Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Academy Award Nominees


cheesegrater15 said...

I really hope Get Out wins everything.

Florin said...

And once again the Oscars are pretty boring for someone who is into sci fi, fantasy, and horror. Genre films are almost exclusively relegated to the technical awards. Get Out being the only exception. I hope Get Out crushes it.

Laura Jay said...

I was glad to see Mudbound get some recognition. Amazing movie and beautifully shot. And who knew Mary j. Blige could act!

Dena said...

Kind of a snoozefest, although I'm pulling for Timothee Chalamet and Saorise Ronin who actually turn in refreshing, genuine performances instead of the same-old same-old. Happy to see Get Out nominated and Nanjani/Gordon get a writing nod. I'm looking forward to seeing Phantom Thread & hearing Jonny Greenwood's score.

jessorella said...

Plummer's nomination is one giant FU to Kevin Spacey.

Coolbrady said...

I really hope James Franco wins everything! OOps!

Alexandria Anna said...

I loved photography in "Blade Runner 2049", "Dunkirk" and "Shape of Water". Hard competition this year, however I hope "Shape of Water" will get all 13 Oscars.
Best effects, gotta choose between "Blade Runner" or "Star Wars", that's a tough one too.
Cool to see "Logan" nominated, it was great movie.
It would be awesome if Sam Rockwell won too.

And thank God no Oscar Franco.

Elle Kaye said...

Oh my gosh! It was so good! It’s the only Oscar movie I’ve seen but it was great. Loved how it all played out and his friend, Rodney was hilarious.

DDonna Tarttty said...

The pedophiles did not do well. Except for a couple.

KJ said...

No Franco :)

Count Jerkula said...

Underwhelming year of movies. Only one I would like to see is Dunkirk.

Nutty_Flavor said...

Wonder how Denzel got a nom. That movie vanished without a trace, and the word is that his performance in it wasn't great.

Surprised to see that Meryl was able to pull off a nom this year.

Jonathan Jones said...

Meryl is nominated! SO PLEASED FOR HER! She deserves to win to make up for being called out on her hypocrisy by that cheap, nasty horror movie/witch TV show girl. What was she thinking, attacking the spotless Queen of Hollywood like that?!!!!

I predict that, since there isn't a rape movie in the list, The Stepford Black People will sweep the board! And next year's Best Picture will be my upcoming remake of Gator Bait starring Donald Trump as the Gator.

Sara, Making It Work said...

I truly don't care. My watching has tapered off the last few years, and I will not be watching this year. I haven't watched any awards this year and don't intend to.
Skipping the Oscars in particular is a big deal for me. I've watched at least part of it every year since I was a kid. (I vividly remember F. Murray Abraham winning for Amadeus when I was 7.)

That said, I am disappointed for Cynthia Nixon, who was said to be brilliant as Emily Dickinson. This was her chance for the EGOT. But she's not Hollywood, she doesn't fuck for roles or publicity and is therefore the underdog. Sorry, Cynthia.

One more reason Hollywood sucks and I'm over the Oscars.

Anonymous said...

Meryl..*yawn*. I still think boycotting would be the best statement for them, but they don't want to give up their glitz for an evening.

I really don't care, however I am sure enough will lap it up for it to still be successful.

Manhattan said...

I really hope Gary gets it. Just LOVE him.

Manhattan said...
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Wahoowifey said...

@ jessorella MTE!!! As soon as I saw it. Wish there could be more. There are a LOT of Spacey's out there.

boredatwork boredatwork said...

I don't give a shit. More patting themselves on their filthy backs for being rapists, pedos, whores, apologists and enablers. Burn that shit down.

DDonna Tarttty said...

Meryl Streep
Is hardly spotless
About all others
She is thoughtless
A gifted actress
She lives a lie
She's gladly watched
The innocent die

An Iron Sorceress
Just like Thatcher
A friend to pedos
Killed would-be catchers
The finest actress
Of all time?
Her greatest role
Protect the swine

Pretending to be
Someone else
Puts her soul
Upon the shelf
Blood on her hands
She takes a sip
Her youngest fans
Serve the Adrenochrome trip

Though Clowns In Action
Love her well
When all is done
She'll serve in hell
So take this "Post"
T'will be her last
For justice, friends,
Rings 'round, at last.....

hothotheat said...

This is really good. A bit harsh but good.

Guesser said...

There are several actresses who could have been put in Meryl's automatic slot this year. At this point,she should only be nominated when there really are no other choices.

BMBT said...

And yet, you still post about it.

Mag said...

About Get Out, which people here are celebrating... I expect to take a beating for this, but here it goes. I'm not American, I'm from a country which never had colonies, never traded in or owned slaves, and has a pretty much homogenously Caucasian population, except some tiny groups of recent immigrants. I'm only writing this to explain that I don't share the American trauma related to race relations, so I watched this movie like any other, without preconceived niotions about how emotional the topic is for a certain audience or how well loved the writer/director is. That said, I REALLY wanted to love Get Out after all the praise it had received, but I didn't. Looking from the outside, the movie is really nothing special. It's predicatble and forgettable to a viewer who is not emotionally invested from the start. It's an OK movie, the acting and directing are OK, the script is decent, but that's about it. This is not an Oscar-worthy production. I know these are American awards and factors othan just the quality of a movie are at play here, but I really hope it doesn't win in all the categories where it's been nominated.

Mag said...

*other than just quality

rlaro said...

I'm sorry that both Armie Hammer and Michael Stuhlbarg didn't get nominated

Do Tell said...

Willem Dafoe is so, so overdue for an Oscar. I haven't seen "Florida Project", I thought he should have gotten it for "Shadow of The Vampyr", but he should have TWO Oscars at this point.

Katy said...

How I wish Timothee Chalamet could upset Gary Oldman- his performance was absolutely perfect in every way and I really hate the pre-ordainedness that accompanies the nominations every year.

katsm0711 said...

The only reason I like to see the nominations is because I add them to my list of movies to watch knowing that as long as I like the subject and actors, they’ll be good.

McJ 2051 said...

Predictions. (Seen very few of these so....)

Best Picture - Three Billboards
Actor - Gary Oldman
Actress - Frances McDormand
Supporting Actor - Sam Rockwell
Supporting Actress - Allison Janney
Director - Greta Gerwig
Original Screenplay - Martin McDonagh - Three Billboards
Adapted Screenplay - James Ivory - Call Me By Your Name
Animated Feature - Coco
Cinematography - Dan Laustsen (The Shape Of Water)
Song - Sufjan Stevens (Call Me By Your Name)

Stephanie said...

I’m a bit bummed for ‘Dunkirk’ - loved the film and think it deserves awards, but I’m betting it will get shut out completely. Never mind the fact that it is a true story out of WWII, a white male director and a film with no POC or women?! Doesn’t fit the current righteous Hollywood self-congratulatory narrative. Won’t win a thing, and that’s a shame.

Lau Ra said...

It's Amazing. Seen it.


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