Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 1, 2017

This now former A- list mostly television actress from a cable show which saw better days a couple seasons ago in a different place looks a decade younger and it is not just because of some recent plastic surgery. She says she can breathe again after getting away from her co-star.

Connie Britton/Hayden Panettiere


david said...

Never watched the show.

So, don't care.

Mop top said...

I'm interested in exactly what Hayden does that makes nobody want to work with her ever again. Details anyone?

MySoulIsDarkerThanYours said...

After seeing some of these blinds, it sounds to me like Britton is the petty pain in the a**.

Meg00m said...

Me too.

James said...

Britton has a really good reputation in the industry for being professional and easy to get along with. I have no idea about Hayden but she seems to have had issues with a lot of people over the years.

LiveYourLife said...

Although she was out in front of the story in the tabs about her postpartum after her kid was born, there were stories elsewhere (and blinds in here, I believe), that suggested HP's actual handling of her newborn was far more reckless than the PR spin that was being put out there. In other words, it wasn't really postpartum, but just irresponsible/partying behavior, and the postpartum story was largely a way for her to excuse the bad behavior.

Nashville wrote her pregnancy into their show, and even had her character dealing with the postpartum, too (and her character also, conveniently, was often drug/booze addled and narcissistic). The question is.. is this a case of fiction blurring with truth? Or fiction reflecting truth? Or simply fiction mistaken for truth?

Clearly Enty is suggesting one of the first two (leaning toward fiction reflecting truth), but you always have to take the site Disclaimer into account when considering any of these blinds.

melissa said...

There are never good blinds about Hayden.
The story we were told here is that her current husband rescued her from the Yachting scene one very bad summer when she was left, strung out on drugs.

ALTuna said...

Pointless, dull comment.

So, don't care.

James007 said...

I think many of these blind items are extremely exaggerated. Plus partly fake for sure. I mean it's some anonymous person posting this stuff. I think that says it all. Out of some arguments between these two, blind items make a personal war.

James007 said...

So from all people who worked with her and I privatly spoke to some from Nashville set, I always heard she was incredibly sweet and helpful and always trying to integrate new actors into the "community" and was also the one to often make some fun with others to clear heated situations.

I think there were some bad things going on when she was on heroes (which result in ongoing rumours). But i also think she has changed. She might have had some drug issues in 2015 after her child was born, but I think a lot of these blind items are just fiction. Even the website itself admitts a lot is fiction. The guy posting these blind tiems about her abusive past, later admitted to have just heard a rumour about that and then he developped a fictional story from this.

I'm just saying, don't always believe the stuff written here. A lot is total B.S.

Clare said...

My brother worked for her said she is a doll but Connie is a diva nasty and that personalities on show reversed in real life

Samuel said...

Connie Britton is not nice
Hayden is extremely nice


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