Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Your Turn

It has been a while so, plug what you want to plug. Talk about your band, project, favorite charity or whatever else you want.


Anonymous said...

If you have an elderly neighbor(s) check in on them from time to time.

Brayson87 said...
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J said...

United Airlines is absolutely the worst. Shockingly arrogant and heartless customer service. They're bragging about a partnership with Special Olympics now... a truly sick joke.

Brayson87 said...

Comrade Detective on Amazon Prime

joshg g said...

My wife is the greatest, I look forward to plugging her.

T. W. said...

Jesus Christ

Shaw University & Shaw University Divinity School



Wakanda ; )

Mary40's YouTube channel


Lancome face wash for dry skin


Babylon Bee website


Charities: Voice of the Martyrs, Asian Harvest, His Hands Support Ministries, Global Outreach Ministries, Salvation Army (they actually help others)

Please do not neglect your local charities. Please remember to donate baby food, wipes, diapers, etc. Please remember to donate toiletries, ethnic hair care products, feminine hygiene products, lotion, adult & older kids diapers, art supplies.

Consider donating your professional service like hair cutting & styling.

Studies show art supplies do help & people do better when name brands are donated because they are familiar to them.

Hard to get a job when your hair looks bad, you stink, & those off-brand products make you itch.

Educating Mom said...


Check out my webcomic! Based on my experiences raising three crazy kids.

Spider Rico said...

Two Indie Film projects I have written in production. One a personal Character Driven 70's cinema thriller/drama film on gun violence having lost a loved one to guns. Been through 6 actors already because of agents greed. Three duplicitous Production companies and one VP of a prominent film company who stated "nobody wants to see your little gun movie."

Nothing to plug but please send good vibes.


TerriB said...

Peanut Butter Medicine (Medika Mamba) in Haiti

They teach local farmers to grow peanuts then use them to make a peanut butter mixture with vitamins, minerals, etc. that is shelf stable. They are then able to distribute these to families who have children that are starving and malnourished. It helps the children to gain weight and become healthier and more active.

Coffinnails said...

A delightfully trafficking free organization that helps “imprisoned” children in Uganda (runaways, foundling babies, some petty criminal children.) I have close friends who have physically been there to help. We have given money for mattresses and it felt so good to get kids off the concrete. They blogged the mattresses coming in and we got to see the gift in situ. Sixty Feet:

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Okay, Enty!

Much Appreciated!

With prices of RE going up in Las Vegas, if you need income, there are several income producing properties available.

I currently have listed an 8 property residential income portfolio netting +/-$113,000 per year.

If interested, email me for property details!

(click on my name for contact info.)


Frufra said...

Support independent artists; check out my brother’s rad Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FamilyAfflair

hothotheat said...

Never believe bullshit like that. If there's one thing the Kartrashians have taught us its that there's an audience for everything and there's no accounting for taste. Go on with your film and don't let shitty people bring you down.

Heather said...

Considering half the allegations of this blog...there's actually insurance out there for most of it.

Unknown said...

Never leave anything undone or unturned. Say your "I'm sorry" and your "I love you" to family and friends. Life's here and then gone. My brother-in-laws mother is suffering from stage 4 cancer. He lost a 2nd job opportunity but knew that being with her for the time she has left is a gift. Not many people would have done that. I have seen and heard it many times. Nothing to plug but just saturate your life with showing compassion towards people.. That's all I have to say.

Hanniam said...

@Normal You are seriously winning the “most decent human being on CDAN” award from me today. πŸ†

AshBey said...

@Normal, I volunteer with seniors. You're so right!

T. W. said...

@Spider Rico - Try crowd sourcing

T. W. said...

@TerriB is this the same as plumpy nut?

Randaleese said...

@Normal. Yes indeed.
Thank you: compassion is still alive and well.
I don’t don’t know you, but I like you.

Disparaging Remark said...

I'm plugging the idea of making good choices and doing the right thing. If you are doing something and hesitate because you have to ask yourself if you are doing the right thing, then you probably aren't and shouldn't.

I'd also like to plug my septic tank if it were possible. I've had it pumped out 3 times since December due to crooked field lines because a bunch of drunks built my house.

Tuesdi said...

My German Shepherd Dog Rescue -
Miracle German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Maine



rocky619ca said...

