For a while, I didn't mind him, but now I'm back to hating him. He needs to have his driver's license taken away. This is the second time he's gotten pulled over for dangerous driving, so god knows how many times he's done stuff and not gotten caught.

figgy said...

Yep, Tom's definitely had some plastic surgery. I'm thinking a browlift, at least. As with many celebs, his surgery has made him look younger...but NOT like himself.

mooshki said...

Oh, and that "Tebow" move?

Matthew 6:1-34 ESV:
“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven."

mooshki said...

Ooh, this part is even more on point:

"When you pray, do not be like hypocrites, who love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners so that others may see them. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your father in secret."

CridChild said...

Thank you Mooshki. Amen.

.robert said...

@Mooshki, do you think zealots believe that sort of stuff applies to them?

CridChild said...

I have been telling my husband since the tebow-train started, it is only a matter of time until he falls. Whether it is a sex scandal, a PR foot-in-mouth nightmare, or a DUI. Something always brings down these people. We build you up and we will bring you down.

I kind of cringe when I see the Te-bow - as a former evangelical myself, I find it personnally offensive for the very reasons Mooshki referenced.

But, that said, if he is going to set himself up for public failure, I will watch it.

Feisty said...

Tebow seems like a nice guy, and I think he's really genuine, but yeah, he's getting set up for a fall.

Hopefully it won't be anything spectacular, maybe he'll get his girlfriend (does he have one?) pregnant or something like that.

And Mooshki, those are good verses for anyone involved in a church to remember, and especially if they're a public figure. It doesn't mean you can't talk about your faith, but showing it off to be thought highly of is a no.

Anonymous said...

Tebow does seem to be the real deal. But being so upfront about it is a recipe for disaster. Kurt Warner has obliquely mentioned this in a couple of radio interviews this week--how it's easier to get people to at least appreciate your beliefs if you ramp down the rhetoric a bit.

I have more issues with Tebow's supporters than the guy himself. I don't think he's faking, but I don't know about them.

Hopefully, it won't end badly for the guy.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Samantha Ronson! She rules.

Missjenny619 said...

I love Katy's dress. So cute! I would wear that in a heartbeat!!

And say what you want about Holly, I still think she is beautiful. Don't know much about her, don't care, the view is nice.

Nichole Fisher said...

I read t hat Lindsay approached Tim's people first, she wanted to do a modified version of what he does. They said okay.

Texshan said...

Once again, people are completely twisting the Bible's teachings in order to prove their own points.

There are 3 kinds of prayer -- public prayer, private prayer, and participatory prayer. The only kind of prayer the Bible urges Christians to do "in a closet" is private prayer, in which the prayerful have an informal conversation with God in which they pour out their hearts to Him. The "closet" Bible verse, in context, was directed at the Pharisees, who made a big public production out of what should have been the private type of prayer; they were showing off to others, praying a false way, and basically making a mockery of prayer. THAT is what the verse is about.

Also, the Bible specifically tells Christians to pray openly and to be proud of their relationship with God. That's what Tebow is doing. And if you had watched NFL Replay last night, you would have heard what he prayed for on the field before Sunday's game. He prayed for the safety of himself and all of the other players and asked for God to keep a watchful eye over them. Hardly a prideful request.

The people who actively anticipate Tebow's downfall are really scummy. Everyone who has ever met him and then talked about him have said he is the real deal -- a positive, caring, thoughtful person who truly has a lot of love in his heart for others. Why would you want a person like that to be brought down? Think about what that says about you.

Finally, I would be more apt to believe that Lindsey Vonn has something going on with Tim Tebow's older brother Robbie. He's the one that has been skiing with her up in Vail and who was there when she won the race this photo is from. She writes a column for the Denver Post in which she said that she has known the entire Tebow family for several years and is a family friend.

Anonymous said...

