Friday, June 29, 2018

Blind Item #1

That didn't take long. This Housewife is back on the booze train and maybe some other trains too. 


Unknown said...

Luann of course. Saw her on a flight in April and she was wasted and smoking a vape pen of some sort.

lyssbk888 said...

Oh Lu! That didnt take long

Vik said...

No she was just on a flight and didn't drink but was cray cray.

MelRose said...

Sonja AND Lu?

Kate K said...

She was supposedly wasted at a Pride event.

JL said...

Kim Richards

Thorne said...

Nobody who watches wants Sonja or Lu sober.

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Brayson87 said...

They're really not selling the Housewife lifestyle well.

Amy Casey said...

Aren't they all on something?? I watched the shittier but still guilty pleasure that is 'Housewives of Melbourne' last week and the 'spiritualist medium' on there seemed manic and coked up to her eyeballs constantly. She even had a few weird gurns going on....but then again in their world it's probably the norm!


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