Thank you.

The Little Red Dog Inc
Bravo Base Camp Conklin
Philippine Animal Rescue Team
Pegasus Society
Puppy Rescue Mission
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Clean Futures Fund- helps dogs in Chernobyl

If you ever have a few extra dollars, these are great legit organizations that truly do great work.

candles said...

Amazing handmade soy candles that smell just like Jo Malone!
Grapefruit mango, forest fir, lime/basil/mandarin, wood sage and sea salt, rose...highly scented candles and available with your party logo, name, business logo, whatever!

Thanks Enty!!!

Robynsing said...

Please have a listen to RODRO on Soundcloud. My 20 year old son. Great writer and recording artist.

Hanniam said...

CBD oil for dogs*.

If your dog is getting older or has a chronic pain or anxiety issue, (or seizures) give it a whirl. It’s fewer side effects than narcotics, more effective than baby aspirin, and has the advantage of improving sleep. Most of the studies in humans seem to be on seizures (effective) and anxiety (generally effective) while most anecdotal evidence seems to be on pain (generally effective, even in fibromyalgia) along with the other two.

I own no stock in these companies, but I’ve been so impressed by the change in dogs I’ve known who went from spending all day limping from bed to potty patch to their bowl to actually playing again.

Maybe not like puppies, but any animal lover knows what an amazing feeling it is to see your older animal enjoying life again.

So, here’s what it is: CBD (cannibidiol) is a compound in cannabis, the one that typically balances the effects of THC by producing calm and pain relief, but no “trip.” CBD oil is usually made from industrial hemp strains cultivated for increased CBD content and because it’s not marijuana (no THC), it’s legal in all 50 states and can be shipped. (If it can’t be shipped, it’s probably marijuana oil, with THC as well as CBD. Please don’t use that on your pets.)

There are plenty of brands out there. Just make sure you go with one that cold presses the oil and verifies the consistency of its active compounds with a reputable independent lab.**

Because of FDA laws, they can’t recommend dose or make claims, but the pet CBD I linked below is just over 10mg/ml active CBD and .5mg CBD per drop. Up to .1mg/lb body weight/day seems to be safe, but starting at .01/lb/day makes it easier to find the dose that works for your pet. ****

You can even use it as a topical rub for those extra painful joints and tendons.

*Oh yeah, and people
**We get ours from CBDistillery and have found them to be reliable and as fairly priced as you’re likely to find https://www.thecbdistillery.com/product/150mg-15ml-cbd-pet-tincture/ ***
***I have nothing to gain from the above link. No affiliation or motivation other than a love of animals.
****Dilution May be necessary for smaller critters

Anonymous said...

google TRAP/NEUTER/RETURN and Your Zip Code. Support these organizations.

Kittens born in the wild suffer a terrible fate. I've been a foster kitten parent for years. Just lost another one. Heartbreaking. Parasites. A one pound kitten cannot fight off parasites. This suffering can be prevented. ~~~thank you

Anonymous said...

Eh. Don’t give me saint hood yet. I can be an asshole with a hair trigger temper.

Hanniam said...

We’ve noticed. ;) But today, you get to hold that tarnished trophy proudly.

Unknown said...

I've been doing a travel blog for about three years now. I also post liquor reviews on spirits we've tried from around the world: http://thirstyjourneys.com

And in crappy news, my husband and I had a trip to Paris planned, we were supposed to leave tomorrow. On Sunday night the airline called and told us our return flight was cancelled, and the only other flight they could get us on would cost us $1500 each! So we had to cancel our plans and suck up the $150 fee for cancelling the hotel. :(

Hanniam said...

Hell yes. +1mercy

JP said...

Collect my funky kitschy art!

Sara, Making It Work said...

Nearly 4 years, and Flint MI still doesn't have clean water. And residents are still required to pay for the toxic water, and have been this whole time.

egon_beeblebrox said...

My music! Mostly ambient, sometimes synthwave!


Check it out!!

VDOVault said...

How about taking a peek at this website & learning about a type of dementia that isn't Alzheimers but is hitting the world hard: Frontotemporal Dementia

It sometimes strikes well before ages 60-65 & affects many many men It was the dementia my father died with back in late 2015.