Texshan: I don't think anyone here is hoping for Tebow's downfall. And I don't get the impression that all of us have an issue with the man himself. It's the whirlwind surrounding him.

This guy--barely an average QB, though a good football player--has been turned into a referendum of some sort. Everyone wants to claim him for their own purposes. Those who love Tebow put him on a pedestal as all that's right in the world. Those who hate Tebow wish to bring him down and use him as an example of being too lofty. Then there are those of us in the middle who are just trying to make sense of it all.

There are lots of athletes that believe in God and have expressed those beliefs publicly. So how does Tim Tebow get picked as the spokesperson for that movement?

For Tebow's sake, I hope things continue to go well for him. I think he's a good person. I think he's sincere. But he's in the middle of this phenomenon and usually, being in the middle of anything doesn't end well.

libby said...

As a life-long NFL fan, I don't hope for Tebow's downfall, but I REALLY hope he's gay.
Professional sports AND organized religion need it.
That's JMO, detractors, so waste your time typing yells all you wish, won't change things here.

Texshan said...

Layna, I didn't mean, specifically, that all CDAN commentors were rooting for Tebow to be brought down. If that's how it read, I apologize. I just think Tebow gets a LOT of flak from people just for being true to himself and his beliefs. And since it is currently very fashionable in this country (and on the Internet) to denigrate Christians, he comes in for a lot of criticism that is really undeserved.

Obviously, I am a big fan of his. If I were 20 years younger I'd probably hop a plane to Denver and stalk him. But that doesn't blind me to his issues as a QB. I fear that the Patriots, whom I loathe, will completely terrorize the Broncos this Sunday. I think the days of the last-minute "miracles" are over, at least for this week. But I do wish Tebow all kinds of success because I think he is the real deal. Last night on ESPN they showed him meeting yet another Make a Wish kid and asking him, "do you remember when we met in Florida last summer?" and the kid, who was about 6 or 7, was amazed Tebow remembered that. Tebow said, "Of course I remember!" That guy must meet hundreds of new people every week. But he made a point of telling this little guy that he remembered meeting him months ago, what they had talked about, etc. He made that kid's day. And I don't think it was fake at all.

Anonymous said...

I may have read too much into your original statement, Texshan. No need for apologies! :-)

I don't share a lot of Tebow's beliefs. Very few, actually. But his beliefs are his to have. There are those who take jabs at him for that. But the higher the profile, the more people come after you, no matter your religion.

Hey, at least know that you have found an ally in your Patriot dislike. I can't stand them! Tom Brady seems so smug and I'm glad to see Aaron Rodgers come in and get elevated to higher status than Tommy Terrific these days. I'm a Colts fan, which needless to say, has not been an easy thing to live with this season. Ah, my poor Dolts. Back in the NFL cellar.

libby said...

Aw, Layna Day---I'm a Colts fan too. In Indianapolis. Are you a Hoosier too?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm from the South. No Indiana connections. My father was a Colts fan from their Johnny Unitas/Baltimore days and passed the fandom down to me. Strangely, he's not from Baltimore, so I'm not sure how he got started cheering for the team.

msgirl said...

Amen to Mooshki! That stuff bugs the crap out of me! If they are so religious, do they really believe that God is personally involved in football? I caught some Survivor last night, my god, everyone's talking about how it's all in the hands of the Lord. UGH.

That's the first smile I've seen out of Samantha Ronson.

I mentioned that about Tom yesterday. Definitely a blind reveal.

msgirl said...

Texshan, that's a lovely prayer from Tebow. I don't mind his praying - what I DO mind is when players, singers, etc. think God had a personal stake in their success. Hate that. I think many of us have a knee-jerk reaction because of the Christian
fundamentalism that's driving our very govt, and stating that the US is the champion of the Christian right and might.

If someone thinks that their personal relationship with God helps them achieve, that's a different story.

Texshan said...

