Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 22, 2016

This former porn star/Charlie Sheen mistress convinced her fans into giving her $40K for rehab. She never went to rehab and is staying with a friend in LA while pretending to be at rehab.

Rachel Oberlin


Joel Theriot said...

Thank you for outing this grifter.

Rolf said...

Most of us know her as Bree Olson,

Gaia said...

Anybody stupid enough to give this whore money and not get a sloppy, deepthroat, swallowing blowjob out of it deserves to lose their money. No sympathy.

Jennifer said...

Who are these assholes who give money to people like her and Tia Tequila? Unless someone is dying of cancer then really you are just suckers.

Jennifer said...

Btw my wardrobe is outdated and hurts my self esteem. I also need some new Sephora shit so please donate to my gofund me account! I only need $90,000. Please help!

banglesnthings said...

I remember her on periscope begging and lying etc.
folks put two and two together and outted her on periscope BUT she still had her die-hard fans that funneled her money.

she was on there crying and rambling, she got pissed off when folks suggested she sell her luxury car and downgrade a lil. She went OFF!


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