If you are in your 40s & 50s you need to know about this.


Ghost said...
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djhonig said...

Next time you are traveling out of these airports - preorder 3-72 hours before your flight and have your package waiting at your gate! (What I am working on when not reading Blind Items ;) ):


Oh and use code ISBBYF for your first order to save 10%

Shawny said...

Get rid of your Alexa. Throw it in the trash.

Chris said...

The Episode One Podcast. Episodeone.libsyn.com tiny.cc/episodeonepodcadt

Me and a friend watch TV show pilots and discuss them. We'll be doing pretty little liars and life sentence this week, uploading in a week or two. Let me know if you enjoy itm

Hanniam said...

STILL? Has anything at all been done?!

Anonymous said...

No! Tell Alexa to play “BIlly don’t be a hero” by Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods

MIssBliss said...

If punk rock cabaret is your thing....Pillmagnet on ReverbNation

Sass71 said...

Binge the TV show Bosch on Amazon before Season 4 premieres in April. Titus Welliver and Lance Reddick are amazing in it.

bowler_chick said...

Check out the rock band Greta Van Fleet. They are awesome.

Brayson87 said...

Mysterious Universe Podcast, two skeptical and hilarious Australian guys examining far out stories, new tech and books.


Unknown said...


pop music for the apocalypse

Amy said...

@Han Niam - CBD has done wonders for my 13 yr old Saint Bernard. My son buys it at a dispensary but it isn’t always in stock and it’s probably less expensive online. Thanks for the link.

My new favorite nonprofit charities this year are: WeHeal.org and SeaLegacy.org

The Eric Drew Foundation (WeHeal.org) was started after he was diagnosed w Acute Leukemia in his mid 30s and given a death sentence. Instead Eric put together one of the first adult stem cell transplants using umbilical cords from newborns (went to Germany for procedure- this was 15 years ago). “Give Hope, Save Lives, Reduce Suffering” is their mission and if you, a family member or loved one is sick you want to do everything you possibly can for the best outcome.

Please check out the SeaLegacy.org website and join the Tide (it’s free). I read an article in the New York Times about global warming and how during an expedition there was a polar bear so horrifically starved that it struggled to stand. It was so shocking (it had been chewing on old tires and wood) I had to find out more about who the photographer was and what the group was trying to accomplish. That video of the polar bear had a lot of the NYTimes commenters in tears as it did me. Their dedication to the ocean and our need to protect it now. Their website has breathtakingly beautiful images and videos.

Kikibunny said...

Like growing food? Check out permaculture, kugelkultur, food forests, and WOOD CHIPS!
Ps thanks for the CBD oil hookup, i have a 15 and a half yr old american staffordshire who always shows up when someone sparks one...she doesnt hear so well but the nose still knows!

Rosie riveter said...

Consider being a Foster parent! ❤

waterlily said...

My 12 year old German shepherd got cancer. He was in pain and couldn't sleep. I gave him cannabis oil and it did wonders. He slept and I was able to enjoy life again. I think it gave him another six months of quality of life.

Junebug said...

Some fine recommendations here. One of my favorite charities: https://www.hawkwing.org

"hawkwing provides essential services and support for the people of the Cheyenne River Lakota (Sioux) Indian Reservation, and offers cross-cultural educational programs for the public."

Jill Elaine Hughes said...

Check out two thriller novels (John Le Carre meets 50 Shades) that dramatize Russian mafia/sex trafficking and international spying in a way that parallels some of our current politics. (When I wrote these books 5-plus years ago, I never imagined some of their plotlines might actually happen in real life).

Book 1: Domino Effect: https://tinyurl.com/y8felpnd
Book 2, Butterfly Effect: https://tinyurl.com/y92sy7rd
(Forgive any double-posting, site kept timing out)

Enty, thanks for your interesting/informative blog and opp to post.

aseay said...

Backpack of Hope. Fills sweet school children’s backpacks with easy to make and eat food for the weekends. So they are ensured at least something to eat when they are out of school. This one really gets me. This and Meals on Wheels for the elderly. No child or elderly person should worry about eating!

Raging Bunnies said...


Remember kids -
DO NOT buy live animals as Easter gifts.
Educate yourself on the specific pet
ADOPT! Don't shop. :)

Velvet said...