Layna, I'm shocked that your dad's love of the Colts survived their leaving Baltimore, after the underhanded way it happened. Here in Houston, people HATE the Titans (formerly the Oilers), and their leaving town wasn't nearly as egregious as the way the Colts did it!

My mother's whole family is in Indiana; they are huge Colts fans, obviously, and this year has been nightmarish for them. I personally think Peyton should retroactively be awarded the league MVP award for every year he's played after what's gone down with the Colts this year. What a disaster!

And I LOATHE Brady and that cheater Belichek. We call Brady "Butt chin" in my house. He's so smug and thinks he's sooooo great. Urgh. Can't tolerate his idiot wife, either.

Msgirl, if you go back and read my earlier post, you will see that Tebow was NOT praying to God to help them win. Obviously God doesn't care about a football game, and Tebow doesn't pretend he does.

Texshan said...

Oops, Msgirl, you posted while I was typing. Sorry. I actually agree with you. I get annoyed when people act as if God really cares about concerts or games or any kind of competition. Like He doesn't have bigger things on his mind? Please.

Megsablue said...

I can amen that Texshan. I love Nascar, but it drives me bonkers when they pray "Dear Lord please give us good driving and a great race". A safe race I can see praying for, but for goodness sake, God's got better things to do than make sure you're entertained for 3 hours.

I use to love Lindsey, but she's been annoying me lately (nothing to do with the Tebow move). It seems like she's getting a little famewhorey lately. (She's probably trying to set herself up for something after she's too old to ski competitively)

Linnea said...

Yeah, that sort of personal prayer for things like a football game just really rubs me the wrong way. He is going to interfer with that, but he wont help starving kids? That would be a cruel god.

Texshan said...

Libby, I was going to let your comment go, but I've been thinking more and more about it, and I have to ask you -- why, if you don't personally bear any ill will toward Tebow, would you "hope" that he's gay? Given his background and beliefs, him being gay would probably cause irreparable harm to his family dynamic and cause him no end of personal anguish. He and his family, as evangelical Christians, believe that homosexuality is a sin. I am not going to get into an argument with you about whether or not it is, I am just stating that that is THEIR belief. If one of their children were to be gay, that would cause a lot of misery for the family. Tebow, as an observant Christian, would really be torn apart over it. Why, if you have no problem with him, would you wish that on him and his family, just to prove some kind of personal political point of your own? Have you thought of that?

mooshki said...

Texshan, it's easy to be open about your faith without turning it into a spectacle.

Sunnyhorse said...

Where in the Bible does it state that there are three kinds of prayer? Why is it that people want to take the Bible literally in some instances but not in others? The Bible says: Keep it between yourself and God. And personally, I find Tim Tebow's public demonstration that he really believes that God gives a shit about a football game nothing short of offensive.

Anonymous said...

@Texshan: I don't know why my father remained a Colts fan after their move to Indianapolis. I guess because he didn't live in Baltimore, it didn't impact him directly? I was a kid when the move happened.

Peyton deserves strong consideration for this year's MVP award. How can one man impact a team so much? He does play defense. Good grief, is it bad. Like Jeff George era bad.

Tom Brady is so arrogant. You can tell he's stuck on hismelf. What little goodwill I had for him went out the window with how fast he hooked up with Gisele after he left Bridget Monayhan--who was pregnant when he left her. I think those relationships overlapped for ol' Tommy Boy.

Seeing how hard he has to work to keep his team afloat due to the Pats' weak offense makes me smile every Sunday. Maybe now people will appreciate what Peyton had to do the same thing with the Colts all these years.

Rita said...

I still can't believe how we give credit to a book full of hate and violence, where everyone goes to war because of anything and everything.

And how we give credit to a book that is not what was originally written! The Bible is a version of Christianity that in 300 after the death of a wonderful man named Jesus, then Emperor Constantinople got together with the prosecuted Christians and convinced them that in order to survive, they need to bend and adopt some of the pagan ways.

