Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 23, 2016

This red carpet host/radio personality/celebrity offspring spends more time trying to recruit celebs into Scientology than actually interviewing them.

Kerri Kasem


longtimereader said...

Keep you feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh, FFS. I believe in freedom of religion as much as any other person who believes in basic human rights, but this cult is more like an organised crime (I'm sorry, I'm not insulting their beliefs itself, like I'd never mock Xenu like other people do—but I'm more concerned about how they run their organisation, brainwash/blackmail, and they know where I live—God help me).

And Donald Trump is too busy tweeting alternative facts to do anything about it (unless he's a member himself, which wouldn't even shock me if he were).

marlo said...

Scandi - ppl such as yourself amuse me. You have a problem with the obvious cult of scientology, but no problem with Islam, founded by a pedophile - i repeat PEDOPHILE - warlord, who came down to earth on a winged horse, and whose believers advocate killing and dying for it, which makes it a DEATH CULT!
Current members: 1.6 billion! BILLION!

I guess Donnie is busy dealing with the REAL threat to humanity right now, and will go down in history as a courageous and defiant leader,while his predecessor will be remember for being a appeasing coward who financed and created ISIS!!

Scientology needs to be banned I believe, but do they persecute minorities like Islam does?
Do they throw gays off buildings and hang them from cranes in public squares?
Do they mass rape and enslave women of other ethnic and minority backgrounds?
Do they have marriage ages for girls as low as 8 years old, or even ZERO YEARS OLD (Bangladesh) therefor making pedophilia legal?
Do they war with every other religion on the planet (Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and even Buddhists) including their own?
Are they involved in 99% of all wars and armed conflicts worldwide?
Have they conquered entire continents by violence and force, and occupied over 3 dozen countries in the last 1,400 years? (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Albania, and Turkey used to be 100% Christian countries, guess what happened....)

I know you will not answer any of these question, because the truth is hate for those who hate the truth and you are nothing but a useful idiot, who doesn't know his elbow from his arsehole. Neither will any of the other SJWs here answer me, because of ignorance, stupidity, dishonesty and vile hypocrisy. These questions a rhetoric anyway.

So whenever I see an outraged liberal ranting about scientology, but bending over for Islam, I laugh: they don't call you libtards for nothing.

AppleTartin said...

and Scientology reaching into your wallet


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