Www.unforgettable.org - website that sells dementia friendly products as well as free information booklets.

Unknown said...





Steph @ Flip Flop Chic said...

My boutique....The Maximalist Boutique www.themaximalistboutique.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/themaximalistboutique/
Instagram @themaximalistboutique

Aside from my husband, my fur kids and my truck, my business is my passion.

Southern Man said...

I'm developing a 4-square audience, high concept competition reality series. Nothing remotely like this has ever been done... and it has the potential to not only be a huge network hit, it could also positively impact American culture.

So there.

Fifi LaRue said...

Give regularly/monthly to Heifer Interational. They help people become self sufficient and income producing, world wide.

Unknown said...

Love this, I am a leader of community involvement, at work, and through this I have learned about so many great nonprofits

Sd Auntie said...

Bravo Normal. Nice for people to advocate for the elderly!!!good job!

Watergirl said...

If you have need to hire a caregiver for an elderly family member or friend, please protect yourself. Use an agency or have and Ironclad contract, not some handwritten notes. It may seem cheaper to hire direct and pay cash but don't do it! There are too many gold diggers out there so are quick to sue the family for estate of an elder unpaid wages. Most people don't know this but there are laws that allow caregivers to be paid 24-hours yes Around the Clock whether they are sleeping or not. It doesn't make sense but the law is on their side. Many caregivers work independently will take a job insisting on being paid cash. Then they can sue you for many hundreds of thousands of dollars claiming wage theft. Families have had to pay iflated back wages plus interest plus fines.. This is after having given caregiver room, board, transportation, etc. Trust no one! I don't care if it is your cousin's friend housekeepers sister, someone from church, a lady you feel sorry for, No One. Your elder may love the caregiver,you think you are their friends and they are like family to you but take no chances. Many old folks who have only their homes have lost everything in these kind of lawsuits. Remember law firms that specialize in this kind of case and word has gotten around with some caregiver going into a job with the intention of getting a huge windfall.
You never hear about these kind of cases because they usually settle, pay off the plaintiff and never make it to court . Please be cautious with anyone you hire to care for your elderly loved ones. This happened to our family - Don't let it happen to yours.

Thank you. Enty, for giving me the opportunity to share this. Hope it helps someone

Do Tell said...


If you are interested at all in psychics, this guy Eric Leigh-Pink is amazing, he has a very high accuracy rate.

I used to read this other guy's site, Christian Dion, but he's not that good, only wants asskissers on his site, and he is ridiculously opinionated and partisan.

Eric is very humble, and is more interested in trying to prevent bad things from happening or mitigate damages, not building a fanbase.

Unknown said...

Support independent artists. Check out my friend's lovely hand crafted gemstone jewelry:


MoldyOldy said...

While everything written there is BS, this multi-part story is exceptionally well-written and for some reason strikes me as semi-relevant to a lot of the truly awful blinds: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/810n8j/i_have_a_stalker_who_says_my_husband_killed_her/

Bigbro411 said...

I talk Reality TV over on my twitter @Bigbro411.

You'll want to follow especially if you watch BIG BROTHER.

A new season will start sometime in July.

horncusker said...

Check out my band - bitterbox -
Google bitterbox songs and you can listen to us anywhere


Scandi Sanskrit said...

The Bali Sanctum: https://www.balisilentretreat.com (my personal Kamar-Taj). πŸ—»πŸŒΊπŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ₯—πŸ‚

Amazing place, although it requires discipline. I regretfully only stayed 5 days/4 nights because I wasn't sure if my body could take it (but it felt really good, and I'm definitely coming back). The vegan food is really good (and I say that as an omnivore). Beautiful place too. Just look through the location tag "Bali Silent Retreat" on Instagram. It's a proper ashram, though, not some resort—so if you do go, please observe the rules...

Also, do yourselves a favour and get some bamboo straws to reduce waste and refuse straws at the coffee shops. We've gotten used to saying "no" to plastic bags and bringing our own tumblers, so let's up it to saying "no" to plastic straws and bringing your own straws to keep the sea critters happy! 🌊

VDOVault said...

Can I plug the Himmmms joining Twitter? @TheHimmmm

Full disclosure: I got followed by Himmmm/Themmmm! Squeee!


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