Also, some of the books written by the WOMEN (4) who were Jesus' disciples ARE STILL not included. Even if found some 17 years ago.

Still pisses me off how with the advancement of science, we are discovering the true face of God, but hateful ignorance still forces old wars and "magic" tricks to convince the naive to follow them blindly into a disappointing life of ignoring the true word of God: which is LOVE.

If Tebow's family was really Christian, gay or straight, their son would still be loved. Their son would be accepted, his partner of choice would be welcomed. THAT, would the Christian thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Peyton does NOT play defense, that should say.

Maidstone said...

AfuckingMen Rita! If Christians are sooo against one of their own being gay and how it would cause much misery to their are not really Christians to begin with.

I was so ticked off last night watching Survivor. When did God/Jesus become the lead actor in that show? Seriously, it's a game about deceit. You are praying to your God to help you in that struggle? Really? I mean, really?

Texshan said...

Mooshki, thanks for pointing out something that was already completely obvious.

Sunnyhorse, no, the Bible doesn't say to keep it between yourself and God all of the time. If it did, evangelical churches would not have participatory prayer nor would they pray aloud during services. Matthew, John, Acts and both Corinthians describe public prayer. Matthew describes private prayer. Matthew, Acts, Romans, and 2 Corinthians all describe participatory prayer.

And as we have already discussed, Tebow DOES NOT believe that God cares about his games.

Rita, the Old Testament does have some terrible stories, it's true. But that doesn't make the Bible "full of hate." And while your "feel-good" version of Christianity would no doubt be full of rainbows and unicorns, that's just not how it is. To be a "true" Christian is to abide by what the Bible (in evangelical Christian churches, typically the New Testament) teaches. Evangelical Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin. 1 Corinthians and Romans touch on this and state that people who practice it (as well as other sexual behaviors deemed sinful in the passages) will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven. I doubt Tebow's family, if he were to reveal that he was gay, would quit loving him. But according to their religion, if a sinner (and as a homosexual he would be a sinner in their eyes) refuses to change his ways, they should "cast him out." This is what Paul recommended in 1 Corinthians regarding a church member who lived in sin with his brother's wife and refused to stop. It may seem harsh, but that is what the Bible says to do. Whether or not you agree with it is immaterial. True Christian concepts don't change to suit each person's wishes. Being a true Christian can be hard because it could mean cutting yourself off from someone you love. So while I agree with your first premise, that if Tebow's family were true Christians they would still love a gay child, the second part, that he would be accepted and his partner welcomed, is absolutely false, Biblically speaking. The Bible states that "God is love." It doesn't say "God is accepting of everything."

lutefisk said...

Tom's face is pulled back so tight that his head is now half the size it was.

Principessa said...

Texshan, I'm not looking to argue about Christianity with you, as I'll be the first to admit I know very little about the tenets of your religion. I'm a Jew, and a very secular Jew at that. However, I don't understand comparing homosexuality to adultery with your brother's wife. If loving a person who happens to share your gender is considered as grievous a sin as betraying your brother for your own personal satisfaction, well perhaps that is why people feel it's acceptable to denigrate Christians. That is incredibly hypocritical and self-serving. I'm not saying that those are your personal beliefs about homosexuality, nor am I attacking you if those are your beliefs, but it sounds like if that view is in line with yours, what you are truly asking for is for people not to judge your right to be judgmental.
If someone has the right to brand a homosexual as a sinner for the sheer fact of his homosexuality, well then don't the rest of us have the right to brand that person a fool for their stringently literal interpretation of the Good Book? It's a Bible, not an instruction manual. It can be interpreted differently by different people.

Texshan said...

Princepessa, as I mentioned, homosexuality was one of the sexual behaviors listed as a sin in the Bible, along with adultery. When Paul questioned the Corinthian church, he cited the couple's adultery as a sin that should not be tolerated by the church. Since the adultery was "lumped into" the same list of sins as homosexuality, it is reasonable to believe that Paul would have had the same reaction to the Corinthians including a practicing homosexual in their church.

