Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 23, 2016

Billboard Music Awards

This celebrity was probably C+ list at best prior to this week. 95% of you probably have never heard of her. She has been arrested more often than she has been on magazine covers. That all started to change this week though when that high profile talk show host recently started hooking up with her and then next thing you know she is being asked by the mainstream tabloids to do special projects for them and to attend gift suites and to be a fashion judge. Soon, she will be everywhere.

Kayla Quick/Michael Strahan


sandybrook said...

Well she hasn't been, maybe because people Google potential employees before hiring them and her past is in full view.

Jessica said...

She's a stripper who robbed her own Grandma's jewelry, there's a real winner.

Airhead said...

she looks scrappy, like not ugly, but like she might start her own prison gang if left locked up too long

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Oh, these days, they go wayyy further than just "Googling" you! Believe it or not, my friends come to me for job advice all the time (help polishing their English CVs, proper Western business etiquette, that stuff). IDK why they do it, because I've never been hired via normal job recruitment processes they use in offices in my life (except as an actress—which was quite surreal when I experienced it the first time).

Couple of weeks ago, one of my most strait-laced friends asked me how to delete posts on WordPress (in hindsight, I should've taught her how to make posts private instead of deleting them altogether, but I digress). Her social media is clean, just filled with food and family members! Apparently, now employers don't just make assumptions and "Google you" based the name you provide during application, they actually ask for your social media account usernames on job application forms now (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the like). When my friend honestly couldn't remember one of the handles for a social media service she hadn't been using in ages, she left it empty. During the interview, they confronted her, "why did you leave this empty? We Googled you and found an account on the service you left empty." Honestly, you guys, your privacy is dead. Dead.

This is why if you juggle between an entertainment job and an office job, you need to get a stagename. FFS. I keep the name I provide for office jobs low-profile but existent/private. And then I also keep a stagename account/domain for necessary online presence. I talk about aid work/write lingust blog posts on my website (so people know what I'm about if they want to hire me—and I just think if they found me as an actress, then they should be open-minded enough to hire me as a linguist, who also acts on the side). Basically, I allow people who know me as an actress to know about my non-profit work; but I don't allow the development community in my town to know that I'm also an actress.

Once, I was working for an private contractor and some of the employees (one of whom was mad they got passed up for a promotion I got a promotion only after 4 months to begin with) found and started stalking my stagename accounts, and it got ugly... Like abuse of authority kind of ugly.


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