Saturday, March 18, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 1, 2017

This permanent A list singer is not being dropped by her label but she is unwisely thinking about dropping them because she thinks they are not supporting her. Honestly, they would probably be glad to be rid of her.

Mariah Carey


honey bunny said...


sandybrook said...

Bitch hasn't done an awful lot to earn that Epic money.

Gypsy Trill said...

Ridiculous bitch needs to put on some clothes and stop drinking. She is too old and too fat to traipse around in public in lacy teddies. And her alcoholism is just sad and pitiful.

Lynne said...

When you are a singer, male or female, your label (record company) is EVERYTHING. Without it you are left dangling in the wind trying to set up club dates on your own, spending your own money recording music that you can't market widely. No label? No new never-before-recorded fresh songs, no professional studio musicians, no professional sound engineers nor arrangers, no top-of-the-line graphic artists for album covers, no nationwide distribution of your records nor albums.

david said...

So would I!

I've learned to dislike her wobbling: "...ohh, oooh ah, aahh..." she does in just about every song -- it seems like.

She needs a new song signature.

Laura Ramona said...

@sandy bitch is too lucky to true

sandybrook said...

+1 Laura but I think her luck is running out now. LA Reid is pissed off at her because she doesn't do $hit--no albums, flop singles, drunky drunk etc.

OKay said...

Or the "permanent A list" status. She hasn't been relevant in forever, and I for one cannot name a single song of hers (yes, I realize I'm in a minority here).

melissa said...

Shes a fucking narcissist mess and I am SURE her label wants her GONE.
She has not had a hit in a decade.
She is a fat, bloated, drugged up, drunken mess who got DUMPED by a BILLIONAIR cuz of all this.
I grew up listening to her when she was on top and the only thing that stopped Mariah from being talented forever is/was and always will be her own damn EGO.
She is an awful person and this is her karma.

Jennifer said...

Why would a label want to support an embarrassing drunk who can't sing? NYE exposed the truth, her voice is GONE just like Whitney's was GONE right before she died. Speaking of which, these two were great friends. What would Mariah have in common with crackhead Whitney? Hmmmmm.


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