I don't understand your argument that considering both adultery and homosexuality to be equal sins is hypocritical and self-serving. How so?

The whole "judge not" passage in the Bible has been so completely misused by people who think Christians should accept everything people do that it's become ridiculous. "Judge not lest ye be so judged," when taken in context of that passage as a whole, is referring to a Christian saying that someone is going to hell. No one besides God has the ability or right to make that judgement. It does not refer to a Christian condemning the sin of another. So while a Christian is allowed to judge the sinfulness of another (always keeping in mind that we are ALL sinners, of course), they do NOT have the right to judge a person's soul.

And while yes, I would agree that some parts of the Old Testament can be interpreted in different ways (for instance, I don't really believe the Earth was created in six days), evangelical churches do not believe in "interpreting" the Bible. The very basis of their belief system is a strict and literal reading of the Bible. So for them, it is, in fact, an instruction manual.

Sunnyhorse said...

Texshan, I'm an atheist, so I think it's all hogwash anyway, but President Jed Bartlett says it all a lot better than I could:

MadLyb said...

What is a "Tebow"?

Sherry said...

I'm with Madlyb..Is it that exercise thing?

As far as interpretations, there is a huge question these days about translations from one language to another that puts all that into question. "Is that a Fish in You Ear?" speaks to how various differences in language are translated. So taking something as very vital as that in reference to the Bible on top of the very religion on top of the way one spoke after the time of Christ..Well seriously how much can be the true and real meaning of such a document. Not to offend anyone but there are too many roads to misunderstanding at this juncture. It has all become what suits your dogma. Amen to all that, but times are not the same as they were back then; huge technological, philosophical, medical and scientific changes have occured and to cleave unto one document(and which translation by the way?) as the Word does not seem relevant for now. And just for the record, I do believe there is a God. But as this is a site for gossip perhaps we should all stick to the subject matter at hand. Just saying.

mooshki said...

"Mooshki, thanks for pointing out something that was already completely obvious."

Um, it can't be that obvious, since you were arguing the opposite.

__-__=__ said...

Great comments all! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Texshan said...

Sunnyhorse, so apparently a liberal's wet dream fictional president on a famously left-wing TV show is who we are looking to for guidance on this issue. OK. Oh, and you might want to note that everything Martin Sheen's character said referenced Old Testament scripture. I have made it clear that evangelical churches base their beliefs on the New Testament, and I only cited New Testament scriptures in my earlier posts. I don't think any Christian churches actually expect anyone to abide by the rules for living set forth in the Old Testament.

Mooshki, how was I arguing the opposite? I know it's possible to worship without turning it into a "spectacle." I never said it wasn't. What we have is a difference of opinion -- I don't think what Tebow's doing creates a spectacle. You obviously do. That's all I meant.

Look, I don't want to argue with anyone about this. Obviously we all have different viewpoints and that's cool. I was merely trying to educate some of you on what Tebow's family actually believes, as someone who was raised as a churchgoing, observant Southern Baptist with a preacher for a grandfather. They don't need to apologize for their beliefs, and neither do you. They also don't deserve to be called names and ridiculed for those beliefs. Would you like it if someone did that to you? Tim Tebow isn't going around telling everyone "you need to think like I do or you are a horrible person." Yet people seem to be personally offended by him publicly expressing his beliefs, even though it doesn't affect them and has nothing to do with them. Are you also offended by Muslims praying to Mecca in public? Or Jewish people wearing yamikas? Or is it just the fact that Tebow is a Christian that bugs you? I think that's a fair question to ask.

MadLyb said...

I like Holly, and lived in Vegas for a spell. That town has it's own special celebrities, and she is now the belle of the ball. Good for her! She seems to be brightening up the place (no pun intended).

Lelaina Pierce said...

Holly can ballerina?


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