Saturday, July 01, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 25, 2017

If this Housewife has so much money from all her projects how come each guy she dates dumps her as soon as she starts asking for loans for new companies and products she is developing.

Bethenny Frankel


just sayin\' said...

go figure. she's such a charming person...who wouldn't want to spend loads of time and money on her. ugh. she's as abrasive and unpleasant as they come, and she calls her rudeness "honesty". i feel so sorry for her daughter.

Allison said...

Hasn't she ever heard of a BANK? Try the bank of Russia ahahaha

Allison said...

Plus she pees on the side of the road. Such class.

Brooklyn Girl said...

She probably had to give up a lot in the settlement with that horrible ex of hers.

andi said...

Why I never believed she sold Skinny Girl for what she claims. She claimed 100 mil, but reports were less than 10 mil.

StarJones said...

Yeah, I have always doubted those reports of a massive payday. She wouldn't give reality tv the time of day if she had that much dough. She's still hustling that junk like she needs to get paid.


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